This was posted 10 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Tile Bluetooth Tracker Slim $28.99 (Was $52.99) + $10 Shipping @ Tile


There is also another colour at the same price. I use one in my wallet. I find it very useful.

Not a super loud ringtone when pinged but to be expected due to the slim size of it I guess. You would probably want to grab a couple to make it worthwhile with the shipping charge.

Can't see an end date for the deal. These are usually "until sold out".

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  • How do these compare to samsung tags for example

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      I think the main point of these ones is the form factor.
      Good for items like wallets that a normal tile / airtag / samsung / eufy smarttrack doesn't easily fit in.
      It's basically like a thick credit card.

  • HOw do these compare to apple air tags?

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      Cannot compare. Air tags are 1000% better. I used to own tile and wouldn't recommend them anymore since owning airtags.

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    3-year non-replaceable battery

    Not a big fan with this kind of design TBH.

  • Honestly It is a very unreliable product. I would invest the extra money to go for tracking devices from Apple or Samsung. I also have seen Oppo release some trackers as well. I owned Tile and whenever I used it, it was difficult to find items. Also you have to pay to use most of the features that tile offers.

    • I don't particularly follow this field that well but the big problem that vendors have with these is that they rely on devices in range seeing them and reporting their location, but the device needs to be looking for them. Apple has the advantage that a lot of people use iPhones and iPads are also quite common and they were able to enable tracking them on Apple devices by default without people caring. (I suspect, but I'm not sure that even asking a device to ring can use other Apple devices.)

      Tile partnered with Amazon who did a similar thing with their Echo device albeit allowing Sidewalk to be used for slightly more and people went apeshit over it. As said there were differences in implementation but in reality I don't think this was the main reason, it's just that Apple is able to escape with stuff that causes major problems for many other vendors.

      Also even everyone with Echo devices hadn't cared and had just allowed Sidewalk to be on, it would likely still be far less effective reach in nearly all places than Echo. I mean it'll probably be fine near houses etc were Echo devices are common especially in the US although even there coverage is likely pitiful compared to Apple devices. So it might be fine for tracking your cat. But I suspect even in commercial areas, Echo device coverage must often be pitiful. And in an airport or something? Forget it.

      I assume Tile also tracks via anyone who installed their app who gave it appropriate permissions but although Tile devices are popular device coverage is still likely pitiful. And I'm not even sure if they're capable even with permissions of tracking on iOS devices as well as Apple can track airtiles. IIRC when COVID-19 trackers were talked about, there was discussion how because of privacy and battery life issues the ability for apps to constantly use Bluetooth was limited and special frameworks were needed to enable them.

      I'd hardly be surprised if Apple is able to track Airtiles a lot better by default on their devices than Nest ever can even with the right permissions. And regulators barely seem to care about Apple or Google using their market dominance to gain monopolies in other areas despite going ape shit with Microsoft about everything they bundled in Windows. (To be fair, the presence of both Apple and Google does mean neither has anything close to a monopoly, but their response has still been way to weak IMO.)

  • Google plans to make it's own AirTag clone according to some leaks. It's being built by the Nest team.

    I'm currently using a Samsung SmartTag. It works reasonably well and has good range: The major downside is that it'll only pair with a Samsung device. Not great if the next phone you plan on owning isn't going to be a Samsung.

  • Tile is fine but the service fee is a bit high. One of the bloody part is that the premium service provides battery change every year but not in NZ. So are you kidding me? If you can't provide battery change, can you lower the service fee in NZ? Nope~sorry.

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