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Google Chromecast with Google TV HD - Snow $51.75 (Cash Only) @ Noel Leeming via Flybuys Store


Google Chromecast with Google TV HD - Snow
$51.75 (Cash Only) or you can pay with a mix of flybuys points + cash

Collect from your local Noel Leeming store

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    It's also $53.10 from the market with Market Club+, with free shipping too

    • Yeah good option vs NL instore pickup for flybuys items.

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    $44 from Amazon UK through Amazon AU, you need to add another $10 of eligible international items to reach the free shipping threshold or else the shipping is a bit crazy high.


  • Been considering getting one of those to try use Steamlink on it. Can anyone comment on how it operates for basic couch games and co-op? Might be some light platforming too.

  • +1

    I think the Fire stick 4k is an better option at this price point.

    • I agree or wait for Google Chromecast with Google TV 4K at $55.

  • Didn't realise I had so many FlyBuys points. Got one for "Free"!

  • Bought one recently and noticed there's way more ads than casting from my old chromecast, but I installed SmartTubeNext and now there's zero ads and way more features. With the remote and on screen browser it's way more convenient than browsing/casting from mobile. Only discovered it from another cheapies commenter.

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    I filled out a survey and received this code. I don't use flybuys.
    FBX3VP8 - 50 flybuys points off a 250 point purchase.

    Unsure if it is tied to my account, 1 time use or what. Someone might as well use it though..

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      I got exactly the same code so looks like anyone can use it.

      Full T's & C's

      Get 50 Points off your total purchase amount from the Flybuys Store when you apply the promo code FBX3VP8 to your shopping cart by 26 December 2022 (inclusive) ("Offer"). Minimum spend of 250 Points required. Offer applies to regularly priced and sale items but excludes Gift Cards and Points Conversions (BNZ Kiwisaver and New World Point Swap)

      • Nice, thanks for confirming. Unsure if it deserves it's own post or not

        • +1

          I think it is worth it's own post.
          Go for it!

    • +1

      Thank you it seems to work multiple times as I have made two successful purchases both transactions with only 150 points plus cash.

  • Not the 4K version so if you have a cheap 4K television up scaling can look quite messy.

  • Google Chromecast with Google TV HD is $43.91 with code and cash.

    Z and Caltex Fuel Discount is $105 = (330 - 50) ÷ 4 × 3 ÷100 × 50.

    New World Dollars is $50 = (330 - 50) ÷ 28 × 5.

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