This was posted 1 year 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Updated Hospitality Code @ Torpedo7


I got it - should have guessed this one much sooner.
Here is the new Hospitality Code for Torpedo7

The Hospitality Code offers a generous discount on a large range of Torpedo7 product lines, but not everything. Some things like bikes get little to no discount.

Unlike previous times I'm not going to go cryptic with the code.
This one is actually really straight forward and based on the last couple of times it seems to last about 3 months.


Other codes to try:

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  • Awesome work! Thanks

  • +7

    Now people can stop spamming your inbox asking for the code lol.

    Bigcheese. Can I have the new code please. I want to get some new boots for my son or some other random story.

  • 😅😅😅😅👍👍👍👍thanks mate

  • Looks like it might be nerfed a bit though

    • The code got noticeably worse about a month ago. I find myself using SCQ222 more than anything else, especially on name-brand items.

      • Oh what's that one?

        • +2

          That’s the student code.
          15% off the full retail price.
          Doesn’t always work when items are already discounted but good for things that have no discount with the hospo code.

  • Thanks 😊

  • Same discount as the synergy code on rain jacket I got.

  • Awesome thanks for sharing.

  • Awesome as always :D

  • Legend thankyou ✌️

  • How do I input the code? I get 'this code doesn't exist' at checkout

    • You enter the code HNZQ123 in the 'ADD PROMO CODE' box.
      It's definitely still working.

  • Why was it so cryptic last time?

    • +4

      The last post by flembots and myself before that we didn't explicity state the code.
      The idea was to hopefully stop them changing the code as frequently (one earlier only lasted 3 weeks) as when it published openly.
      Maybe it was just coincidence - we will never know, but that was the reasoning behind it.
      As a bonus there was a huge increase in the number of Cheapies members who signed up and started participating in the site rather than being a passive observer which I think is great.

      • Ah I see, it was because you were testing to see if they were actively monitoring Cheapies or not.
        Cheers for the reply.

  • Doesn't seem to be working anymore. Can anyone confirm if it's just me? Tried a couple of days ago and was fine but didn't pull the trigger. The synergy code also appears to be disabled

    • Not working for me either.

      • Me too.

    • Normally when a code is expired it comes up with ‘That code is expired’.
      This time you get a ‘That code does not exist’ which is the message when the code has never existed.
      Hopefully just a temporary glitch!

      The Student Code is still working at the moment.

      • Thanks Big Cheese. Will try in a couple hours and report back

      • Tried again, no dice. Hopefully an updated code is made available

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