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$20 off Next Three Grocery Orders (Select FreshChoice & Four Square Stores, Excl. Apply) @ Uber Eats


Went to my promotions in the Ubereats app and saw this offer was available to add to my promos. Is targeted.

Only Fresh Choice Prebbleton was available to me. Got some grocers just a tad over $20 and ended up paying $8 after delivery and service fee. Things were overpriced but worth about $16 at my local PAK'n Save.


Alcohol or other regulated items may not be eligible for this promotion

  • This offer is for $20 off your next three orders for groceries from participating stores in the 'Grocery' category via the uber eats app (offer). This offer excludes alcohol and pharmaceutical items. Delivery fee applies (excluding pickup orders)
  • Service fee applies.
  • Small order fee of $2.99 applies if total items total under $10.
  • The amount of $20 will be deducted from your total order value (up to three orders in total) as a promotion at checkout.
  • Offer may be withdrawn at any time.
  • Offer expires 11.59 PM NZST on June 30 2024, unless withdrawn earlier.

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  • Signed into one of my burner account created during the $1 deal to cancel UberOne. Unfortunately I used the wrong device and they detected and invalidated the voucher. Didn't receive this promotion on my main account.

  • Thanks! It was in my promos - we’re about 400m from the Prebbleton fresh choice!

    • Also Im pretty sure that milk is normally $3.99 there and in Uber eats it’s $4.38 so it could be a 10% markup from in store prices store wide?

      • Wow that's a small increase, I normally see 30 - 50% markup. It's $9.49 at closest Four Square for a 250g block of Whittaker's Creamy Milk for example.

        • Looking at some other items they seem more marked up. Guess milk is a good thing to put in my cart!

      • Everything is marked up to account for fees, and those franchised stores are already overpriced versions of Countdown/WW and New World, which of course are also overpriced.

        • Yes but you can get say $25 worth of grocery for $25 is not bad

  • Anyone know what is "promotion"
    I ordered yesterday and wanted to check again today but the "promotion" $5.26 is not being applied so the previous order for $5 is now $10

    Subtotal NZ$26.22
    Delivery Fee NZ$2.49
    Service Fee NZ$2.10
    Promotion -NZ$5.26
    Promotion on Food -NZ$20.00

  • Going to make sure I use this over the weekend. Just double checking but with all Uber eats vouchers it’s just the Uber shareholders I’m doing over, not my local shops right?

    • Yes just uber but in the case of fresh choice I wouldn't be bothered as they're owned by woolworths.

      • Yes…ish. FreshChoice (and Super Value) are under the Woolworths umbrella, but are independently owned by the store (franchise) operator. They 100% get to decide what they want to stock and at what price.

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