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Updated Hospitality Code @ Torpedo7


Once again the Torpedo7 Hospitality Code has expired 🥺
It's been a run that's spanned over 8 months!

Last time my inbox went into overdrive with requests for the code - so far 521 of them to be exact!
The Hospitality Code offers a generous discount on a large range of Torpedo7 product lines, but not everything. Some things like bikes get little to no discount.

For the Hospitality Code, like last time, I'll not publish this to keep the bots away and hopefully extend the life of the code.

To those of you I sent the code to last time here is the new code:

  • Take the code you got off me last time in the forum post ……i.e. HNZ*******
  • Keep the HNZ at the beginning and add 288 to the 7 digit number that follows.**
  • For example if the last code was HNZ1234567 then adding 288 would make it HNZ1234855

If all this seems too much (or my riddle is too confusing!) then send me a Private Message and I will give it to you.
It was great to see so many new signups and people voting on deals, making comments and even posting.This is fantastic and I hope that those that I gave the code to last time continue this.

Please note the following before messaging me:

  • You need to be a contributing member of Cheapies
  • By contributing I mean: At least voted on a deal in the last month - There are so many great deals that Cheapies have put effort into creating and a vote is really good recognition of that.
    If you don't know how to vote - it's as easy as clicking on the '+' button on the top left of the deal when you're logged in.

  • Please don't put a comment saying 'does anyone have the code?'

  • Note: If you have just signed up then you will need to wait 24 hours before you are able to send a Private Message. This should allow plenty of time to start voting on some of the great deals being posted on Cheapies and start putting some comments on posts too.

Remember, make sure you are logged in for discounted club $5.99 standard shipping or free standard shipping over $99 (excluding large items).

I'm happy to respond to anyone that wants the code as long as meet the above conditions.
This does take a lot of time to respond individually so please be patient. I will get to you as soon as I can!

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  • +12

    What a legend! I appreciate your instructions as an existing user so I don't need to DM you again

    • Yeah, smart move alright!

    • +4

      Hoping it's clear enough for everyone.

      • It’s clear man thanks

      • -1

        Hi Bigcheese, do I qualify now as I have voted already, please advise.

  • +4

    Very appreciative of your work on building the community and sharing the deals. :) Have saved a few hundred bucks at torpedo7 with this code.

    • Same here! 😀

  • Thanks for the update, OP.
    Me and my garage gym appreciates you!

  • Thanks A lot for sharing the new code.

  • Nice one mate. Thanks again and I'll see you at T7.

  • Legend!

  • Cheers bigcheese

  • +1

    Code had been brilliant for keeping the family active. Snorkels, skim boards, bike parts, camping gear, warm clothes. Thanks so much

  • Upvote for the good work, even though I haven't (yet) asked for the code :-)

  • Haven't been around long to get the code I think, but anyone know if the discount is worthwhile on strength equipment? Mainly looking at barbells and weight plates.

    • Yes good discounts if its Torpedo7 branded, and if it's not it varies a bit, sometimes good, sometimes not as good as a targeted sale.

    • Definitely! i've built out a fully home gym, with racks and everything. In some instances the code gave me 80% off bumper plates (think this might have been an error on T7 part).

      I've saved $1000+ with it i reckon.

      • Oh damn - I'm currently building one out at the moment. Any recommendations or stuff you think its invaluable in your own set up? I currently have 2x 10kg dumbbells (adjustable), treadmill, bike and a random assortment of bands. Looking to get a bar and weights.

        • if you don't think you'll end up with a rack, you could go with their 25mm concrete weights, super cheap and can swap them out to reach the weights you need. And the discount makes them even cheaper. Can get a barbell, and an ezcurl barbell and you might be set.

          I also went with their spinlock dumbells for 25mm which fit the same plates, so covered a few bases in one go.

          I then decided i wanted a rack and had to buy everything again in Olympic size…

          • +1

            @fly299: That's my biggest worry - I buy a bunch of stuff for convivence thinking I won't use it all the time and then decide I want to fully commit and then having to rebuy everything in Olympic size. Other side is fully committing and then not using it at all, can't win either way =[

            Ideally I want to be able to Squat / Deadlift / Bench at home easily, but at the same time I like not having crippling credit card debt (still recovering from the Briscoes sale last week….) lol

            • +2

              @Vish: I have a full setup (rack, bench, barbell) all in the 25mm size from Torpedo7 (their own Olympus brand which is very cheap with this code)

              I've got nearly 200kg of their weight plates, being a combination of 20s, 15s,10s, 5s, 2.5s
              The downside of them is their physical size difference, but a good cheapies hack is that if you get some good plywood (20mm minimum, or 10mm structural) you can cut 2x circles with the same diameter as a normal Olympic bumper plate. Leave these plates on the end and it makes things like deadlifts super easy as the bar is the correct height off the ground, always the same height, and loading plates on the end is easier.

              I've also got a bunch of dumbbells ranging from 1kg-20kg with the spinlock adjustables for when I need heavier.
              My suggestion for these is have dumbells for $4/kg in east tamaki, or look online for second hand.

     or second hand is also good for picking up a cheap basic bench.

              With regards to storage of everthing, kmart have a pretty cheap dumbell rack.

              • +1

                @Tmurder91: Thanks! that website has so much stuff which is awesome.

                Good idea re the wooden plate for the height - think my old gym use to have a few of those too so I know exactly what you're talking about.

            • +3

              @Vish: Checkout the hr 3250 half rack on t7. Use the hospitality code for discount

              IMO, hr 3260 (full rack) is better because there are good number of accessories for it. Lat pull down and dip bar etc. Very versatile and spacing saving

              I would suggest buying Olympic standards (50mm) for weights and 7 ft for barbell's. Can't go wrong with it. It will last a long time.

              Weight benches can be had for cheap on trademe. Even t7 had a good bench just recently for around $200.

              • @roshanNZ: Thanks - very useful info.

                Any recommendations on an incline bench? I've seen a few in stores and trademe / FB but they look really flimsy and I'm quite a big guy lol.

                • @Vish: I have this (…) but it's out of stock. It's quite good and suits me well (6'2").
                  This ( was a good buy on T7 recently but the deal has expired. It might come back soon though. Not sure what the discount is with the new hospitality code. Might be worth to check it out.

                  • +1

                    @roshanNZ: The $449 retail comes down to $277.41 for Click & Collect with the code.
                    Not as good as the post in your link but still a good discount.
                    Delivery is another $69 if required as long as you are a Club Member (otherwise it's $79)

  • Not quite working for me hmm

  • Just tried the new code and it works.. Thanks heaps big cheese!

  • Thanks for sharing with the community, I'll send you a pm for the code as I never got it last time.

  • Appreciated

  • Don't need the code now but upvoted for the keeping us up to date with the new code.

  • Thanks for the update, much appreciated!

  • Cheers bigcheese, was confused at first but got there in the end.

  • Thank you Big Cheese!

  • Excellent thank you. I tried the old hospo code just after midnight this early morning and it didn't work, I was like nooooo! Been a huge saving for my garage gym. Cheers mate.

  • Thanks BiGcheese!

  • Thank you bigcheese!

  • I had to ask a friend 😂🤦🏻‍♀️,

  • Thanks BC!

  • Bigcheese saving big cheese.

  • Thanks bigcheese!
    Also, this is a good way to get some on the lurker members to participate. :) Nothing wrong with lurking, but participating is better. :D

  • +1

    T7 monitor what's being posted online, so they'll see everything here which is why they update codes sometimes quickly, although codes used to last years and far longer than they were intended to because they would forget to put in expiry dates or monitor usage.
    Hiding the code won't prevent anything if they can see it's being shared. It's just preventing people from using it who may benefit, it will still get updated in the same amount of time once they see this post.

    Just an FYI for everyone without an online code: walk into T7 and tell them you are an N3 boost member but left your phone at home (the discount is gained by showing them the N3 app on your phone). T7 pushes staff to hit sales targets and has commission so they'll likely just enter a discount to get a sale on the spot if the cost is big enough - just make out how far you've driven to come and ask if you can use it to buy online (they won't get commission if you buy online) and they'll likely offer it.
    There's other ways to get discounts applied too, but that's the most simple.

    You can also just take a screenshot of an old HNZ/discount flyer and show them that as the hospitality discount in store does not require a code because it's a permanent discount, if they say it's expired just apologise and say you didn't realise it expired but they won't check that because again, it's permanently in the system and gets applied manually.

    • +3

      The last code lasted 8 months before expiry - that's a decent amount of time.
      The code prior to that which was published lasted three weeks.

      If this lasts only a short time then at least I can say we tried.

      • +5

        That was likely due to it being the period around Christmas, so sales are high compared to the rest of the year. T7 don't really care about people getting discounts, they operate on a discount basis as you can see by their constantly rotating sales and fact there's about 20+ discount options in the system at any given time.
        So they'll either see the post and change it, or see it and not care enough to change it regardless of the code being publicly available - unless something is happening to need attention like high sales.

        When they care enough to prevent the sharing of the code, they have ways to restrict use the same as the N3 and CSC discounts in the system which require actual membership proof due to the better discounts.

        Anyway, just sharing insider info to help understand, not suggesting anything.

        • +1

          Fair point and some useful inside knowledge you have.
          I guess time will tell if they end up changing the code or not.

  • Thanks for your great work! Appreciate how easy you have made it to understand the new code too. Very clever.

  • Awesome…thanks

  • I've messaged bigcheese and he's replied, but when I try to view his message I get:

    "403 Access Denied You do not have permission to access this page."

    This is helpful haha

    • +1

      Are you logged in to CC when you try to read the message?

      • Apparently I wasn't - yet I managed to post the comment above. Odd. Seems to be working now, cheers.

  • Absolute legend. Doing god's work

  • Thank you! This is the best code and able to be tested online to see your discount before purchasing if you’re in store to get the best deal!

  • Awesome idea.
    I'm thanking you here, instead of spamming your inbox ;)

  • This is such a clever way to share the code without us flooding your inbox. Thanks so much!

    • +1

      Thanks - that was the intention, although it hasn't quite worked like that.
      Just responded to PM number 72 since I posted this morning! 😴

      • Oh no… Sorry to hear you have to go through that again. Are they all newbies?

        • Yes a lot of people that didn't get the original code and a few relatively new members.
          At the end of the day it's encouraging people to get involved in the site again so it's actually a good thing.
          I'm just amazed at how popular it is.

  • Saved me a ton earlier this year. Thanks again.

  • LEGEND!!!!!

  • +1!

  • +8

    👑 most upvoted deal on Cheapies!

    • +3

      I thought it would be a popular post - but not this much!

  • Thanks for the info much appreciated! 😎👍

  • thanks bigcheese

  • Thanks very much.. I've now started voting now as well!

  • Thank you so much!

  • Great share. Also like the idea behind getting people to upvote for the deal and the OP to be given the recognition they deserve. As it would only encourage more people to share deals in future. Brilliant idea!

  • Awesome update. Thanks for sharing

  • Welldone 🙂

  • Hiya, sorry I am a newbie. Would you be able to share the code to me? Apparently, as a new user I can't send private message yet.


    • +1

      Hi. You need to turn on messaging at your end otherwise I can't message you either.

      My Account > Settings > Messaging > Allow Private Messages

      • Thank you. I got issue with the other login and have to change the login to this. I have turned on the messaging now. Thanks

  • Hi, I am a newbie too. are you able to message me the code please?

  • Newbie here would absolutely love the new HNZ code

  • Hello, long time lurker but finally made an account because of this post. Would you be able to send the code? Thank you!

  • +5

    A message to all the newbies signing up.

    I'm really pleased to see that my post has encouraged so many new sign ups - and there are a lot of you.
    It's great to see and I hope you all continue to contribute to Cheapies going forward. The more that contribute, the better.

    Can I please re-iterate the following:

    • I cannot message you if you don't have messaging turned on.
    • Go to: My Account > Settings > Messaging > Allow Private Messages
    • If you have just signed up you will not be able to send me a message for 24 hours - I will still be here in 24 hours to reply so there really is no urgency!
    • It is much easier for me to manage and reply to a private message than try to keep up with requests in the comments. Remember I am not replying to comments with the code so a private message is the only way to get it.
    • 👍

    • Another upvote for you M. GrandeFromage {obligatory French accent just as icing on the cake!}

  • Hi,

    Wanting to buy a multi home gym - can use the student card code but wondering it would be better to wait for the next hospitality code as it’s a pricey buy as just setting up.
    I can’t believe I’ve only just come across this site 🤯 game changer!!

    • It depends.
      The hospo code doesn't discount everything - so sometimes the student code is actually better.

      Some of the home gyms can only be delivered and aren't available for click & collect. Make sure you sign up as a club member to discount your delivery - it's free to do so.
      What is the home gym you are looking at?

      • I am tossing up between the G6 all in 1 trainer and the G9 all in 1 trainer. Neither of them offer click and collect so would have to get it delivery anyway - I assume they’re too big. I was meant to purchase yesterday as they had a deal on but got busy at work so here I am!

        • That's interesting as it depends on which one you are after.
          Pricing delivered to me in Christchurch is as follows

          The G6 is better with the student discount ($4318.15 student code v $4456.43 with hospo)
          The G9 is better with Hospo code ($3723.15 with student code v $3130.28 with hospo)

          • @bigcheese: Thanks for your help! That’s quite a range and it’s good to keep in mind.

            I’m still undecided and will likely look at a few other purchases at the same time (weight plates, bench etc) so I think it could go either way re: the codes regardless!

          • @bigcheese: Hey Cheese, I've been trying this code all morning, either my maths skills and understanding is failing, or the code is dead?

            • @Filibusting: Still works.

              • @Wakrak: So you're saying my maths is so bad I can't add 288 to the number I have. Mrs Cook was right, I am terrible at maths! I'll keep trying

                • @Filibusting: I’m guessing you have an old code which is why it’s not working.
                  You needed to have the code I gave out in this forum post and then add 288 to it.

                  Looks like you’ve only just created an account so you can’t have messaged me previously.
                  Turn your messaging on and I can put you out of your misery.

                  • @bigcheese: I'm dieing to message you the code that I have, because this one used to work.

                    I'll turn my messaging on now

  • Thanks So much, worked a treat!

  • Thanks so much for this! These codes have saved me $$$ so far, keen for it to continue! Off shopping for a tent tomorrow.

    • I've been trying this code all morning, has it gone?

      • No - still working 👍
        Add item to cart, then add promo code.

        • It was me being silly haha, thanks for checking in

  • +1

    Code worked a treat. Purchased an Air Tent 600. $1999 rrp down to $856 with the code!

    • +1

      I got this same deal too - so good!

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