50% off All Orders from 5th Order Onwards After First Four Orders Confirmed (Can Order up to 4 Days in Advance) @ DoorDash


This deal is a glitch I accidentally found off this deal from Doordash that @beatthatflight originally posted

Once you get to your 1st 50% off order, this is what you can do to continue getting 50% until 24 July 24.
Because DoorDash allows you to place orders in advance (up to 4 days), what you need to do is place your next 5 orders IN ADVANCE (or 4 in advance first and then the last 1 immediately if you like).

And because the orders are scheduled and not a 'confirmed' status yet, the code NZSTAR50 will continue working until the 1st of your orders become a 'confirmed' status.

Once you have all 5 orders confirmed, you will then be eligible again for 50% off again under this promo (up to 10 times), and you can rinse and repeat :)

Note that this code only works once per store/restaurant on doordash. However, a tip here is you can actually place multiple orders in advance with the same promo code at the same restaurant and only when it is 'confirmed' then that code will no longer work at that restaurant.

I assume this could also work with 10 orders in advance, and you would have skipped the discount cycle twice (instead of once), and go straight back to the 50% code again (but I have not tried this).

The promotion is only valid at select local merchants in your neighbourhood. But from what I have found, there is a pretty good selection.

Referral Links

Referral: random (138)

Referee gets $15 off first 3 orders over $20. Referrer gets $10 credit once referee places an order over $20.

Check the web page heading before joining. Some referrals give the old (inferior) offer of 30% off 3 orders (up to $15).

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  • I don't understand this at all. If you schedule orders you can skip ahead through the 10, 20, 30 etc?

    • Once all your scheduled orders (must be in intervals/multiple of 5s) have been confirmed - i.e. delivered or picked up, you will then be eligible for another 50% off again, of which you can then repeat the same process again.
      The way I look at it is you get five 50% orders every 4 days if you plan well. Once your last order is confirmed, you start scheduling your next 5 orders again over 4 days if you want.

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        Right, but you can't keep using the 50% off over and over, right? You have to keep going through the smaller discounts each time.

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          No its pretty much unlimited, when you schedule an order, doordash has not registered you using the 50% discount, so you can keep using it until your first order becomes live. But my advise is to use it in multiple of 5s, because the 5 orders than become in lieu of the next 5 needed again to bring you back to 50%. For example, your 5th order (1st order you place after getting 50%) gets you 50%, then it recycles again to 1st order at 10% (but really your 2nd order at 50%), 2nd order at 20% (your 3rd order at 50%), 3rd order at 30% (your 4th order at 50%) and 4th order at 40% (your 5th order at 50%), and then you are back at the 5th order at 50% again.

          Hopefully someone can verify this, it has worked for me twice already. Remember discount capped at $15. So placing multiple (non single) orders at a restaurant is helpful to maximize the 50%.

          • @MYB: can you cancel the first 4 orders (since it's scheduled) after the 5th with 50% is confirmed?

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              @gkidult: Sorry don't think that would work here :(

  • @MYB
    Approximately how long does it take to schedule 4 in advance orders using the code

    And then make the order for the food your want tonight for example?

    Will I pass out from hunger trying this 🤔😅

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    As you mentioned (thinking out loud here) you need to make 4 orders 1st using any discount codes you can find.

    Then it's time to order in advance 4-5 times until you become eligible for the 50% code again.

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    Haha yes - not sure if still going but signed up to dash pass (not sure if I got it for free or not) and they gave me 40% off 3 orders to start. So that counted as my first three orders. So I effectively started on 4th order at 40%. I find anything below 30% is not worth it on doordash.

  • You have a small typo in the title OP:


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      Thanks. Fixed.

  • ‘Not available in your area’ :(

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