This was posted 1 year 7 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Kensington Portable Air Conditioner $199.43 ($400 without CSC) @ Noel Leeming (CSC Membership)


Found this air conditioner on the NL website recently.
Without the CSC membership, it's currently on sale for $400, (usually ~$450 not on sale).
With the CSC membership, it's about 50% off, which is quite a bargain.

I've bought one of these units for a sleepout and found it to be very effective. Great way to beat the impending summer heat.

There is also a similar unit that has heating functionality, which can be found here. This model can be purchased for $200.18 on CSC.

Also in the box, this unit comes with a plate to use the exhaust ducting with a vertically sliding window.
Can't say I see these types of windows too often in NZ, so if you're part of the majority that has swinging windows, I would highly recommend getting this sealing kit from Mitre 10 as well. Can be bought for $30.

Great info from Wakrak on joining the CSC member group.

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    The reverse cycle one is $200.18 with csc…

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      Thanks! Updated post with the CSC price :)

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      Isn’t this one better that can be used for both cooling and heating?

    • Just bought this in store, actually came to $196 for some reason

      • How did you get this in store? Don’t they check any certificate/license for CSC group?

        • I am a csc member, they ask for your card or member id. See the post on the national party csc membership. But honestly it was a kerfuffle as the person serving me had trouble getting the pos working.

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    Hadn't seen this brand/model before and googling came up with this listing.
    Check out the photo at the bottom of the listing, seems this manufacturer creates a lot of them for white label brands…

  • +3…
    The Window Kit is also sold at Noels with CSC comes to around $9 which is cheaper than the $30 at Mitre 10.

  • Has anyone attempted a conversion to dual hose to make running a portable AC more efficient? I've seen people on youtube do it with cardboard, duct tape, and a flexi hose from the hardware store. But a 3D printed solution seems like it could elegant if you could get the right measurements.


    • just saw this and i am going to give it a go on my portable

  • can i take this glamping?

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      Cant see why not if you have a powered site, thats why Im thinking of grabbing one. Would be to much for a battery or solar but powered site shouldnt be a problem, I have seen people running crazy amounts of stuff.

  • Just bought one for the office. Thanks for posting.

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    Anyone know how efficient these are compared to heat pumps?

    Thinking about getting the heating/cooling one to cool our room in the summer, and heat baby's room in the Winter. A lot cheaper than getting a heat pump installed in both rooms, but wondering how much more power it'd use.

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      doesn't really use that much power but much more noisier

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      The portable ones are generally useless at heating IMO. You have to crack open a window with these units and unless it's well sealed, the heat will just escape as draughts. In summer the reverse effect is less.

      And as F armer said they're very noisy, if you can't hear the baby then it's a potential hazard.

  • Has anyone been asked to show their CSCBG evidence when going in for click and collect?

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      No. The only thing I’ve ever been asked to show is ID to confirm it is me collecting it.

    • That’s the question aye. Adding csc to your account is easy but I’d be stuck if asked to prove and confirm it.

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      No, when doing click and collect the invoice has already been paid as far as we are concerned. Only ever time someone might ask you for it is if your instore asking for CSC discount. They are because it ruins the margin on most products lol.

      • Do you have any idea about how the CSC prices are set? I've watched them go all over the place on some items, so wondered if it was a percentage being applied to a cost price, or if it was a more manual process

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          Ngl idk tbh, its usually like cost + 10/15% for staff pricing but idk because there are so many discrepancies. If anything, I have no idea how it works for CSC, idk how it even works for staff sometimes lmao.

          • @1ys23: can you tell which gives a better discount out of cscbg main VS N3?

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              @F armer: It's exactly the same on csc main and N3 for the portable air conditioner :)

              • @1ys23: Are they pretty much the same for all products?

                • @F armer: Hmm, I'm not 100% sure lol. Should be similar for most things afaik

  • will it affect warranty if buy using CSC?

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      No its the same :), you just get a discount

  • May i know what CSC means? How to avail?

    • It's a membership group that grants access to different pricing, check the link at the bottom of the OP for details

  • How to become a csc member?

    • I had a link for info from Wakrak in my post, but here it is:

      • Can I just choose an organisation name?

        • Yes you can choose any organisation from the list.
          Worth having two separate accounts - one with CSCBG Main and the other CSCBG Premium.
          Often the discounts are the same but sometimes they differ.

          • @bigcheese: Would they ask for the organisation’s proof of evidence such as ID? Or driver’s licence will suffice?

            • @cambridge: Only ID check on pickup to confirm you are the person on named order, so DL will be fine. Only if you ask for CSC in store you will be required to present the card.

              • @lzbz: Thank you so much

              • @lzbz: Has anyone tried using CSC main + price match/beat ?

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                  @cambridge: They won't allow it haha margin would be too low. ;)

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                  @cambridge: Has to be one or the other csc main disc or price match

  • Anyone know how loud this thing is? Would it be suitable for use in a bedroom at night?

    • From my experience, at its 'low' setting, it's about as loud as a regular standing fan set to the highest speed.

      So not too noisy, definitely bearable enough to sleep in the same room.

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      Just got mine set up, slightly louder than a fan, quieter than a vacuum on low, I reckon I could sleep next to it without earplugs

  • Site says it’s 65 db. Most others are around 54db, so for sleeping, might be ‘noisy’.
    I just bought this for my teenager who games with headphones on and sleeps like a rock. Doubt he’ll hear it.

    I have a fan that operates at 35 db on low and I can sort of hear it when sleeping.

  • Ordered one, hopefully kit works well with my swing window.

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    About the same for Farmlands members for those curious.

    Farmlands Price

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      & $195.52 if you have CSCBG Main and pay with Zip.

  • I wish PB Tech has this csc membership too

  • Anyone collected their order? Mine’s still open/ processing.

    • Mine says awaiting stock :(

    • Mine is still awaiting stock. Someone I told, who ordered a day after me already received theirs (pick up in store where the stock was transferred to), but I am still waiting. Will be very annoyed if they say they can't fulfil it when someone who ordered after me already has theirs.

      • I'm also still waiting. The fact they are still selling this makes me fairly confident that it will be fulfilled, but you never know with NL.

        The lack of even a simple email explaining the situation is pretty damn bad from a customer service point of view. How is it that they are so much worse at this than The Warehouse, when they are a part of the same company?

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          I contacted them via the web chat and they manually allocated stock from a different store for me. I was told there had been a system error that’s why it was “awaiting stock from supplier”

          • @Timaru: Ah, thanks for that, I'll get on to that tomorrow.

    • Still waiting on mine. Live chat said it’s supplier issue and no guarantee when it will arrive, suggested I could cancel my order at any time.

      • I called customer service last week - was also told supplier issue, but that a PO had been raised so it’s definitely coming- just doesn’t have any delivery date …. Not eta.. depends on supplier .I’m gonna try chat

  • Edit never mind when added to cart price is $288.57.

    • Yea bugger. I've been trying to find a work around

    • +1

      I just went in-store and they honored the price.
      No questions asked.
      No id asked for.
      In total I saved $297.40.
      I paid $152.59.

      Great spotting @Verlith

      • Oh nice, might have to try myself.

  • Please let me know when this deal is on again.

  • Finally collected my unit after 37 days of waiting. I checked availability online at an alternative local store, calles Customer care to request to change the pickup store after they confirmed the store I wanted did in-fact have stock.
    It’s nice and small, pretty heavy.. sounds a bit like a mini fridge in a small room .. does the job though..

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