Send a Customizable Military Care Package to Active American Military Troops for Free @ Crown Royal


OK, bit of a random one this. Nowt in it for you, but its free and will brighten up someones day in the US military…..

Crown Royal believes that it's not about what you have, but what you give and how you give it. That's why Crown Royal is honored to partner with Packages From Home to turn donated Crown Royal Bags into care packages for active American military heroes around the world. With your help, we have packed over 1 MILLION BAGS and counting. JOIN US IN OUR MISSION.

Simply select 4 of the Troops' most requested and needed items, and we'll send it overseas.

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    This is a great idea, it's a shame it's only a US initiative. Would love to see something similar for other countries

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      Just throwing this in the mix.

      I've got a mate (kiwi) who's fighting in Ukraine, he got pretty badly hurt and ended up being shipped to Landstuhl which is a huge US military hospital in Germany. While he was there, he got an awesome care package from Wounded Warrior Project, which is primarily US based but does care package for others who end up at Landstuhl.

  • thanks just sent one.

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    America, f#ck yeah!
    Coming again to save the mother f#cking day, yeah
    America, f#ck yeah!
    Freedom is the only way, yeah!

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      Canada, f#ck yeah!
      Pourin’ some whiskey an' warmin' up the day, yeah
      Canada, f#ck yeah!
      Crown Royal is kind of OK, yeah!

    • good movie

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    Do not post this on OzBargain, unless you've got a good popcorn stash ready.

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      Now you've made me kinda hope someone does….

      Odds on that someone uses the word 'bikies' within the first twenty comments.

    • Isn't Australia more closely alligned with America militarily than NZ? Why would the Aussies make a fuss?

      • Wouldn't take long for people to argue about USA's international influence, backing of this regime, that regime and so on.

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    Nice one! Added a few kiwi phrases to the note. Kia Kaha.

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    Send money to killers. No thanks.

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