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Try Consumer.org.nz for $1 (Silver Membership, 1 Month)


Try Consumer.org.nz for $1 (Silver Memebership)

Cancel prior to month end else it'll renew at it's subscription price of $9.95pm

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    Outside of this deal, does anyone find any value in a regular subscription to their service? We have discussed it within the team here, but not really convinced.

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      They used to be good back in the day, subscribed to them for a long time. But they have become far too consumer bias (funny that) to the point of being irrational or just downright wrong. Case in point is the Harvey Norman lounge suite pricing mistake - Consumer Institute sided with the buyers, saying that Harvey Norman should supply the merchandise at that price. One of their arguments was that it was at that price for "8 hours" - that is, 12am to 8am, at which point it was fixed - you know, when people get to work.

      Thankfully the commerce commission explained the law and how genuine pricing mistakes don't require a retailer to provide the goods.

      This is just one example, there have been other less ridiculous ones. Additionally we've bought products based on their recommendations and they have just been straight up poorly designed. In this case it was a washing machine, and they put far too much focus on water efficiency in their testing than actually cleaning your clothes.

      Seeing them rate the GoPro Hero 3 above the 3+ and 4 for image quality also made me roll my eyes.

      • Sweet, cheers bro.

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      Not much in terms of value IMO. their tests are few and far between and they don't test a lot of the cheaper stuff from places like The Warehouse/Kmart, probably because they change their suppliers often. Most of us here would not find the electronics or car tests useful because there are far better reviews out there by dedicated websites, but I suspect they do this because their core readers are not the internet savvy type.

      They do have pretty good advice articles, but those articles are free to begin with. I think they should focus only on homeware, and services like insurance.

      For us here, just grab the $1 subscription and download all the articles (with tools like the Awesome Screenshot extension on Chrome) and then cancel the subscription. That same deal will probably reappear 6 months later and you can start downloading the new articles.

  • Probably had more of a role in the days before crowd-sourced online product reviews. If you take the trouble to sign up for one of their reports, you probably already to a Google search for reviews and comparisons of products. If a big ticket item, there will be a forum somewhere online with experienced professionals offering detailed opinions on the wheres and whyfors of one product over another.

    • Consumer mags and their reviews were useful, before the Internet arrived, lol

  • Was a sub for awhile, but tbh I find productreview.com.au a million times better (+ Free)

  • Expired?

    • Yea, looks like it.

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