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Countdown Mild, Colby or Edam Cheese Block 500g $5.00 Each (Normally $8.90) @ Countdown


Countdown Cheese 500g Mild, Colby, Edam $5.00 Each (Normally $8.90) at Countdown.

A good time to stock up at $10 per kg.

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    I feel compelled to vote because it’s cheese 🧀

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      Small cheese though

      • True. I need to buy in bulk.

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      You did not seem to have voted previous cheese deal at better price though.

      But has to take account for inflation since then!

      • That's because it was for North Island stores.
        I probably didn't pay any attention to it at the time as I'm based in the South Island.

        • Fair enough..

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    A good time to stock up at $10 per kg.

    This is the regular price for colby and edam at Paknsave though

    • This is not the case at my local PnS. With the promo it's available nationwide, not just at a few stores dotted around here and there.

      • South Island? All the North Island stores seem to have it below $10

        • Yep, top of the south. Online shopping has only just started in the New World stores, but not all of the PnS stores yet

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        Not in Christchurch, Pams 1kg has gone up to $12.99+ recent months, haven’t seen cheaper for a while

    • A lot dropped the price down to $10, but many have increased it again. If they can sell at this price, it makes me wonder why they can't do it all the time. Surely it isn't a loss leader if some stores have this as a normal price anyway.NZ already pays a lot of cheese compared to other countries .

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        Move north but not too north 😛

        AFAICT, from their online listings, all stores in Auckland except Clendon have at least one $9.99 for a kg block. Also Whangārei but not Kaitāia. Not certain about Mt Albert, they have Rolling Meadow Edam and Colby $9.99 for a kg block but is marked as Extra Low. I imagine this is just one of those Extra Low that lasts forever things. I thought Pak'NSave has given up on Extra Low forever, I assume due to the pressure on supermarkets from the Commerce Commission and wider government. But I guess Mt Albert never got the message. Or maybe they thought it's okay because it's a price rollback item. At least I think in most stores that do this, it's part of the price rollback or whatever they call it like their $4.99 butter, $9.09 milk powder (was $8.99) etc. Or maybe it's something else like they have Rolling Meadow temporarily because of stock problems with their normal $9.99 brand.

        BTW, most stores only have Edam and Colby at this price except Henderson which only has Edam (even the new store is still a relatively small store) and Westgate has Mild as well. Oh and Sylvia Park is a special case with it at $9.79 not $9.99. For most stores the current brand at this price is the Pams homebrand but Westgate has some Eclipse at that price (IIRC they seemed to have switch back and forth at times). But for Ormiston and Silverdale it's Rolling Meadow. IIRC when the price rollbacks started, Lincoln Road started off with something else either Rolling Meadow or Eclipse then they seemed to have no $10 for a while. Then they came back I think it was with Pams or maybe it was Eclipse then Pams.

    • Not at the Pak n save I shopped at last week in CHCH. It was cheapest I have seen at $12.99kg.

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      I'd much rather a 500g block myself. It's annoying as to have to pay the equivalent of $2-5 more just to get the same cheese in a smaller pack.

      • That's a good point, the smaller blocks are more convenient

        • You can freeze cheese, but it can go 'crumbly' if you do.

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    Half price fruju as well. $4.65

    • Just in time - my ones from last time were just about to run out :)

    • Yeah get in early if you want the pineapple ones because those seem to be the favourite and disappear in a hurry

      • Yeah I made the mistake of buying 2x Orange and while they were nice for the few few bites they do have an awful aftertaste like cheap cordial or something

        • Raspberry and lime are good

          • @Foodie: Agreed raspberry and lime is the way to go

  • How do people rate the countdown cheese?

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      The edam blocks seem the same as any other bulk version I've tried. I got some edam slices (Woolworth brand) that were on clearance. Horrible. Not like the block at all.

      I think of bulk Colby, edam cheeses as a commodity. Very little variation.

      Tasty can be an exception.

    • IIRC edam will have a lot more water in it. Tasty at least is aged and higher fat etc content

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        Its made backwards

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    I don't know why they bother writing different flavours on their cheese

    • i know the generic brands taste the same. sometimes my edam tastes like tasty cheese

      • That could be based on age. I kept one beyond the best before date and it was more like tasty. Isn't that one of the reasons tasty costs more anyway.

        • Yes, Tasty is aged cheddar

        • interesting, 18 months for aged cheese, will try that lol

    • No i doubt about that. Tasty generally aged between 12-18 momths. This is exactly same as single malt. The time it left barrel, it doesnt matter how many years its in the bottle, it remains same. Its the barrel age/condition etc which makes the difference.
      Putting in the fridge will not do any good.

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    The wife worked at a cheese packing factory. She spent one day repacking old mild cheese into tasty packaging.
    So, if you have the room in your fridge, stockpile mild cheese and let it mature into tasty.

    • i thought so, does this happen often?, i could have sworn they taste similar.

    • Yes, I recall hearing someone on the radio discussing this, and it is why tasty costs more.

    • Roughly how long would you have to let it mature to go from Mild Cheddar to Tasty Cheddar?

      • What is the best before date on the packet, as that may give a good indication.

        • Pretty sure it will go off before 'maturing' :-)

  • Any amount of cheese, before a date, is too much cheese

  • Yea. That's why they repacked the mild cheese. Use by date was up and the extra cost of tasty paid for the repacking.
    Normally, the tasty cheese is aged in the big blocks from the cheese processing plant. Packing is done in a different factory.
    Mainland claims its tasty cheese is aged "up to" 18 months and there vintage "up to" 24 months.

  • +2

    Feels like food prices have gone up 30-50% in 2yrs

    • +1

      *In Matthew Mconaughey's voice
      That's what I hate about supermarket prices, man. They keep getting higher, my wage stays the same.
      Not alright, alright, alright.

  • i get gas eating cheese

  • Cheapest 500g cheese in Tauranga I reckon 👍🏻👍🏻

  • +1

    I've just gone to grab a few of these blocks. There was an absolute ton in stock of all of the varieties.
    I'll probably grab a few more to put in the back of the fridge later this week.

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