This was posted 1 year 3 months 14 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Earn a $20 GiftPay e-Gift Card by Completing Survey @ Nielsen


This popped up as an ad while I was on Facebook

Earn a $20 gift card for completing the survey

Valid email + mobile required to receive the invite link + code

I provided a fake name and address but gave honest answers to the actual survey . Took about half an hour

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  • took around 24 hours for the gift card to arrive

  • What kind of gift card did you receive?

  • Can you get a screenshot of the ad OP?

    Update: looked at a few in the ad Library. Same link as what you've given here.…

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    Get you are not eligible if you select none of the above or education

  • What is the name of the survey? I did the "New Zealand Consumer Voice Survey for 2022" for $90 after they called me. Still haven't used them yet.

    • “Nielsen Media Survey for 2023”

      buzzy they called you … before submitting this to cheapies I signed up a second time thru the link and got the same survey ..

      edit : I live in wgtn and selected that in the “regional council” question hmm

      • The one I did seems like you had to get the call after you were on their list and they send the link to your email given over the phone. These guys are much more professional than the other sites. No points BS. They also have this other browser extension that gives a payout for tracking you, but I haven't tried it.

  • Need a bot to do the clicks

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      Need ChatGPT… There is a trick question half way through

  • Why does it say up to $60 vouchers?

    • You need to do more surveys to earn those additional e-gift cards. See my comment below.

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    Did the survey in about 10 mins and followed up with another 3 surveys all completed in 40 mins. Will have to wait to get my $50 e-gift card. ($20 + $30)

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      You stitched me up Bill, the second part took me easily 25 minutes 😅

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    Anyone got their gift card yet?

    • Still waiting here.

      • Same

        • still waiting too, any updates?

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      still waiting..

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        Servey said at the end if it takes more than 2 weeks to contact them but should arrive in 24 hrs

  • sorry fellas legit thought they’d pay out .. maybe some one should give them a call . you did spend your time on it

    • They just paid out for me, thanks for this post !

    • Got mine today, turns out I had another page after the page asking me if I wanted to complete more. Never doubted they would pay out, Nielsen is pretty reputable.

  • Just completed the 3 pack for $60, confirmation screen stated the following:

    Congratulations, you have now completed all the surveys.
    To thank you for completing these surveys we will send you an e-gift card in the next 24 hours that can be redeemed at a selection of NZ Retail and online stores or donated to a listed charity.

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    I had emailed and got no response after 3 days so called the 0800 number today and they said they would forward it on to the survey team to look into and hopefully get back to me today, fingers crossed the vouchers start coming through for everyone

    • Thanks for the update!

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    Just got my giftcards!

    • Me too.

  • Got mine today, $60, sent them an email, don't know if that expedited things or not.

    • Still nothing for me, just sent them an email.

  • Update just received this email in regards to the vouchers not being credited:

    "At Nielsen, we pride ourselves on our data integrity and on providing quality data and insights to NZ businesses and organisations.

    To ensure the integrity of our data we have in place a comprehensive quality control process that analyses all questionnaire responses to ensure they meet our quality criteria.

    The survey you have submitted has not met our quality check standards and the data you have provided has been removed."

    My answers were all honest and true so uncertain why they didnt meet their standards?

    • They had a question where you had to read the question and answer the correct response to weed out people just clicking buttons and hitting next, if you were not reading it then its easy to get wrong. It's probably also time based too.

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        I also got rejected with the same blurb as above.

        I believe I answered the trick questions correctly as well. This was an unfortunate waste of about 50 minutes.

        • I got the same thing, I answered everything correctly. They probably just can’t afford to pay so many people

          • @Pandyplaz2: are we talking the $20 survey or the 3 additional surveys or all of them?

            • @Dunno: I did the first one, then the subsequent 3.

    • I got the same response :(

      • Damn what a mood killer

        • Lol.. I got played, and my mood is ruined

  • One of my giftcards worked and the other they sent me didn't. Looked at the history and someone used it up in Auckland, im based in dunedin

  • Received 2 & both worked/redeemed.

  • Received both, surveys took ~70-90min total time so $50 is a great reward for taking it seriously.

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      Out of interest, did you have to chase them? As from a few replies above, my answers "has not met our quality check" as per their blurb and the follow up email to that requesting a recheck / what answers have failed the QC has gone unanswered.

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        No but they did take 2-3 days after completing each survey to send the e-giftcard. I didn't reachout in that time.

        • Okay, thanks. Good to know. I feel this time around it was just a copy / paste of the blurb above IF people followed up

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    Further update: I responded to the email (15th feb) asking what particular questions failed as i believed my answers were honest/true and if i were to fail the trick questions would the survey not only end, but also stop me from participating in the others later then offered?

    I just received a response that they had reviewed my answers and that my answers were found to have passed the "quality check" and my vouchers will be sent shortly.

    For those who have the time/effort to follow up, could be worth seeing if they review and credit you.

    • Excellent, thank you! Good point about the survey ending / not being able to do the rest. I mentioned something along the similar lines of the trick questions and made sure to answer them correctly.

  • This seems to be open again. Just saw an ad on Facebook.

    • I wonder if the people who didn't meet the quality standards for the previous round will be allowed to partake again, seen as there is a 12 month stand down period. One would hope that you'd be allowed to if that is the case

  • Anyone else having issues getting paid? I completed all the surveys and they didnt send me a gift card email - got in touch with them and they said they'll send it on the following Monday.

    Monday rolls around and they only send me a $40 gift card so I've tried getting in touch again about sending me the full amount I'm owed and no reply.. pretty annoying!

    • Update - Called them yesterday after sending two separate emails with no replies and they sent me the additional $10, so $50 all up. Only took like a month to get it squared away, not sure I'd do another survey with them again..

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