Free Daily Mobile Data through Data Piñata @ 2degrees


To play Data Piñata you will need to:

a. go to;
b. enter and confirm your 2degrees mobile number or play as a guest;
c. enter the 6 digit authentication code sent to you by 2degrees;
d. allow applicable permissions on your device so you can play the Data Piñata; and
e. find and whack a Data Piñata to win a Data Prize or a Non-Data Prize– 2easy!

Terms & Conditions

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  • How do you find them? I cant find any even after walking around looking.

    • Mine hasn’t been hard to find the last 3 days I’ve played. Just moved my camera around facing up and there it was

  • You have to look everywhere… a little painful tbh 🤣

  • Seems broken I can't see anything then when I close out or it, I just get a pinata.

  • Mine always seem to be up in the air / above head height, but then I'm only 3' 6".

    • You've done well to live this long at that height

      • +2

        I'm six and a half - not sure what you believe a reasonable life-expectancy for someone of my stature would be?

        Actually, being short is much safer - I don't risk killing myself by walking into door frames, and any scything blades (horizontal orientation) generally go over the top of my head (I've only had to jump over one so far, but that's only in six and a half years of course, and for the first nine months, I couldn't walk, so the sample size might be a bit small to draw too many conclusions at this point. If I suddenly stop posting one day, it might be due to my having been decapitated.)

    • If you deny access to the camera it'll just give you the data. (not sure if you get more with camera access, I got 90mins today)

  • Updated with terms and conditions link.

    If during the Data Piñata Period you:

    • a. have an active 2degrees consumer mobile plan;
    • b. follow those steps set out in paragraph 5 below;
    • c. Play Data Piñata available at, you will be eligible to win:
      • i. your random share of 800 years of data (Data Prize) (redeemable in the Data Clock); or
      • ii. a limited number of non-data prizes for some lucky players (Non-Data Prize) (customers may only win one Non-Data prize during the Data Piñata Period as we want to keep if fair for all eligible players); and
      • iii. a bonus Data Prize of 1 week of data (redeemable in the Data Clock) if you collect all 19 of the Data Piñata’s in the Data Piñata Armada collection (Data Piñata Armada Collection) (excludes three Bonus Piñatas which are not included in the Data Piñata Armada Collection).
  • Pay monthly plans 1/2 price for six months

  • Has anyone found any of the 3 rare characters?

    • +1

      only the Xmas one

      • Same here. Still looking for the following two ordinary Pinatas -

        1) Data Pinarrtarr
        2) Data-angelo

        Have you found these?

        • +1

          Nahh, and you only have two left lol? I collected only two thirds because I can't be bothered getting up in crazy hours to play the game.

          Plus getting the other 2 rare ones will be pure luck, because once you get them, you've won a major prize, like a $1000 Samsung phone.

        • Did you play the game at 4 or 5 in the morning??

        • +1

          for Data Pinarrtarr, try playing at the beach.

          • @Annip: ahh location based, should have known, like the old data hunt promo. How many mins or hours do u get?

            • @The Hound: I think it's random - normally 45, 60 or 90 minutes of data.

          • +1


            for Data Pinarrtarr, try playing at the beach.

            I tried at (and literally on) the beach, but didn't get Data Pinarrtarr.

            I'm guessing it is still random, just weighted more when close to certain locations.

            • @Alan6984: Same here, multiple different beaches but no go

  • Update…I went to the Auckland Art Gallery to try for 'Data-angelo' but no such luck. And went to Milford Beach to try for 'Data Pinarrtarr' but got 'Ghosts of Data Past'?!

    • +1

      Got Angelo at home, but it only came with 45 mins of data. I'm 5 (2 bonus and 3 regular) short.

      • I'm 2 regular and 2 short. Definitely seems to be completely at random with only a few that are location/time generated.

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