This was posted 6 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Tegel Take Outs: Nashville/Louisiana Tenders 500g & Chicken Portions 1kg $8, Louisiana Burger Patties 600g $8 @ Countdown


Noticed this deal this morning at Countdown Christchurch Airport. Judging by the website it is nationwide.

I don't ever recall seeing them this cheap. The bags I got aren't short dated, with expiry dates in March 2024.

  • Chicken Tenders Louisiana Style 500g
  • Chicken Tenders Nashville Style 500g
  • Chicken Portions Louisiana Style 1kg
  • Chicken Portions Nashville Style 1kg
  • Chicken Burger Patties Louisiana Style 600g

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    Interesting that they didn't put it in the mailer.

    • +1

      I was surprised it wasnt posted here, just in checkout now.

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    Nor-west and Westgate had them all for $8 each and the Labels were white not Yellow and stated 1/2 price

  • +2

    Wow, really good price, the last cheapest I bought was $10 each.

  • +2

    Stock up time! Those 500gm tenders are awesome in the air fryer

  • +1

    Thanks OP - Got a few bags of Tenders and Burger Pattie’s. Never seen them that cheap

  • Which is a better deal - Tenders 500g or Bone-in 1kg?

    • +2

      At this price I'd say get a bag of each and see what you like.

    • +2

      someone did the math wayback and the kilo is better value.

      • +2

        I'd say its a matter of personal preference.
        Conscious that this site is about getting best bang for buck but I have a few friends that would pay for boneless as a matter of convenience almost regardless of the price.

        • yea,i used to get boneless for childern, elderly and also for sandwiches the next day, will get some when i go back.

    • +1

      Tenders because it cooks faster in the air fryer lol

  • how do these taste like?

    • +2

      Theyre brilliant, especially if you have an air fryer. Very easy option for dinner. I think the louisiana ones have a little bit of a kick to them

    • They went viral during lockdown, many people use them as KFC substitute.

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    Pretty sure these were $6.50 a few weeks ago

    • It was the nibbles as I did get one for $6.50

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    "Nashville" chicken is the one you want, nice n spicey!

  • are the nashville and louisiana 1kg portions the best? do they cook well in air fryer

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      Air Fryer = At room temp aprox 24mins @ 180c & flip at the 12min mark. Never tried from frozen even though the directions recommend it. You can use 10min per side but being chicken I play it safe at 12 mins.

  • +7

    '+' These are really tasty, crunchy in the air fryer and cook well straight from frozen.
    '+' absolute bargain at $8

    '-' tonnes of "numbers" in the ingredients Thickeners (1420, 412, 415) Mineral Salts (339, 450, 451, 452, 500)

    Doesn't look like they're bad on their own or in small quantities. But possibly have a compound risk effect by eating them regularly. Some people may also be allergic. Google those numbers for more info.

    Ultimately decided not to stock up since we're trying to avoid these kind of preservatives, but if you're not fussed this is a great deal.

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      The product name really tells us what these are… Take Outs. These are meant as a replacement for take outs/aways. Not supposed to be an every day dinner replacement, but a once in a while treat. Definitely yummy though.

    • +5

      . Google those numbers for more info.

      Doing a quick search, the thickeners are a modified starch, guar gum, xanthan gum. Those i'm absolutely not concerned about at all. Then salt as a leavening agent/emulsifier, a raising agent/emlusifier usually from yeast extract, a preservative/emulsifier, another stabilizer/emulsifier, and the last one is just straight salt. Also nothing really of great concern here either unless i've missed something.

      I was expecting it to also be high in total fat/saturated fat but it's actually not that bad there either. Overall having a look into this detail has actually made me discover they probably aren't as bad for you as i originally thought they were.

      • +1

        Well said. The thickeners and salt help the chicken hold as much water as possible. If you are cynical you could say it's so they can sell more water but they are pretty dry without this. Depending on how you feel about additives there is nothing to fear except sodium levels which are always stated in the nutrition information panel.

      • +1

        The least i could do if give you a thumbs up after all that research!

  • +1

    Thanks OP. These are normally $10 - 12 on special at Pak n Save so not a huge discount from that but I had some Countdown gift cards to use up so I stocked up 😋

  • How spicy is the Louisiana tenders? Is it kid friendly?

    • I'd say yes.

  • Also $9.10 at fresh choice apparently, according to

  • The tenders and chicken burgers are good but got the bone in nibbles a few weeks ago and the chicken was pretty nasty, the meat was very bloody and oozing black black goo when cooked, put me off. I'm no fried chicken expert but I've had enough fried chicken to know that aint right.

    • +2

      Black is blood that remained in blood vessels. It's pretty standard especially close to the bone. Typical with bone in product

    • black goo is myoglobin, its present in blood.
      young chickens bones are less dense and the blood will stain the meat especially if frozen.
      The myoglobin leaks out during cooking and it does look strange all this black goo seeping out, i use a thermometer to make sure its cooked.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. rushed to CD to get 5kg. These are our favourite and cheap compared to actual takeaways. Even better with this promo.

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    I was wondering if they'd have this. I think they're trying to sell them because of new packaging. Someone mentioned it in one of the previous Takeout deals and I noticed the flame grilled ones have new packaging in my local Countdowns.

    Also wonder if the reason they're not in the mailer my be because they're not sure if stock will hold. Of course popular deals often have stock problems (and while it's gotten better, frankly a lot of the frozen chicken products have for a long time now) but maybe they're especially worried stocks won't hold.

    • I hope it's just new packaging not shrinkflation.

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    Thanks, got 5 bags of the Nashville tenders and there were still tons of stock left.

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    Secured some bags last night! My local Countdown didnt change the display price so most the people dont have an idea its half price. Chur!

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    Does anyone know if countdown sell the Nashville burgers? As it only appears paknsave and new world sell them according to grocer. Foodstuffs exclusive?

    • They do, but they're hard to find. My 2 nearest had none yesterday, a third had 3 bags left (and is now out of stock).

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