This was posted 1 year 3 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Unleaded 91 $2.179 @ Z, Woolston (Christchurch)


Unleaded 91 217.9c per litre
Diesel 177.9c per litre
95 236.9c per litre

Another 10c off when using Pumped.

Good deal for Sharetank top up.

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Referee gets 50L+ extra 25L. Referrer gets 50L.

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  • Thanks OP. Just purchased 150L with a bonus of 5L.

  • Thanks OP, got 250L with 10L bonus. Worked at roughly $2.09L

  • aucklanders dont bother, its 2.389 up here.

    • more pain this coming July

    • I live in Auckland, use this app. You can make it so your phone thinks your in Christchurch, then use the fuel here/anywhere nation wide.

      Just don't open the Z app until you've set the location to Christchurch.…

      • Just tried this. Z app was closed, haven't opened it in weeks. Set location, closed all, opened Z and it complains about location spoofing.

        • +1

          Unluggy uce, worked for both my mate and I. Only worked once my mate uninstalled Z and reinstalled though.

      • +1

        I've tried downloading the app on BlueStacks and changed my location on there. Seems to work.

  • Thanks. Topped up 150l

  • Z app detects Fake GPS and gives warning that spoofing location is against the terms and conditions:-(
    Auckland is always pricey:-(

    • Fake GPS worked for me, it may not work on mobile data try on wifi.

      • Tried everything but didn't work, trying on Samsung Z fold 4

      • Which mobile are you using?

      • +2

        Geez, it's a bit rough to get down votes for saying that someone's suggestion worked for you and trying to offer a solution to try get it to work..

  • Some how I got it to work after giving up and turning off my developer settings

    • Which os are you using, android or ios?

      • I'm on android. I think it was just a fluke

        • True, but it worked for few.

  • Thanks OP also got 250L with 10L bonus.

    Dropping $500 on fuel makes me want a EV. Do the cheapies think this is the cheapest fuel we will see this year?

    • Don't think so mate

  • Cheers OP and thanks for Fake GPS link, worked for me

  • How do you use Pumped with this? The information I see online says you can’t used Pumped?

    • +1

      The post was saying fuel is '$2.179' IF using pumped, you get another 10c off aka $2.079.

      OR could top up sharetank

  • Looks like the price has gone up

    • Still the same, just checked

    • Where has it gone up?

  • +4

    Yep, $2.219 now

  • Thanks, for the idea team! Just topped up 250L got my 10l bonus. Thought about doing more the the price rising soon!

    • Is the bonus an ongoing thing?

      • Yea i think so

  • Anyone know the next cheapest Z in NZ, now that this ones gone up?

    • That will be a good idea. Let's put a post if someone knows please!

      • Thats the cheapest Z according to Gaspy

        • How do you get Gaspy to search all the Z stations in the country? Doesn't it have a distance limit on the search function?

          • +1

            @Aba22: theres a feature in gasspy gold version where you can see the fuel prices all over NZ

            This still looks like a good deal to me.

  • +2

    Hey guys, its back to $2.179 at Woolston. Great chance for people who missed it last time.

  • $2.179 now

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