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$20 off with $100 Spend (Online Only) @ Countdown


Offer ends 11:59 pm Thursday, 02 March 2023 so hurry before it expires!

I initially thought this was targeted but it worked on my partner's account after I used it on mine.

Can only be used once per account.

Good time to combine with this deal DOSH 5% cashback reward for DOSH users and Countdown Mild, Colby or Edam Cheese Block 500g $5.00 Each (Normally $8.90) @ Countdown

Login to your Countdown Online Account
Add $100 or more worth of groceries to your trolley
Enter promo code C8NLPJ8W at checkout
Save $20!

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  • thanks - just did a quick grocery shop :)

  • Thanks, added some items that were out of stock on an order we had today. So if not in stock tomorrow, I’ve reached that $100 a little easier.

  • Thank you worked

  • RIP Cheese Sold out where i am 😭

    Thanks though

    • Same here in Hamilton.

      • Will put my order in as soon as its back hopefully this weekend for next week :D

  • Cheers. Stocked up on Tegel Take Outs and Karicare formula.

  • Legend, Thanks bro!
    Rallied the troops and did 3 orders

  • Thanks OP.

  • Thank you. Ordered through Dosh to save another 5%.

    • Wish I had been organised enough to have it topped up ready to go!

      • If you pay through windcave, it should add the credits instantly.

        • +1

          Still don't trust giving out my internet banking password

          • @Rubenite: Fair enough

          • +1

            @Rubenite: You can top up via bank transfer from your own bank online directly, pretty quick during business hours. Just follow the in app prompts.

  • Thank you

  • +1

    Good deal. used my $15 dollar voucher and dosh cashback. got $101 of stuff for $62

  • Thanks. Order placed!

  • I want to place an order for pick up, but after I entered the credit card details, it says 'Delivery window is expired'. Anyone knows why?

    • +2

      just choose another window / day

    • +1

      Probably took you too long to check out so the website expired the session for your pick up date and time. It should just redirect you back to the page where you need to pick a day and time and then just redo the checkout process from there.

  • +1

    this guy is robin hood

  • It worked thanks!

  • Thanks so much you’re a hero 😊

  • Thanks OP, placed my order!

  • Thanks, it worked!

  • Bought rubbish tags..

  • Does anyone have the email for this code? Please PM me, cheers!

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