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24 Cookies from $7.50 at Subway (Price Varies by Store)


Subway currently have an offer of 12 free cookies with any catering platter ordered (Posted by nachos)

Apparently the 12 cookie catering platter is included as a 'catering platter', so you buy 12 cookies and you're eligible for the 12 free. This is shown at the checkout page after you add 1 x cookie platter added to your order is: "2: FREE COOKIE OFFER (1 X 12 COOKIE PLATTER/S) ($0.00)

You can place your order online or instore - although i'd expect it's easier to claim the offer by ordering online than trying to possibly explain the offer to store staff.

Valid at participating stores only - I tried online ordering at a number of stores and it seemed to replicate.

Please note - platter price varies between stores, Dixon St Wellington City has the platter for $7.80, from other user reports other stores have prices ranging up to $11.60

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  • Anyone ordered this successfully? Not after it myself, but curious.

    • I've successfully ordered this online just this afternoon. The 12 pcs. cookies was 10$ though, not 7.80$. Dunno where he got the pricing or if there's a coupon to get the 7.80$ price.

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        Dixon St Wellington Price is $7.80 - must vary by store. Sorry - will add an amendment to the deal.

    • Could you make the related store for this deal Subway?

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        Good point, done.

  • 12 COOKIES

    Anyone else having this price?

    • I got mine for 10$

      • Looks like they are different at every store than.

        • I ordered online so it should be uniform across all other stores. I also tried changing my default store but it still shows at 10. I wonder how the OP got the $7.80 though as I might buy again a few weeks from now. :D

        • @ross: Prices aren't uniform through all stores. Tried it at one store and got $11.80 at another I got $10.

        • @ClipIt:

          Did you order online or instore?

        • @ross: Online, haven't actually ordered anything. You can change the store your ordering for.

        • @ClipIt:

          Yep, I did try that a few minutes ago but still came up the same price. Will try it again.

  • Attempted this at another store and got $9.60 for the price. Please fix title and post. Title now appears to be fixed. What store did you try it at OP?

    • Dixon St, Wellington City - apologies for the price variance. Looks like one of the mods have updated the deal.

      • All good.

  • I got $7.80 showing for blenheim store.

  • $10.00 at Spark Building Auckland Victoria St.

    • They rang me to refuse order. I'd placed with pay on pickup. I explained it was available on the website. We had a quick discussion and agreed that I'd order and pay online instead. Pickup soon, so will report back.

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        All good!

        • Nice, enjoy!

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    Got some weird looks from the staff, but the cookies were worth it.

  • just placed an order, pickup in 1 hr. should be sweet as

    • girl at the store didn't know about the deal but happily obliged. I even got to pick out which ones i wanted

      • Nice, I'm guessing they don't even cost much to make as it is, so this is probably still selling them at a nice profit.

  • ordered 4:10, pick up at 5:10 at Don buck rd store.
    Staff refused to give 12 free cookies after staff called to HQ.
    Argument 5 min, staff agreed to give 12 free cookies.
    Good value($10), but not happy.

    • Hmm sounds like subway may amend offer soon then to exclude this.

  • Just asking for a Cheapies advice. Is it better to pay online too or select pay in store? (To ensure I get the deal).

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      I went with paying online. Can argue you paid for the product on the agreement that the 12 cookies were a part of it. Can argue your way with that or do a chargeback with your bank if they don't hold up their end of the contract.

      • Thanks fatesjester. Had already purchased without payment. No questions asked. $7.80 at Howick.

  • It won't let me pay online had to select payment on pickup. Will update in an hour!

    • Subwsy @ Caltex, Adelaide rd newtown, wgtn. Got rung by the store was told their subway closed at 8pm, although online it states they are open till 10pm. Not sure if they are lying.

      • Place another order for midday tomorrow?

        • ordered from subway riddiford st, newtown paid online ($9), they just rung saying they are "not sure if they can process the order and wanting to ring their manager" I'm not sure exactly that they said as they spoke to my GF.

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          @kiwijunglist: they rung back said it was ok.

        • @kiwijunglist:

          Sweet. Was that $7.80?

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          @Shaw: $9 at this shop. Was gonna get 48 cookies, not sure if I will though as 24 cookies is probably plenty for the nurses on my ward. $7.80 @ caltex, newtown.

        • @kiwijunglist:

          Glad to hear the deal worked out for you - and that the cookies are going to some hard workers! (Flatmate is a nurse @ Wellington Hospital!).

        • @kiwijunglist:

          Sweet mate, that's cool. May as well get some extra, can always eat them throughout the day/night.

  • Hey OP, I don't think food & grocery should be a tag on this deal, it's already the category.

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      I don't think it really matters - either way it will show up in the category.

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    Tried at parnell rise store. Works no question asked

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    I got my 24 cookies today, $7.50!

    • Which store?

      • Wairakei Road, Christchurch

        It came up $7.80 on the website, but on their till they were $7.50 (I paid instore)

        • Good to hear you got even more of a deal! The worst part of this deal is I haven't even bought any yet, I don't think i'd have the discipline to resist eating all 24 myself.

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          @asmcar: Yea, I just did it from the petone store. Word of warning if you are single (have no one to share the diabeties with) don't purchase. I know its $7.80 but trust me don't your blood sugar levels skyrocket and you feel nauseous.

  • Hobson St Auckland CBD store refused to do this deal. (according to their staff it's not just me, they refused other customers too)
    called their support line to log formal complaint. never a fan of subway. and will never buy from them again :)

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    Got my cookies. Ate one. Feel sick. I bought them to share at work tomorrow :)

    • Where do you work? Any chance of getting a job there before tommorow? ;)

    • You are not alone on Subway cookies. I prefer them Ernest Adams Cookies at the supermarkets :) Each to their own…

  • Dixon St Wellington accepted the deal this evening so still a go, $7.80 for the 24.

  • +2

    —Walk in
    —'Hello, I put an order online'
    -searches around
    —I point it out
    -'Ahh you got the 24 cookies, bloody good deal init'
    -strange looks from the three staff members
    —practically run out the store
    —12 to me, 12 to mate
    —eat 5 in car
    —pull over sick
    —stuff em under seat
    —chocolate everywhere
    —give to family
    —temporary love
    —feelings <3

    • Wonder if I can not spew when I pick mine up on Friday.

      • thankfully I didn't, maybe, hmm, I might have if I had like 9-10 though. Oat n raisin mmmmm

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    Got mine today from Mangere Bridge ($7.80, paid online), no questions at all from the staff. He couldn't care less. w00t, cookies!!

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    I got this from the Subway Lambton Square store yesterday, ordered and paid online, no issues!

  • Just tried at St Lukes mall subway, they insisted the promo has ended on Monday for them. Got refunded from online order. Unlucky :(

    • Should have told them to check their website…

      *Free Cookie offer available at participating restaurants on all online or in store catering orders placed by 11:59pm on 30/10/16.
      Receive 12 assorted cookies with every catering platter purchased within the offer period. Advance notice required for catering orders.

      • Or they can hit back and say they are no longer a participating restaurant…

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          Although then you'd expect them to be removed from the promotion online etc. It gets tricky when a store starts taking one stand on one side, and one on another. "We will give you your cookie platter with a sub platter, but no a cookie platter, but the website won't say that." sort of thing.

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    Used this to treat some of my staff at a couple of store.
    Rosebank road - got a call and said that the head office had told them that its only with sandwich orders. Said that other store had already done it, but got no where. Cancelled order.
    Caltex Dominion Road - Happy no questions. $7.80 on website, but $10 when I paid in store. Didnt bother questioning it. Paid with work card anyway.
    Lynfield - paid online, no questions.

  • They have changed the catering platter to 36 cookies for $27. Glad I got in while it lasted.

    • Thanks for heads up, will mark as expired :)

      • Beat you to it! Shame they changed it, but was inevitable.

        • Yeah made the comment before I checked - can't edit my reply now will just have to claim responsibility for your good work ;)

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