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Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Headphones $335.70 NZD (New Account Required) + Free Shipping @ Sony


Coupon required to get this price (see below).

Sony NZ have price matched PB Tech and are selling these headphones for $375, with free shipping on all orders over $200.

However on the Sony store if you register for a new MySony account (with an email address not before used), you get emailed a unique 10% off voucher code. Be sure to tick the second check box when signing up, in order to receive the code. Mine did take 15 mins or so to come through.

I was able to use my code and place an order with a total of $337.50. [Update 24/11/23 - Price now slightly lower at $335.70 with coupon]. This is the best price I've seen in some time for these eternally popular Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones.

There may be some other bargains out there of items that they've price matched that you can then add the voucher to. Buried within the T&C's are a list of excluded items the voucher cannot be used on (All PlayStation products, Camera lenses and a few others).

Might be good on WH-1000XM5, WF-1000XM5, and Bravia TVs perhaps? They do also have a price match request feature that may or may not work with the welcome code.

I am unsure when this deal will end but PB Tech's cyber Monday supposedly ends at midnight tonight.

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    I still use my xm4 daily (had 2 of them black and blue). Fantastic headphones and ANC. Have not even looked into xm5 replacements this year.

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      Same, bought xm4 over xm5, xm5's are just too pricey.

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      Same I absolutely adore mine, today's order was for my partner. Top tip I recently discovered about these is if you are connecting to an android phone, there's a setting in the developer options to modify the bitrate used by the LDAC codec. By default it is set to adaptive bit rate but you can set it to prioritise audio quality. Have to do this every time you connect them. This seems to be a separate setting to that in the Sony Headphones app on my Google Pixel. If you've got Hi-Res audio files you'll definitely hear and appreciate the difference.

      • Kia ora, just wondering if you got a confirmation email when you bought them? I placed an order but never received a confirmation email though I can see the order in my order history. Don’t wanna miss out if my order hasn’t gone through!

        • Yes I did get a confirmation email - took a while to come through, I'm sure you'll be all good :)

          • @Rubenite: Thanks! I did get a confirmation email, but I actually just received another one saying my order has been cancelled. They’re now showing as unavailable from the Sony website - fingers crossed they come back in stock soon!

            • @isonala: Oh no that sucks! I will check with my partner to see if ours also got cancelled

            • @isonala: Ours arrived yesterday morning. Silver are back in stock right now if that interests you, otherwise keep checking!

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    Can confirm welcome code also works on WH-1000XM5 to be $439.20, and on WF-1000XM5 to be $349.20

  • Wicked find

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    The pricing on these seems to hold up pretty well.

    I wanted to point out that my xm3's has a permanent square piece of folded up paper as part of it now. Used to press the motherboard down a little, no idea why it works, but I'm just happy it does. In case anyone else finds themselves in the same situation.

    Pretty common problem

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    Anyone who missed out on this sweet deal and happens to be travelling internationally out of Auckland in the next few weeks, you can buy them via Auckland Airport "The Mall".
    (Theres a few other headphone options as well).

    WH-1000XM4 are $343.81

    WH-1000XM5 are $449.81

  • Managed to bag this, had been looking for a while, but the set up process is awfull, ive just given up. I downloaded the app but when you try to sign in it doesnt seem to take the Sony account details previously created. Tried signing in as Apple ID instead then it talked about converting the account to use on other Sony platforms but that also crashed out. Ive not looked at the detail of what headphone features signing in gives you, cursory look appears worth it, but will need to revisit and try and navigate how to best do that.

  • Silver back in stock at $335.70 (with new membership 10% coupon)

  • Black also now back in stock at $335.70 (with new membership 10% coupon)

  • I got my WH-1000XM4's for $322 two years ago on The Market.
    Highly recommended for anyone who travels.

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