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Custom Print Tank Top, Mouse Pad, 20 Page Photo Book, Cosmetic Bag - USD $0.99 (~NZD $1.49) Delivered @ ArtsCow


Some more bargains for custom goodies. Not sure if the tank top will last long with a few washes but nevertheless a great price.

Tank Top thanks to brezzo via OzBargain
Mouse Pad thanks to brezzo via OzBargain
Photo Book thanks to icekayak
Cosmetic Bag

ArtsCow Referral Wiki

As the generic photo book code 099PHOTOBOOK is expired, please feel free to use my referral code JSQUAREDPHOTOBOOK or another one in the Wiki page.

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  • Appears they also do photobooks.

    6"x 6" or 7"x 5" Photo Book for $0.99 (additional $4.99 afterwards):
    Code: <code removed>

    • Thanks a lot for that! Post has been updated to include the photo book.

      Edit: I hope you could be a bit more transparent in future and at least let everyone know that it's a referral code. I've added your code to the referral Wiki page.

      • Fair enough. I assumed all those codes were referral codes as the generic codes didn't seem to be published anywhere. At 50 referrals for a Tshirt then paying high shipping the referral seems like a waste of time anyway. The real deal is purchasing some 99c goods!

        • No problem. Just so you know since you are new here, the comment below has been removed as we don't allow referrals in comments as per these guidelines. As such I've also added your referral codes ($0.99 deals only) to this Wiki page.

  • how long will that referral code work for? im taking a while making my photobook is all

    • There's no expiry date mentioned but I believe it should be an ongoing offer for now.

  • +1

    Got me Tank Top and I've got to say the quality is impressive and the material feels like the Dri-fit stuff.

  • Any idea what the cost limits are on these types of goods, before paying tax/GST etc becomes an issue? Been reading around but hard to get a clear figure (seems to range from NZ$230 - NZ$400, depending on what the goods are classified as)

    Want a bit of extra gear for Christmas presents, promotional items etc. Don't want to use one of these overseas CC deals and end up with a nasty/expensive surprise.

    Also mindful of govt push to reduce or remove some of these thresholds. Couple of months ago, there was talk about these new thresholds coming in before Christmas. Can't find any firm statement about that either.

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