Free Selling on General Items and Motors (Some Exclusions Apply, Relists started on Sunday 14 July 2024 Only) @ Trade Me


It's finally back

Things you need to know
General items:
  • This promotion is available to casual sellers only (not in-trade).
  • Discount applies to success fees only, any other applicable listing fees still apply.
  • Relists started on Sunday 14 July 2024 are included, but relists after this date are not. Only applies for the first listing period.
  • Car parts are included, however large machinery listed in the 'Business, farming and industry' category are not (e.g. tractors and trailers).
  • Limited of 100 listings applies.
  • Full terms and conditions
  • This promotion is available to casual sellers only (not RMVT registered, and lists less than 10 vehicles in any 12 months period).
  • Applies to used car and motorbike listings only.
  • Relists after 90 days aren't included. Only applies to used car listings created on Sunday 14 July 2024.
  • Applies only to cars and motorbikes (not other vehicles types, e.g. campervans and boats).
  • This offer is non-transferable.

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  • +1

    Too fast for me - I literally checked that 10 mins ago and it wasn’t live!

  • I just listed using 'my products' yesterday for a week….is there an easy way to bulk update everything so they close on Sat/Sun? Or do i need to manually edit each listing?

    • There's a bulk edit option for listing duration that might be able to do what you're looking for.

      • I tried that but it doesn't appear to affect my live listings? Unless it takes a while for the changes to appear

        • Yeah it can take a few minutes to show as it'll be timed when to pull the data through from my products :)

          • @shopaholic: Still no changes…have i done it wrong or does it not work lol. It's showing 3 days in 'my products' but all my listings still close on Tuesday…

    • +2

      1) Deactivate the listings in MyProducts
      2) Manually go through each listed and have them close on Friday or Saturday morning.
      3) Saturday afternoon/evening, activate your listings
      4) ?????????
      5) Profit

      • *Sunday afternoon/evening

  • What's the go with 100 listings? Anytime I read about it, they mention it's based on your past selling, is that right? Is it worthwhile going over the free 50 listings? Or should I use my partners account too lol

    • +1

      Probably easier to use your partner's account.

      How it's worked out
      Your minimum allowance is 50 free listings, but this can go up based on your sales.

      To work it out, take your highest number of weekly sales from the past six weeks, then multiply by five.…

      So your listing allowance for free listings will be 50 unless you've sold like 12 things in a week in the last 6 weeks then it'll be 60.

    • +1

      Check your sales summary for your listing allowance. Its on the desk top version of trademe but not available from the app.

  • Hi, I'm new to selling on Trade Me. I just successfully sold something yesterday and charged the regular 7.9% success fee :(

    What's the discounted success fee when there's this free selling promo?

    • +2

      $0.00 success fee. Promotion fees such as gallery upgrade are not discounted

      • Thanks. Dang, what a waste, I could have saved the 7.9%!

        • +2

          TradeMe is a greedy, dying platform.

          They could easily be more upfront about the extortionate success fee's but they obscure it intentionally.

          • +7

            @manuka: It's not obscured in the slightest?…

            If it's dying, where are people going? Facebook Marketplace? lol

            • @kfr23: I didn't say it was impossible to find. No-one is bothering to read the TradeMe help docs…..

              The could show the fee when creating a listing as part of all of the other add on fee's but choose not too.

              • -1

                @manuka: Ok one Google search away then

              • @manuka: Totally agree! I would think that many new users only find out about the success fee after a successful transaction. They could be more explicit about the charges when creating a listing as you said.

                • +1

                  @aquafaba: If you create a listing through the website it says 'list for free, pay when it sells*' and there is a link right there to the success fees.

            • @kfr23: Yes, we've had more success selling & buying in Marketplace rather than TradeMe. As a matter of fact, I can't remember the last time that I've completed a TradeMe transaction!

          • @manuka: Especially true for the in-trade sellers success fees.

  • It doesn't start till 14 July.

  • +3

    Could somebody please add the Sunday 14 July in the title/description. A key fact that is not obvious.

    • +5

      There's a big blue box at the top that shows 'In 3 Days'

      • Sure, but it's sill not clear when that is exactly, and how long for. Just my 2 cents.

    • In addition to bigcheese's comment, the date is also listed between the description and comments sections.

      • +1

        comments: that's my point. it's in the comments, not clear from the description.
        description: it says "Relists started on Sunday 14 July 2024" not "auctions started on Sunday 14 July 2024"

        I'm not complaining. I'm just pointing out that it's open to interpretation, and not very clear. That's all.

  • When listing or editing an auction it mentions success fees at the last part of the auction.
    Fair enough it doesn't state how much the fees are, but we are informed of success fees and they are easily found.

  • Anyone know if you can use the vehicle listing to move a car from a previous free listing, to another family members account to get another 90 days of free listing? eg cancel the old free listing that only has a few days remaining, and then setup a new listing on another family members account on the 14th. Or do they only allow one free listing per license plate.

    • If you cancel the current listing there may be a fee it should inform you of the amount when you try but before you actually commit to canceling it.
      I wouldn't think there's an only one free listing per license plate rule but I would contact trademe and ask them to find out for sure

  • +1

    Anyone know what the definition of "large machinery" is? Since there isn't a "large machinery" category and they don't specify a size or price limitation, it seems a bit arbitrary. T&C didn't seem to make it clear. Does a kids quad bike count? Farm bike? Rotary hoe? CNC mill?

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