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MR16 7W LED Bulb 68% off $4.15 (Was $13) + Delivery / $0 C&C @ Lighting Plus


I got me a handful of those to replace my fleet of old halogens. $4.15 is a good deal. The only let down is they are non-dimmable.

Paid $15 delivery to Auckland.

You may be able to find something else that is worth your while. Feel free to drop details into comments.

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    Nice thanks, needed a few replacements and spares for all the lights in the kitchen. Good price and 3yr warranty :) free click & collect.

    (buy over 200$ worth and you can use the 20$ Zip payment promo… if anyone really needs that many bulbs!)

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    If you still use old 12 Volt halogen down lights they will have a transformer in the roof converting the mains 240v down to 12v for the light bulb.
    Many of these old transformer are not suitable for LED lights.
    "Many electronic transformers have a "VA" rating or a load rating "20- 60" stamped on them. If this is the case they will not recognize a load of only 4, 6 or 9 watts"
    I'm not knowledgeable in this, just linking to my research. Others might have more info.

  • I have replaced many over the years. My understanding is that the transformers have a "power saving" feature when they simply cut out when the load is below threshold.
    Some still work despite that (lets say 33%).
    The other thing I have done (which may not be quite cosher in terms of doing "electrical works" yourself) is to run a series of lights off a single transformer. In many cases you may have several lights off one switch each with its own transformer. All you need to do is to leave the first transformer and run all lights off it. This way you increase the combined load to over 20w. It says to keep the distance from transformer to light to under 2m but I have not had any issues with feeding longer distances (6m) using existing 1.5mm wiring.
    This tends to work in most cases (lets say 66%) but still some transformers play up.
    Finally, if everything else fails, buy some i.e. https://www.bunnings.co.nz/sylvania-syltran-transformer-dimm…

    I had probably 50 halogens around the place. Replaced 20 to-date with 5 LED capable transformer on hand. Still have 1 left.

    • Beyond minimum loadings, it's my understanding another problem is that because most semi-modern MR16 fixtures have switched mode power supplies of some sort, and these MR16s also have SMPS, they don't always work well with each other. The original 12V halogens as basically a simple resistive load don't really care much what the output of the 12V power supply is like provided the average voltage is ~12V so it didn't matter much what their output was like. While the power supplies in the LED MR16s are designed to try and cope, it's difficult to design something cheap which can cope with all the myriad of designs out there.

      • Thanks for the explanation. Suspected there may be something more than just resistive load :)

        If anyone needs spare 12v transformers I have around 20 used ones to give away

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    Good price, but these are cheap for a reason, no heat sinks and low CRI
    Wouldnt bother getting anything below 90-95CRI for areas which get used most often

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