New Synergy NZ Code @ Torpedo7


Updated code - Use 4NTOKLKA at checkout to get up to 50% off items.

Now valid until the 29th of October.

Discounts are off RRP and vary by category. If the product is already on promotion customer will receive the lower offer or promo pricing. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. Excludes Bikes and Frames, Electronics, Freight, Gift Cards, and Workshop Services. Valid to 29/10/2023 (code is subject to change at any time)

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    Thanks OP

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      My pleasure! Doing my best to help out the cheapies community!

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        Yep, thanks for the post. Always good to have a code on hand.

  • Good buy: T7 Umbrella $24.99 down to $12.54

    • Whats the warranty like on umbrellas?

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      Not a bad idea, but I reckon this bunnings one still hits better with value. The vented canopy helps with windproofing too! I think bunnings hammo south has it at $10?

      • Yeah I'd buy that if I could find it. I've only been able to find the smaller non-vented ones so far in the stores I've been to in Auckland. :)
        I settled for a Mitre10 one but still on the lookout each time I go to Bunnings.

      • Can't find one on the bunnings nz site?

        • Yeah I don't think it's on the site, I think it's only instore. A bit inconvenient

  • Does this ever get queried when click & collecting?

    I feel like they might not be thrilled about a $20 discount on a $28 item.

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      The staff at the counter couldn’t care less in my experience.
      As the transaction has already been processed online all you are doing is collecting the order. The most I have been asked is ID to prove it is me collecting it - never to check membership.

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      I had to laugh..
      Today I went in store to see if they had something in stock. The sales rep showed me the product. I said I'll grab it online. He asked why since it's right here right now. Told him I have a code. Asked me what the code is. I told him it's the new Synergy code. He simply added it to my purchase without me having to tell him what the actual code is.

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        You should have said it was the new Hospitality code and then looked over his shoulder to see what it was!

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          That would have been a good idea damnit!!

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      People are screenshotting deals from here and posting on social media. With the warehouse group tightening it reins on alot of things it wouldn't surprise me if they find a way to stop things or make it harder.

    • No ive never been asked in Wellington. I've purchased a few pricey items (Fenix7, GoPro 11, Massage Gun) they didnt even ask for ID. I dont think they care, as the purchase has been done already.

  • Thank you!! Legend

  • "Excludes Bikes and Frames" it took $45.58 off at Torpedo 7 kids bike, off the club price. $369.00 full price, $289 club price, $243.42 final price.

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