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Honolulu, Hawaii from Auckland $449 Return, from Christchurch $542 Return on Fiji Airways [Jul-Oct] @ Beat That Flight


After stumbling onto this deal to Japan and the comments, I started searching, and managed to find even lower prices - this time to Hawaii!

Fiji Airways is a 4-star airline and you have one stop in Nadi, Fiji enroute.

Honolulu hotels can be notoriously expensive, but there are deals to be had on accommodation, with some on sale up to 58% off

Auckland to Honolulu

Dates: 16 Jul 23 - 12 Dec 23

Christchurch to Honolulu

Dates: 16 Jul 23 - 12 Dec 23

Auckland to Honolulu (16 Jul - 12 Dec) from $449
Christchurch to Honolulu (16 Jul - 12 Dec) from $542

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    fyi - some of their cheap fares have 2 stops albeit brief

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    Way too good to be true in these times, has anybody booked with MyTrip before? Looks like it is definitely a scam

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      Have a look directly through Fiji Airways website to avoid MyTrip.
      Id be hesitant to us MyTrip too, their reviews are so hit or miss. More miss than anything.

    • I've booked with them back in 2019. They are legit.

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      Legit, I even used them in November. But if you don't want to you can always just go to the airline direct.

      • Have you ever had any interactions with their customer service?

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          Np, but if it's anything like other OTAs (eg myholidays.com), I wouldn't be expecting good things, unfortunately. That's definitely an area they don't seem to spend much :/

      • any deals to ASIA, Thailand or Bali ?

    • +7

      My wife booked with them for a trip on Qantas to Hawaii via Sydney. They are legit, but we will never book with them again.

      My wife noticed a minor typo in the booked name that didn't match the passport, so after calling them (90+ minute wait) they said they were going to charge an admin fee of something like $80 to make the one-letter change. Sure, I thought, I get that. Our mistake. But it just didn't feel right. She tried calling Qantas direct (another ~90 mins on hold) but they wouldn't deal with booking changes as it wasn't done through them.

      But then close to departure Qantas cancelled one of the booked flights on her, requiring her to rebook. Having booked through an agent, Qantas again refused to deal direct with us, so after calling MyTrip again (and waiting on hold for 90+ minutes again) they insisted they were going to charge their dodgy-as-all-hell "admin" fee PLUS this time a rebooking fee (can't recall what they quoted us). We weren't even the ones to cause the change in flights.

      My wife was so anxious about the whole thing, but I encouraged her to just head along to the airport early, describe the situation and see what they said. Turns out at the airport they're much more accommodating and got her on the right flight with zero issues.

      That's why they are rated 1 Star. They, and many others like them, are legit and cheap at the outset but they will screw you dry for any variations regardless who caused them, and that's if you can even get hold of them. And don't even think about trying to get a refund.

      Be warned. Check reviews before booking with anyone other than the airline themselves.

    • Definitely legit as i used them to book to Europe back in 2019. You will get the change of booking issue with just about all of these type of booking sites so it's not just them.

    • My brother booked a flight to Bali then through to Europe last year with MyTrip.
      Long story short is they cancelled his flights and it took about 6 months to refund him. He had to rebook his flights for about double the price he originally paid because they cancelled so last minute.
      If nothing goes wrong then I’m sure they are fine, but in the small chance something does, you’ll be wishing you booked directly with the airline.

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    I wish they had included luggage too. Only 7kg allowed and if trying to buy additional luggage its very expensive.

  • Does Fiji airways not send email confirmations?

    • +2

      If you ring them they will send you one. 0800 800 178.

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        leave a message on their voicemail and they will mail you a letter

  • I'm looking at these airfares and just wishing i could right now. These are incredibly cheap from NZ to Hawaii. Definitely worth getting off Oahu to the other islands if you can but even just getting out of Honolulu and exploring Oahu is a beautiful experience.

  • Any deals to Thailand in Nov?

  • Anyone knows whats the weather like in Oct Sept in Hawaii?

  • looks like prices have increased for some return legs, or maybe allocated pricing for those limited seats have been exhausted

  • Now to decide if I do this one or the Japan one… I've been to the Big Island and there weren't many sandy beaches where I stayed unfortunately.

    • I've been to Hawaii twice, and Japan 4 times (2 were brief). Hawaii is the place I've most wanted for my holiday to NOT finish.

      Japan, however, is another world, such good food, nature, cities are incredible, people are fantastic. Lots of beaches around the world, only one Japan.

  • yeah its a scam when you click on the link its $669 not $460

    • That's probably because the sale is over or lower fares have sold out for the dates you're looking at bud.

    • +2

      The OTAs provide cached values for the routes, and there tend to only be a few at each price on each date. So odds are the ones you've chosen have sold out and the next bucket price hasn't flowed through to their displayed values for beatthatflight to parse and display.
      Airline prices fluctuate, sometimes hourly. Doesn't make it a scam.

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