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$10 off $100 Spend @ The Market (Requires MarketClub, Exclusions Apply)


Note: The terms of this offer below state it is valid until the 4th June 2023. However, the actual coupon is currently set to go until the 6th June 2023 which makes sense as it actually covers the King's Birthday holiday.
Expiry changed until the 6th June.

  • All standard TheMarket coupon exclusions and T&Cs apply.
  • Exclusive to MarketClub members only.
  • Code is  valid from midnight, 00:00:00, 31 May 2023 and expires midnight 23:59:59, 4 June 2023.
  • $10 discount applied when KING10 claimed at checkout on TheMarket.com. Minimum in cart spend $100.
  • Excludes purchases of alcohol, Apple products supplied by Noel Leeming store, R18 games, PlayStation 5 consoles,  e-Gift Cards, donations , and shipping costs (if applicable). 
  • Any discounts on retail prices on TheMarket.com are offered as a fair use policy to registered users of TheMarket.com for the purchase of goods for personal use only.   
  • Discount codes and vouchers cannot be used for the purchase of goods intended for wholesale or resale.  
  • Discount limits per customer and maximum savings per customer will be monitored for any suspected abuse of policy.   
  • TheMarket.com reserves the right to cancel any orders deemed to be in conflict with these policies. 
  • TheMarket.com reserves the right to amend or cancel promotional coupons and to update the terms and conditions without notice.

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  • Damn it’s been a while!

    • Yep. Few and far between these day's

      • After their earnings report…

  • Has anyone else had issues with their The Market wishlist not showing properly on the website (on computer) since last Thursday? I have 100+ items wishlisted but currently only shows 39 since Thursday.

    The phone app doesn't seem to have this issue.

  • +5

    Why not use $20 off for referral on orders over $100?

    • The referral link doesn't work anymore..It said "Oops. We can't seem to find the page you're looking for" (https://themarket.com/nz/precincts/friend-get-friend/71273). Is it only my computer perhaps?

      • No, not just you. It’s gone.

        • dame, I should stock referrals three days ago..!! Time to say bye to the market then

        • Are the birthday codes still going?

          edit - just saw your comment further down.

          • @Wakrak: Yeah, I still have a birthday code available to use in my account.
            Need to check that they are still issuing them going forward though as I made my comment prior to the referral being removed.

            • +1

              @bigcheese: @Wakrak, confirmed still working. I got my 'birthday' $5 off email today

              • @bigcheese: Happy Birthday!

                • +3

                  @Rubenite: Cheers - not my actual birthday though.
                  It’s one of many ‘Market Celebrations’ I have during the year 😉

  • +3

    Wish it was 10% off..

  • +1

    Remember when they had $25 off $99 and $15 off $49? :(

  • +1

    Themarket got greedy, they axed their affiliate program after everyone helped promote them, removed any trace of 10 or 15% codes or bringing it back. I do wonder how many people outside thewarehouse group are using themarket to buy on a regular basis though when there's no coupons in circulation. All their brands offer better deals direct with the website, i.e. CSC for NL, Hospo for Torpedo7 etc. And 1-day keeps posting the same junk, but lowering the price every week, a shed I looked at a month ago was $499 and it's now $299. Will it be $199 if I wait another week?

    • +1

      If you work for twg you got marketclub+ free (they might have ended that, mind you) and nothing else except for the odd 1-off $20 off $200 coupon that isn't much different to whats on here.

      The market makes very little sense to me as a customer. They are often more expensive (presumably due to the commission), they dont let you click and collect large or expensive items (ended up buying recently from pbtech and not the market because of the pickup option…. ), they dont do any warehousing so you pay individual shipping… unless you pay for their subscription which still doesnt cover all shipping from all stores.

      They're essentially just dropshipping other brands… and those other brands have their own retail / online presence anyway.

      Not to mention the obvious price advantage that they give their own brands on the platform (no commission?).

      The argument for why merchants should use the platform exist, but there are almost no reasons for a customer to use their platform.

      • +1

        This, they're built 70% of it already, I don't know why they're not going further into just fully embracing the platform and building it as like an Amazon Nz.
        Actually it's the lack of competition, if Amazon actually started eyeing up NZ markets. You bet your ass TWG would go hard to get the platform fully there before Amazon started up

        • I don't even know if they would, I could see them burying their head in the sand quite honestly and trying to go hard on what they think that they do best.

          I feel like their brands are all behind what others are offering nowadays. If I want whiteware, id go to harveys or smiths. If I want a phone or charger or something, pb is usually cheaper and/or actually have a demo model.

          My experience with Noel Leeming and The Warehouse always feels exactly the same as it was when I was a kid, but something like kmart or pb or even smiths manages to feel modern.. despite selling the same crap as the TWG brands.

          However, torpedo7 store development is actually pretty nice.

          Ohh and don't forget shitting the bed with the market products on the warehouse app. Their strength for the warehouse is their retail footprint and the app does not reflect that. I am absolutely convinced, given that change, that nobody in the exec team or upper management at the warehouse actually use the app beyond a passing glance or even remotely understand their clients. The warehouse app now feels like one of those portable shopping vans that used to drive around south auckland.

      • Got Marketclub+ from Vodafone rewards, but still find it hard to find anything I want to buy there even with free shipping.

  • Long time between drinks…..but is there anything worth buying? Rhetorical.

  • +1

    Good for buying warehouse items for free shipping if you have market club, the $10 sweetens the deal. Although not all items available on the market.

    • TheMarket would be perfect if they could carry over The Warehouse category/clearance discounts and Noel Leeming item add-ons(buy x get x free).

  • Marketclub for Vodafone/One is ending 30th June! :(

    • +1

      They’re still giving you one more year of membership until 30th June 2024

  • +1

    They stopped doing refer a friend on the market?

  • Blunt Metro $103. $83 if you have a referral code.

  • +1

    How the mighty have fallen. A birthday sale with no code

    • Yep - really thought they might have dropped a code for this. Been keeping an eye on it but zip, zero, nada. Pretty uninspiring these days.

    • Yeesh. An absolute shame. Maybe next year aye.

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