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Tokyo, Japan: Auckland $689 Return (Busines $2877), Christchurch from $689 Return on Fiji Airways [Jul-Oct] @ Beat That Flight


OK, wow, this is several hundred dollars less than deals I've seen in ages!

Fiji Airways is a 4-star airline and you have one stop in Nadi, Fiji enroute.

For accommodation in Tokyo, see our top 5 hotels for under AU$120

Auckland to Tokyo
Dates: 16 Jul 23 - 12 Dec 23

A business example: $2877 Return

Christchurch to Tokyo

Dates: 16 Jul 23 - 12 Dec 23

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  • Really good pricing, long layover at Fiji so might be worth it for people to have a quick visit there as well?

    • +1

      Yeah - some of them eg this one actually give almost 24 hours in Fiji!

      • How do I find out which ones have stopover?
        This link just shows returns direct to Tokyo. Only shows if I add FIJI?

        • +1

          You'll notice it says AKL->NAN->NRT (that's Auckland to Nadi to Narita Tokyo).

          None are direct - they all stop in Fiji, but it might be 2 or 23 hours. If you click one it should expand and show you the details.

          Alternatively use the filters menu, and choose duration of stops to select how long you'd like to stay, where possible.

  • bargain! i did this like 3 years thanks to the OP - amazing experience in Tokyo.

    No faults on fiji - the stopover was a bit annoying on way home but the money saved was worth it to me. usually about 1100 return.

    • Only problem is with your luggage. What do everyonedo with long stopoveronthe way home?

      • +1

        It's can be checked through, I'd just take a change of clothes in carry on 😊

        • Oh you donthave to leave the airport with it? I see

      • +1

        We did this in 2019, stayed in a hotel across from the airport (both ways). Kids loved the pool and waterslide. Free transfer with the hotel, so they just picked us and our bags up, and dropped us off.

  • +2

    Just booked myself a pre chrissy get away, cheers team!

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    I checked on fiji airways website, this proce does nit include any checked luggage. Only hand luggage allowed

  • +1

    Damn, I wish I had more annual leave for this :(

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    Hawaii also cheap from around $455 return + bags (looking at google flights)

  • +1

    That is a great price for Japan ex NZ - nice find OP

  • +2

    Booked! Child fares are even cheaper - travelling with my kid, all up was $1,386.78 for both of us. Fridays seem to be the fastest way to get there (2 hour layover) and Tuesdays have a 24hr stopover - hotels near Nadi airport are around $150 or less.

    • You got a Fiji break as well?! That's incredible. Such a good price!

    • What dates did you book to get that layover?

  • Thanks op, booked for a (hopefully white) xmas in Japan.
    noticed some flights are available WLG to Japan with a stopover in NAN.

    Now to pre-book some KFC…

  • To the people that booked, did you guys add baggage?

    Planning on booking two tickets and only buying 23kg baggage for one.
    Incl carry on, ~19kg each should be sufficient I'd say…

    • +2

      when i came back from japan, i wished i had more luggage

      and i had 2x 23

      • +1

        well in that case, incl 23kg luggage, $1034 return is still a very good price. Appreciate the comment

      • what did you bring back?

    • +2

      When I went with my wife, it was via Europe so we had checked luggage too. She filled her carry-on with pottery from Asakusa, and proceeded to lug that bag around Europe for 6-7 weeks. Miracle that nothing was broken.

      • Haha, you guys have convinced me to spend the extra $300 for baggage.

        Still can’t complain, $1034 return + 24 hour layover in Fiji on the way back!

        Thanks for posting mate!

    • +1

      Im a big fan of packing light. 23kg would be a piece of cake!

  • @beatthatflight Any experience with using GoToGate? Terrible reviews online, but it's cheaper than Trip.com by about $200 for the dates I've selected. Just wondering if it's worth the savings.

    • +1

      I've used them twice, once from SYD to BNE, and once from SYD to AKL. Like all OTAs (trip.com, mytrip, myholidays) if something goes wrong they can be a pain to deal with. And you want to read each screen carefully incase they slip in insurance or something extra. But I've used them without issue myself.

      • Go to gate added some hidden fees and ended up being much more expensive than Trip.com!

        Turns out Trip.com offers 30Kg baggage rather than 23Kg from all the other agents.

        Just got it sorted for $950pp incl 30Kg baggage and a full day layover in Fiji!

        Thanks again mate for posting the deal :)

        • +1

          That 30kg is a nice tip! And a full day in Fiji, very envious!

  • I booked for 2 adults and 2 children (a 12-year-old child got an adult ticket). Flying in Oct 2023. Friday morning flight to Nadi - 3 hrs wait and fly to Narita. Return with a 2-day layover at Nadi. I booked through the Fijiairways website using the multi-city option and the fares were the same. Total cost about $3200 with one 30kg luggage for one person. Thanks for posting this deal.

    • +1

      Fantastic! 2 day layover would be awesome! Have an amazing trip!

  • +2

    Have been trying to plan out a (NZ) Spring trip to Japan for a few months now, had held off buying flights and this arrived at the perfect time! Thanks so much for posting, have saved almost ~2k with it!

    • +1

      That's brilliant! Enjoy it!

  • I have some air nz airpoints, can I use that to purchase tickets

  • Was looking at this last night to book and didn't want to do it on a whim so waited until this morning. Prices up by $300 now :( hoping another sale comes up as I am so disappointed!

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