Shoes from Wiggle, Anyone Know a Better Store?

Sports shoes for men at big discount prices of course

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Wiggle NZ
Wiggle NZ


  • Hi, have been buying shoes from wiggle for years. Usually go for outdoors men's and only if 50% off or better.
    There are codes often but have yet to get one that I could use at the right time.
    Used to get free shipping when spending over $200 but had to pay $32 last time. Still worth it the $410 hiking boots were 46% off.
    Hope they bring free shipping back.
    There's and a even a Websites. Can pay to check them all rarely the same shoes can have different discounts

  • I have purchased from Wiggle in the past (usually they seem to stock end of line/old versions; probably dumped from normal retailers offloading old stock), but not recently largely due to their shipping costs. If you can offset the price of the shipping with a coupon (good luck with that) or via a massive discount as mentioned above then all good. But usually I have just gone elsewhere.

    Latest shoes I got were from kogan/dick smith - grabbed some Asics and some Nike's and some really good prices (free shipping too). I will be looking again there when my current ones need to be cycled out.

    Most of the places in the UK (that I used to frequent) seem to have slapped massive shipping costs in the last 2-3 years - a trend I saw happening before covid hit us all.
    You might find something on Amazon too

    Local retailers offer a disappointing selection of colours/etc, so often find myself seeking these things overseas. Nothing is perfect sadly and it seems very hit and miss for where you can reliably get things from.

  • +1

    I've just made an order for some running shoes from and have done other successful orders in the past.
    Good prices, discount codes are hard to come by though, worth a look up.
    Also the Iconic has some good sales at times, with free shipping over $50

    • Thanks for the tip on tradeinn, had never heard of it before. I didn't get running shoes but I ended up with new motorbike boots at a way better price than I would find them in NZ on sale.

  • and both deliver to NZ and sometimes have good deals

  • I've used Bike 24 - they have running and outdoor shoes. Freight is eur19.99 (about $34)

  • I used to buy running shoes from Sports Direct ( but their shipping cost is way too high nowadays.

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