expired Spark Morepork Starter Kit $198 (Was $999) with $29.98 Plan


Spark has discounted their starter kit from $999 to $198 for the first 500 customers or until midday 21st of March. Requires $29.98 per month self monitoring plan.

It can also be paid as $8.25 per month in addition to the monthly plan, instead of $198 up front.

Morepork is a smart alarm, monitoring and camera surveillance system for your home, accessible via Internet/smartphone app.

The starter kit comes with

  • Control panel
  • 3x Door & Window sensor
  • 1x Image sensor
  • 1x Camera

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    You pay $30 per month to self monitor your own alarm… :-/


      Agreed, that makes no sense whatsoever. This should be a product that you install and monitor via your existing broadband connection surely.


    People don't want to pay a monthly fee for this sort of thing, especially if people have to self monitor anyway. Companies seem to create services, so they can then generate a passive monthly income, but I can't see the need for a monthly fee on this one. My old 20 year old alarm works just fine thank you.


    I think this will be another failed venture from spark…. hopefully they don't have a warehouse full of them otherwise they will have to give them away for free soon like the old TiVo boxes.


      I think it will be very different from tivo, as isn't this just a third party service that they resell? I do wonder about Lightbox though after peoples free periods ends, as it doesn't have the content of Netflix.


        Yea, but they would have had to buy the stock. I.e sensors, cameras and etc so if they over forecasted the demand then they have to get rid of it. And as long as 1 person signed up they have to keep the "service" running which might be not profitable. They would need to recoup money through the monthly subscriptions… which is why the starter price has gone from $1000 to $500 and now $200. Pretty soon it might be $0 which is what happened to their TiVo boxes (they had a whole warehouse full of TiVos that noone wanted)