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Nzta phishing scam beware!

I received a txt about paying an overdue toll and there's no toll roads in Christchurch. They're after your credit card details so Watch out!

Marine deals for 12 volt marine batteries

Found a great deal at marine deals. Lead crystal 90 ah battery for $379 near half price. More amp hours than needed but will be able to troll lures all day if I want to

Wiggle NZ

Shoes from Wiggle, Anyone Know a Better Store?

Sports shoes for men at big discount prices of course

Component to HDMI Converter Reccomendation?

Bought a component to hdmi converter. The signal is excellent but the picture cuts out every 15 seconds or so for a second. Hopeless. Don't need an upscaling one, can anyone reccomend one that …

Briscoes 'flash sale' today only 2 aug

Lot's of 60% off, not sure how 'flash' that is ha. You be the judge

Best phone company for 5gb per month

If your using about 5gb per month this works with 2 degrees. $70 pack gets 25gb rollover data then the $10 pack for 4 months to keep the data rolling over = $22 per month over 5 months using 5gb …