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Harman Kardon Adapt Wireless HD Audio Adapter (Black) $10 + Shipping (Was $199.95) @ Harman Kardon


The Harman Kardon Adapt is a wireless, truly HD audio stereo adaptor. It updates your existing Hi-Fi gear with pure, crisp sound thanks to Harman’s expertise in audio technology. Now the music doesn’t stop no matter where you are in your home. Simply set up multiple speakers or adaptors and enjoy wireless room filling sound at the touch of a button. Play different music in different rooms or stream the same song throughout your house with party mode. Our app and Bluetooth capability let you access any music from your phone or your favorite apps seamlessly.

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    Buy now, figure out what it is used for later 🤣

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    The reviews I read made it sound like it was only worth $10

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      Yeah, this is even less relevant now in an age of cheap Bluetooth speakers…
      All it seems to do is bluetooth -> wifi/3.5 cable

      • Cheap Bluetooth speakers will sound worse than old set of quality speakers. Another good use case is having it in the car that only has a jack and no Bluetooth.

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    Cheers, I have no idea what I've bought

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      Same 😂

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    It’s like I’m just buying milktea for the price of it 🤣 looks nice btw!!

    Seamlessly stream your favorite music to all Harman Kardon wireless HD audio products in your house.

    Sounds like it may only be used to connect to the Harmon Kardon speakers but not any other home audio speakers?

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      It also has a 3.5 mm audio jack.
      It's basically just a "turn any speaker into a bluetooth speaker" device

      • worth it alone just for that! I bought one

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    choosing to keep $15

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      Same! Not worth it imo unless you really need to make a dumb speaker BT capable

      • agreed

    • +1

      Yeah this feels more like a I just saved $15 today perspective moment.

  • Wifi is 2.4Ghz only

  • +1

    Just got one. Thank you. I'll probably never use it, but I feel like it was worth it anyway lool

  • Good for the garage with a cheap set of logitech speakers. Thanks!

  • Does it present as a spotify client?
    That way could be a google chormecast audio alternative.

      • Yeah doesn’t really say enough re Spotify.

        Difference is can not run standalone, or does it just make your phone sounds come out - eg song interrupted when notifications arrive on phone etc.

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          It could work from there app but probably only through Bluetooth or streamed like Airplay

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      Just from the post description, I believe it is not a standalone device, therefore the Spotify client is whatever is connected to it via Bluetooth

  • I did a Google for a Bluetooth adapter that can plug into a 3.5mm jack and these things are cheap as chips at AliExpress and unobtrusive. To the question of being visible to Spotify its more likely just that the Bluetooth standard on the device running Spotify matches the std on the Bluetooth adapter. A cheaper adapter is likely to be an older implementation of BT e.g version 2 while a more modern phone is likely newer but typically backwards compatible. Naturally audiophiles will probably want higher spec'd adapters than a $1 some cents AliExpress adapter ;-)

    • I've bought an Ali one before and the sound wasn't too great. Hopefully this isn't just an Ali in a branded shell

  • page is gone now OP

  • Spotify Connect: What it is and how it works


  • +2

    I went to get one and it says $199.95
    How do you get it to $10?

    • Deal has probably expired (or been fixed if it was an error)

  • all gone

  • Hi all - Couldnt really tell from the comments but does this require a Harman product to play through ? For example I cannot connect to these speakers through bluetooth via my phone and play spotify music ? If I cannot do that then I will attempt to buy an adapter like one of the comments mentioned above.

    • Did you place an order when $10? Do you have a speaker or speakers you want to retrofit with wireless?

      • Yes I did - I bought a couple expecting I can connect my phone to these speakers via bluetooth (like most of the other speakers out there)

        I do not have speaker(s) in my household and hoping this can just bluetooth music from my phone such as spotify and youtube

        • It's an adapter not speaker. It's designed to retrofit wired speaker(s) into wireless speaker(s).

  • Aw damn, I just thought of a use for one of these. Anyone buy one that doesn't actually want it? 🤣

    • Yeah, pm me

      • has your shipped yet?

    • Me rip hasn't arrived yet

  • +1

    My order is still showing as "processing"

    • +1

      Same here, I've been in touch with their support, waiting for an update.

      They did confirm on live chat that they have stock.

      • yep, now been a week since I placed the order.

        Please let us know what you hear back

        • +3

          I heard back :) They have had a lot of orders so they've been sourcing units from places. My ones are going to be white instead of black but that's fine by me. They say they expect to start shipping today

          • @crimson: Cool, thanks for the update. I genuinely have a use for this, so can't wait!

          • @crimson: Mine just got canceled and has been refunded. I was also offered the white version. :(

    • +1

      @abhi1693 do you have an account with them to check order progress? the link in the email to 'track order' takes me to a 404 error on their site.

      • +1

        I don't have an account, but that link was previously active. Not too sure what's going on to be honest

        • yeah it was working for the first few days.

  • +1

    has anyone recieved their product?

    • Nope. Order tracking went to 404 error after short while. Now "Page not found" when trying to check status.

    • Nothing here, haven't heard a peep from them either

    • Not yet, no

      • +1

        Just got told mine was cancelled as well. Very disappointing after a round of 22 emails promising they're sorting it.

  • Noticed that money has been refunded. Can check with this link https://www.harmankardon.co.nz/findorder which shows order gas been canceled…

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    "Out of stock" - lol

    APAC Support <[email protected]>
    21:06 (24 minutes ago)
    to [email protected]

    Hi valued Harman shopper,

    Thank you for your recent purchase on Harman Kardon New Zealand.

    Unfortunately, the product that you ordered are now out-of-stock. Although we try our best to maintain 100% accuracy with our inventory, on this rare occasion during peak time we experiences an inventory error that caused this product to be over sold.

    We apologize in the delay in our communication as we have tried our best to order more stock in however there is no existing stock in our Global Warehouse.

    We will be organizing refund of your order during the week.
    Please allow 3-4 business days for the refund to reflect on your card.
    Please reach out to us again if the amount doesn’t appear in your account within the next few business days.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and would like to extend an offer of 20% off sitewide for the inconvenience.
    You can use the coupon code HK2022 on harmankardon.co.nz

    Code is valid from now until the 31st of January 2023.

    Once again, we apologize for your less than satisfactory experience. We value your opinion and hope that we can serve you again sometime in the future.

    Thank you.

    Warm Regards,

    Customer Support
    Harman Lifestyle Division

    • Same here, doubt they honour anyone's order

      • I got two delivered

        • +1

          shoot one my way :P

          • @davew: yeaah, had to chase the team to follow up and got the email as above too!

  • mine got cancelled. oh well.

  • Oh thank goodness mine got cancelled😆

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