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US$3 off US$25, US$5 off US$45, US$9 off US$75, US$18 off US$150, US$25 off US$210, US$35 off US$290 Spend @ AliExpress


First of all apologies for this as this post took so long to write (only second time poster and first time drawing a table on any website..)


Kicking off on the 20th from 8:00 pm Sunday, New Zealand Standard Time (NZST) is the big AliExpress Anniversary Sale where there's discounts across the site and a heap of coupons that'll apply on nearly everything.

Coupons are 1 use per account. Minimum spend excludes GST and shipping.

Discount Min Spend Coupon Code
$3 (NZ$4.79) $25 (NZ$39.88) ANUP3
$5 (NZ$7.98) $45 (NZ$71.79) AN5
$9 (NZ$14.36) $75 (NZ$119.65) AN9
$18 (NZ$28.72) $150 (NZ$239.30) AN18
$25 (NZ$39.88) $210 (NZ$335.01) AN25
$35 (NZ$55.84) $290 (NZ$462.64) AN35

Conversation rate from on 19 March 2023 10.5pm

Confirmed stacks with eligible products discounts on select items. for further discounts. The eligible its will have will have a writing thatvsays "$4 off every $20 (max $16)" etc. in red text above the price closer to the start of the sale - the further discounts are as follows:

US$4 off US$20, US$8 off US$40, US$12 off US$60, US$16 off US$80 Spend

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Referee gets USD $24 in coupons. Referrer gets USD $5 coupon per referral.

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  • If someone can tell me why my table isn't showing correctly I'd really appreciate it so I can edit and get it right next time

    • +4

      You just about had it.
      Full marks for giving it a go.
      All you needed was a line break between the end of the table and the sentence starting ‘Conversion rate…’

      Discount Min Spend Coupon Code
      $3 (NZD 4.79) $25 (NZD 39.88) ANUP3
      $5 (NZD 7.98) $45 (NZD 71.79) AN5
      $9 (NZD 14.36) $75 (NZD 119.65) AN9
      $18 (NZD 28.72) $150 (NZD 239.30) AN18
      $25 (NZD 39.88) $210 (NZD 335.01) AN25
      $35 (NZD 55.84) $290 (NZD 462.64) AN35

      Conversation rate from on 19 March 2023 10.5pm

      • Awesome. Thanks for the help. Will get it right next time!

  • +1

    Think it starts at 9pm OP. The OzBargain post says 7pm AEDT.


    Selected items

    • Thanks Wakrak. Can I just check whether it should be 9pm or 8pm? The time differences confused me

      • I think it's 8pm because my app has a 12 hr countdown on a bunch of stuff. I have been waiting for this to make a bunch of purchases.

        • Think you might be right there. AliExpress says 00:00 PT Time. Either NZ gets it before Australia, there's an issue with the time conversion on OzBargain, or something else.

          • @Wakrak: Someone on OzBargain must have forgotten to account for US DST. Since AliExpress followed PT and their sales always start at 0000 PT, its 2100 NZT/1900 AET during the big sale i.e. 11.11/Singles Day. So it's probably what people tend to remember. But US DST ends on the second Sunday of March so it's always 2000 NZT/1800 AET during the Anniversary sale near the end of March. It'll be 1900 NZT/1700 AET when our respective DSTs end both on the first Sundays in April.

  • What's everyone else getting?

    I'm stacking up on usb-c lightning cables and a few other phone accessories.

    • +1

      Samsung PM991a 1TB SSD for my Steam Deck.

      US$76.99 - $US6 coupon + GST = US$81.63 (~NZ$131)

      Helluva good deal compared to… which is US$159.99 + GST + US$11.28 Shipping = US$196.96 (~NZ$316)

      • Is that samsung legit? I've never seen a 1TB under $200 and definitely not from Samsung, thats 512gb prices! maybe its used or counterfeit?
        I paid $200 on Amazon AU for a Kioxia 512gb a few months ago and very happy with the performance.

        • Look at the feedback and reviews. Looks legit to me.

    • My main purchase was the Eufy Spaceview baby monitor for $183 after discounts. I have been using a Eufy pan and tilt at home which has been great but it's annoying setting up the wifi from scratch (no memory) every time we visit family and when we go camping we use an old audio only one. Really looking forward to using it. About half the price of amazon Australia.

      I also got some car window shades because the snap shade ads have suckered me in but they're 1/3rd the price on ali.

      • +1

        Also make sure you're aware of the Eufy controversy that happened recently. They basically lied about encrypting camera video feeds and were storing it in the cloud when they said it was local only.

        • Most of it was hyped too much. Not saying there was no issue but there were too many assumptions to get that video feeds. Not ideal in real world but yes could have been done. Most of them are fixed though. I have few of eufy cams.

        • they stored the thumbnails on the cloud- which is kinda makes sense when you want app notifications with previews.

          the rest of the media is still stored locally and is encrypted which is sometimes annoying because it takes a while to decrypt when you want to preview.

      • Which shades did you buy? Link?

      • That's cool. Be interested to know how they are. I bought snapshades custom fit for both our cars for rear passenger windows for kids, they are very good but they are not cheap.

    • Also grabbed a Mi Band 7 for the misso

      • I bought two but the sellers photos were a bit odd, one photo had the old style charger, did you buy the $34.90 ones?

        • Purchased from Mi Global Zone Store just for peace of mind. $61 delivered.

          • @Wakrak: Will see if my $34 delivered show up

        • Mine arrived today.

    • Another 10 Aqara door/window sensors
      An SMLight SLZB-06 to replace my existing Zigbee co-ordinator (running Zigbee2mqtt to Home Assistant)

  • +1

    Are these real? Asking just because usually all discounts on ali are fake as the kardashians.

    • +3

      It helps, and for the most part it's not like Briscoes where white tag prices are 300% clearance prices, you do actually save by taking in part of these sales as the coupon codes make 10% or more saving on normal prices.

      When you use the codes with:
      1. Kiwiwallet cashback
      2. Further discounts / offers such as anniversary exclusive sales
      3. Bulk purchases

      You could end up with discounts upto 40% or more.

      However some considerations to consider :
      - nowadays you have to add GST on top and any duties (gone are the good ol' free days)
      - you have be wary of shipping as every seller has different rates. Sometimes due to shipping there are betters deals to be had at Kmart (always cross check items for local availability)

      @wakrak I'm getting a couple of hundred dollars of items for my daughter's birthday party decorations and party favours. Usb C cables are a good idea

      • +1

        Lately, I have seen prices been jacked up during sale by some sellers. So watch out or else you are not getting that much discount or none at all.

        Normally, I would keep the items in my cart and monitor the prices. Many times same item from different seller might be cheaper as they offer discount with coins as well along with coupons if you are on higher tier member.

        • Sadly sellers have been doing that for ages. They raise prices when the big sales come around. It's why people sometimes suggest you use price checking sites if you haven't been monitoring them.

  • Anyone have any experience with Aqara Zigbee Smoke Alarm ? Been thinking of getting one since sometime, but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

    I do have other aqara zigbee devices so perfect to add. Nice to have an online smoke detector.

    Fyi: I don't want a wifi one.

    Edit: Also looking for New Aqara Doorbell G4 (global version) if anyone finds it.

    • +1

      Got one recently. Seems pretty good. I didn't bother connecting it via the hub as I've connected it directly to Home Assistant via zigbee, but I'm sure it would work solidly either way.

      • Thanks. I don't have hub either. Using Home Assistant directly.

        • In that case I can confirm it connects easily via zigbee. Sensor is called "Iaszone" for some reason, and in my home it currently reads "clear" :)

    • Is this so you can get a phone notification if it goes off while you're out of the house? Never knew these existed before.

      • Yes. Exactly. Dumb ones just goes off and if no neighbors are around what's the point.

  • +1

    Was waiting for this. Saved a bunch of stuff in my cart! Saved about US$30 with all the discounts and cashback.

  • Go to click pay, nek minnit, BNZ down.

  • Are these coupons going to run out? I was ordering to wait until tomorrow to buy a bunch of stuff…

    • Should be fine.

  • +1

    Don't forget the cashback.

  • Make sure you empty your cart before using cashback. It's certainly a criteria when using Cashrewards.

    • Thanks!

    • Well, I have ordered atleast 30+ items in past 2 years and never emptied my cart. I always have items in cart and check the links if they are eligible for cashback before hand. All transactions have been tracked so far for me. I do make sure to visit all the items pages from the cart though.

      • Interesting. Just sharing in case it doesn't get tracked as per…

        • I agree, it's mentioned as a criteria. But damn, it's so hard to find items when so many sellers are selling same stuff with so many different prices.

          • +1

            @ace310: Yep, that's been exactly my experience too. Even if you use the exact listing title, chances are it won't come up in the search results.

            I noted down the URLs of the items before deletion. In particular the item ID.
            E.g. in the following example URL, you can just search for "1005005058330759" in the aliexpress serach bar, and it'll take you directly to the product page and retain the cashback tracking ID in the URL.

            • @techhit: Yup. Done that in past. Easy on laptop, hard to do on phone.

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