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Interested in making beer or spirits?

Been making spirits for over 20 years and recently beer too. It's all first class and for about 1/6 the cost of buying it. It's a load of fun and a massive cost cutter, if anyone is …

Paywave Surcharge for Customers

Just got back from the shop, got charged 39 cents for using paywave. Back to eftpos it is! Don't see why the banks justified charging businesses for what is basically the same service as an …

Manuka Chips for Smoking Meat

Half price at the warehouse 2kg for $12.50 ( the 1kg are $16.50 ) Have you tried fresh smoked Manuka meats? Amazing! Can use a steamer pot for the meat and put the Manuka in the bottom pot, hey …

Nzta phishing scam beware!

I received a txt about paying an overdue toll and there's no toll roads in Christchurch. They're after your credit card details so Watch out!

Marine deals for 12 volt marine batteries

Found a great deal at marine deals. Lead crystal 90 ah battery for $379 near half price. More amp hours than needed but will be able to troll lures all day if I want to

Wiggle NZ

Shoes from Wiggle, Anyone Know a Better Store?

Sports shoes for men at big discount prices of course

Component to HDMI Converter Reccomendation?

Bought a component to hdmi converter. The signal is excellent but the picture cuts out every 15 seconds or so for a second. Hopeless. Don't need an upscaling one, can anyone reccomend one that …

Briscoes 'flash sale' today only 2 aug

Lot's of 60% off, not sure how 'flash' that is ha. You be the judge

Best phone company for 5gb per month

If your using about 5gb per month this works with 2 degrees. $70 pack gets 25gb rollover data then the $10 pack for 4 months to keep the data rolling over = $22 per month over 5 months using 5gb …