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5kg Box of Avocado Seconds + 20% Extra for $24.99 + Shipping @ Grower Outlet


5kg Box of Avocado Seconds

Get your hands on a full, delicious box of Avocados Seconds. Our seconds are good quality avos with either marks or slight imperfections which means we can't include them in our regular boxes.


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    Awesome, just ordered a box. Thanks OP! The code SECONDS10 is still active as well, dropping the price to $22.49.

    • might have been removed? "Enter a valid discount code or gift card"

      • If you sign up as a new customer you will be sent a unique code for 10% off which makes it $22.48. Code should arrive in a matter of minutes.
        Alternatively, chose the 'Subscribe and Save' option. This makes it $22.73 without mucking around with codes.
        Just set for say 4-weekly delivery and then cancel once your order is dispatched.

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        Have you used the code before, by chance? It said the same for me, but I added +go onto my email e.g. [email protected] and that then reapplied the code.

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    Shipping Rates

    • North Island Urban: $5.00 per box
    • North Island Rural: $7.62 per box
    • South Island Urban: $8.19 per box
    • South Island Rural: $10.81 per box
  • i think last time this was about 32 medium/small avocados by memory (5kg + 20%)

    • were they good inside?

      • Very good. Arrived hard though. Took like 2 weeks before i can eat it. I put some in the fridge after about a week to slow the ripening

  • fwiw this is back in stock

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    Still waiting for delivery. Anyone got theirs?

    • Got mine in good time.

    • I received mine and have all ended up almost rotten, brown and yucky on the inside. Found one mouldy in the bottom and we basically threw most of them out to the compost bin. It's just waste of money and not cheap as I thought for the value

      • @mickey The Auckland floods and Cyclone Gabrielle had a massive impact on delivery times. Once it leaves the farm (in perfect condition) if it sits in a hot courier van for a week then it's not going to be in great shape. Our courier partner does an amazing job for us and this only happens in circumstances like these major weather events. In such cases we will always put it right. Please email [email protected] and we will look after you.

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      @jasonw Just checking you received you avos and all was good with the order?

  • Has anyone tried the box of passionfruit?
    Is it good value?

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      It'll be about 1.5kg I think.

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    I was very confident after reading lots of good reviews and decided to order one. We received our box with quite a disappointment. I know these are second but the 5kg box that I received are pretty much rotten. It took me the whole evening just to cut up all and scooped out some eatable part. Some are even mouldy in the bottom of the box. Also, I left a review on the website and for some reasons, my review is not showed up there. They all just have 5 stars reviews on their website😒

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      That's interesting. I'd imagine there would be quite a few reviews then that have been removed / left unposted because they weren't five stars.

      Could leave one on their FB page?

      • Thanks, will give it a go on their FB page ☺️. I looked at all the good reviews on their website and thought that maybe I was just one odd case, unlucky to have a bad one. Until I cant see my review 😅

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          Yeah that's quite dishonest eh

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          That's definitely dodgy.
          I've had good quality avos from them when I have ordered previously but you would imagine there are always going to be some that aren't up to standard.
          On the website 4117 reviews and every single one is five star? hmmmm

        • Cant just be one off because theyre harvested and stored in batches?

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        I grabbed a box of these seconds; and while they took over a week to get here (environmental factors delaying delivery), so many of them are good to go already, but the quality of them has been perfect (with the occasional one with imperfections on the skin)….struggling to find ways to consume them all :D
        Sorry to hear your experience was less than good.

        • Growing up drinking avocado juice: blend avo meat with condensed milk and milo/cocoa powder and ice cubes. Yum, be aware that they'll be thick so might want to add water.

    • I am sure the reviews will have to go through a moderator or the reviews would be flooded with all sorts of anti science and anti common logic reviews. So it may take time for the review to appear.
      Have you actually phoned them or sent them an email to tell them about the bad box? That would more effective than telling us. Was it poor transport storage or delay freight with all the weather issues which is out of their control but they will want a happy repeat customer so please give them a call so they know of the issue as there may be others. I am sure they were good quality when they left the farm.
      I think we may have had one bad box due to delayed travel ages ago, so they gave us a credit or sent another box or something like that from memory.
      My parnter has been on subscription and she has been happy

    • Try emailing them with photos. The last order I did came with 2 bruised avos due to the courier banging them around I reckon (box was dented) and they gave me a refund for the 2 avos.

    • @mickey We have so much positive feedback because it is very rare for this to happen and we always put it right when contacted. Please email the team and we will put it right for you.

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        Hi, thank you for your comment. Unfortunately I did not take picture of the avos pile after I cut up that just brown and mushy yucky inside. I do appreciate that you reached out and responded to me. The only thing I would like to clarify is that sure, you guys have plenty of good reviews (800 ish 5 stars) but why my review isnt there? I verified and received email about review confirmation 2 weeks ago but on the website I dont see it. That is the reason why it puts me off contacting Grower Outlet

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