This was posted 5 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$1 Meals from Select Eateries (Per Day Per Customer, Delivery Only) @ Doordash (Wellington/Christchurch Only)


For customers in Wellington and Christchurch, Door Dash is offering $1 meals from select eateries this weekend (from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th). Only a few hours a day will the one-dollar offer be available (2 - 5 pm).

The offer is for delivery only, no pick-up or dine-in meals will be one dollar.

The promotion only allows for one $1 meal per day per customer. You can use the relevant promo code for the day to redeem: DOLLARFRIDAY (Friday), DOLLARSAT (Saturday), and DOLLAR SUN (Sunday).

Haven't seen anything from Door Dash directly, but hopefully these promo codes work at the relevant times.…

Referral Links

Referral: random (209)

Referee gets $15 off first 3 orders over $20. Referrer gets $30 credit once referee places an order over $20.

Check the web page heading before joining. Some referrals give the old (inferior) offer of 30% off 3 orders (up to $15).

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  • +9

    Im gna take a screenshot of the delivery fee and service fee of some of the examples and see if they put them up when the offer goes live

  • +1

    I can't seem to get the promo code to work 😔

  • +1

    So far no luck at all applying the code.

  • Options for Lower Hutt were average—loaded fries or fried chicken or chips.

    • where did you find the options?

      • +1

        On the App home page, there is a rotating promotions banner. $1 Weekend. I was hoping for something kinda healthy.

  • Just whoops error thing for me

    Edit - now it says not valid ¯⁠\⁠⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠⁠/⁠¯

    • this is my experience too. initially not available at location, now just not valid :/

  • PSA: The code only applies to select meals at select restaurants.

    • Yes. Did that for the specified meal at 2:00pm. No luck :/

  • -1

    Probably was only valid for 50 redemptions

  • +1

    The option came up for me in pormos but it wouldn't apply, now it just says "Unable to find requested campaign"

  • +1

    Mine says successfully applied and yet it hasn't even changed the price to $1 - remains at full price

    • Oh yeah mine did that at the start. Then when refreshed got error

    • They have now removed the banner and associated discount code

      • Still there for me, even sau get this item for $1 on the menu

    • same here

  • Promo not available now. Did anyone manage to claim it?

  • anyone find the wellington $1 item ?

  • CHCH: Got it to show for RE Burger. But promo code isn't working despite saying "Enjoy $1 item"

    edit: It worked! Total cost $2.58, enroute to my house now :)

    second edit: note that on the app it's still failing, but on the website it worked.

    • So cheap. Mine was 5.57

      • +1

        heh. another meal on way from dumplings from another acct in the house. $2.70. Despite it showing as closed it's accepting orders, so we'll see what turns up.

    • Oh no I left my post to eat noodles 😭 , now the promo code works but reburger is shut 😭

      • My dasher said it was crazy busy there, poor guys

        • yea, idk about everyone else but there was only Reburger and Dumplings as options, so I can only imagine they got slammed with like 1000 orders 😂 poor sods

  • how much is the shipping

  • 5.99

  • No luck in Christchurch

    • RE Burger just worked for me (After trying lots).

  • Doesn't work in Wellington, saw the banner, added an item to Cart, applied code, "something went wrong!"

    • For Reburger I added chips and it worked, so may need to add another item

  • Just got one after trying for 48 minutes lol

    • /looks at clock, oh good grief, it's taken me that long for a burger…

  • yay, i got the chicken. additional $1.79 "service fee"

  • Their phone number is 0800 001 188 they are not very helpful

  • Found the RE burger one but I’m not in their delivery area :( haha

  • So I try ordering another item (burger) and it went thru !! Supposed to only work for 1 order per person per day.

  • Dumplings $2 rice lunch box deal works for Christchurch

    • found it and it says 'This store is temporarily closed'

      • Just kept changing the time and it let me order

        • It’s on the way :)

  • Its letting you do pickup for $1 now, no service fee and same account

  • where is that, doesn't seem worth bothering with? The banner has gone for me

    • Re burger Wellington, can even set pickup for 2mro.

  • RE Burger temporarily closed for me :(

  • i just bought chicken and chips from charcoals chicken usually 16.10 totalis 2.61 1 dollar plus 1.61 service fee free shipping, arriving in 15mins

  • Schedule your orders and you can still apply the discount even if it says the shop is shut

  • Not sure how the rest of the promo today plays out if only one of the stores in Christchurch had the offer today and it said 2-5pm and was basically done before 3

    • +1

      Two accts in my house, got from ReBurger and from the DUmplings place too, first at 2.48, second around 15 min later.

      • Reburger didn’t work for me, said technical issues and couldn’t schedule. Dumplings worked just now scheduled for tomorrow

      • I think $2 dumplings has taken the lunch box deal off their menu now so it’s not working any more

  • +1

    Eventually managed to get the lunch box from Dumplings and hour or two in after a lot of fuss.

    All the mess has me wondering if some of the stores knew what they were signing up for at all - the higher-end stores on the list never accepted the coupon at any point.

  • Chch has Ancestral or Burger Station today

    • Doesnt work though, showing errors

    • Did it work for you?

      • Yep have a chicken burger on the way

    • Mine came up with lazeez in Rolleston as the only choice here

  • Wellington is mama brown but it’s closed on de ?

    • I got one from there, ordered it for 440-500

    • How do you schedule a pickup for a different time? Didn't see an option.

      • In the app theres 2 screens/steps you can add the promo. If you skip the 1st, in the 2nd screen you can choose a delivery time

  • Well it was working two mins ago and now seems the offers been pulled :(

    either lots of orders or someone mass ordering.

  • yeah has it been pulleed

  • Why do they bother doing these deals just to pull them after 5 minutes both days haha.

    • get people on the app makes stats look better to pitch to shareholders or new investors

  • i wonder if it is because there were multiple people yesterday making more then 1 order on diff accounts lol

    • And funny they allow pick up for the deal even though it states delivery only. Complete mess.

  • my partner has just been on the phone to doordash for the past 40 minutes after the promotion got pullled. apparently the deal starts from 5pm today and goes through to 4:30am sunday

  • Okay so I just called and got a lovely man who couldn’t see why it wasn’t working but stayed on the phone with me while I ordered and refunded me after to make up for not getting the promotion. I think the whole thing is broken and the poor phone staff have no idea what is going on

  • +1

    I had DoorDash tell me they’re not honouring it anymore and that they’ll update when they’ll start honouring it again

    • lol

  • The banner is back, we logged on 10 seconds apart, only one person got the banner and it already said sold out.

    So yeah no one was getting that.

  • Instantly sold out lol?

  • a message appeared on my screen, deal is sold out

  • +1

    What a scam!

    • +1

      u shoulda ordered yesterday ronny, people were going crazy

      • +2

        I did try mate but it didn't work out🙁

        • damn really? sorry tohear that

  • I wonder if they consulted the restaurants before they ran the promotion.

  • +1

    It's live with the code dollarsun for anyone after it. Just got our order in for a delayed delivery for dinner.

    • Are you in CHC? Looks like everything is sold out to me…

      • We are Rolleston so got reburger front he Rolleston branch.

        • Were you able to get the discount on anything from the menu? Trying to order from Empire Chicken now but its says I have the wrong item in cart

          • @Tsynder: I was getting that, couldn't even see what the dollar item was meant to be. I signed in on the browser on my phone instead of the app and things went much smoother. Saw the delivery fee and bailed though

            Should have said, at empire today it's the tender box

            • @Tokenmus: Did it tell you what the dollar item was meant to be on the browser?

              • @Tsynder: So weird, even on browser, still says I have wrong item when I select Tender box…

                • @Tsynder: Weird! Yeah on the browser it showed me at the top of the menu that it was tender box. I actually went back and they were showing as closed now. I was able to schedule the order for Tuesday night and still take advantage of the deal

          • @Tsynder: On the app I kicked the deal and it came up with the shops available, then when I clicked on reburger the top item was the smash prince that was labelled as for the deal.

            • @Everettpsycho: Managed to suss it - first time on DoorDash too so had free delivery. Got Tender Box arriving in an hour haha but for only $5. Success in the end I guess

  • I got it amd sogned up for free month of dashpass so ddnt have to pay delivery… Dammit i shld have done that at the start of this offer

  • huh the deal isnt on in wgtn

  • the deal isnt on in wgtn its sold out

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