expired Computer Lounge: 10% off NetGear Brands; 20% off Noctua Fans; 20% off Nzxt Cases; 10% off Logitech Brands and more


There are also other deals aside from the coupon codes:
Pre Built PCs
Video Cards
Routers deals is found on top of coupon code image.

10% Netgear brand


20% Noctua fans


20% NZXT cases


10% Logitech Brands


Notable deals are:
Nvidia Quadro M5000 Video @ Card $2499.95 - cheapest in price spy now is $2679.50
Asus Maximus VIII Extreme/Assembly Motherboard @ $699 - $799 cheapest on price spy under computer lounge
HP Z27q Monitor @ $1699.95 - $1,999.95 cheapest in price spy under computer lounge
Audio Technica ATH-ANC33iS earphones @ $79.05 - $99.00 cheapest in price spy
Sennheiser HD 8 DJ Headphones @ 299.95 - $399.95 cheapest in price spy under computer lounge

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    I bought my NZXT H440 Mid Tower Case (white) last year for ~$230 from computerlounge, defiantly recommend it. It's extremely quiet and a very nice case, fully painted, 8 metal hdd/ssd bays + 2 display ssd bays. Current price with discount is ~$184, current cheapest according to pricespy $224.


      defiantly recommend it

      Are you sure? Some might take that out of context!


        Ahahah, good spotting I meant definitely as I'm sure you guessed. Not proof reading + google recommendations = win :')