This was posted 9 months 12 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired $499 for iPhone 6 32GB @ PB Tech


Pretty cheap for iphone 6 compared to current amazon prices.

Noel Leeming has it at the same price too (with fly buys)- guess they're all clearing stock for the new iphone launch!

UPDATE: harvey norman has it too, check out

PS: I shared this "deal" because it's the cheapest I've seen so far, even compared to Amazon prices. Yes we all know about apple's new phone coming up, but these phones are marked as on sale/special at these shops. If you have a problem with the price take it up with the commerce commission for false advertising rather than trolling FFS.

PB Tech

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    Looks like many are running this price, not only the two you mention but HN too:

    And no doubt it'll only get cheaper after the new iPhone is announced on Wednesday. Remember this phone is 3 years old this month.

    Don't think i'd call this a deal

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    I guess it's still a "deal" for Apple fanboys.

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      actually fanboys would be on at least an iphone 7 or getting the new one already.

      this is for people needing a simple usable phone rather than spending over 1k for the latest gadget.

      for me I use it as a spare, and for mobile app development.

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    If it was a 6s, then probably a good price. But the iphone 6 will probably only get ios updates for 1 more year. iOS11 will likely be the iPhone 5S last update, so iOS12 may be the iphone 6 last update. The iphone 8 and iphone X being released tomorrow will also mean that the iphone 6 is another generation older. It has been common over the last few years for apple to sell their oldest models a lot cheaper.

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    Now its a deal. PB dropped their price to $433.91. Updated the post.

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    The iPhone 6 is still a very capable phone, and for the average consumer it meets their needs as much as a later model would, but without the price tag. It really depends what the ideal trade off between price and age is for you. I see this as a good deal, as I prefer to move a few generations behind to save money.

    This comment section demonstrates why I don't like the downvote feature.

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    Anyone see any cheap iphone7 deals since the new models are coming out? I was thinking to update my 5 yr old trusty iphone5…. although I paid $30 to have it cleaned and now it runs like new again, so I don't really need to upgrade yet


    After the iphone X announcement, I see that Apple have now dropped the price on the iphone SE to $599.Infact warehouse stationary had it for just $539.10 but look to have sold out. That is a pretty good deal compared to this, as it is a newer faster phone with better overall specs, apart from a smaller screen.It is almost a mini version of an iphone 6s. Warehouse Stat also dropped the price on the 6S to 719.10, and 7 to $899 but they also looks to be out of stock.

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