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[Special Order] Huawei Watch GT3 Pro (Black, FE Strap) $68.72 (RRP $699) @ Noel Leeming (Requires CSC Membership)


Supposed to be for the strap but it's for the actual watch?

The description, imagery, and model number indicate that it's for the watch, but please bear in mind that you might be buying the strap.

Worth noting that if it is for the strap, it may be ineligible for a refund due to wearables being excluded from their online returns policy.

Update: confirmed by a NL Cheapie that the listing is for the watch.

Model: 55028446


Product Description

The watch's Seamless titanium body is where sporty meets business casual, with clear-cut lines and contours that summon new sensations, and speak to your sense of style.

Features & Benefits

  • IP68 and 5 ATM ratings for water resistance, and has withstood a staggering 200 water pressure cycles
  • TruSeen 5.0+ heart rate monitoring technology deploys eight photoelectric sensors to capture enhanced signals
  • With SpO2 measurements, made possible by TruSeen 5.0+ heart rate monitoring technology
  • The watch has a 30% increased charging speed, and allows you to charge to 100% in just 85 minutes

Special Order

This is a special order item and will be delivered to you or available for pick-up at your selected store as soon as we have received it from our supplier. For more information around timeframes please contact us.

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Noel Leeming

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  • This must be the strap's price

  • I reckon its just a pricing error for the watch, as you can order the watches with different straps

  • "FREE Huawei MediaPad T5 Tablet (Hard Bundled) Offer ends 06/11/2022"

  • Possibly also comes with the below?
    'FREE Huawei MediaPad T5 Tablet (Hard Bundled) Offer ends 06/11/2022'

    Anyone going to give it a stab?

  • Watch them not honor this lol. Good spotting tho thanks wakrak

  • @Wakrak why do you think this is the listing for the watch as opposed to the strap? Seems to me like a description error if anything?

    • The description, the model number, and the cost. I get Huawei Smartwatch GT3 Pro Unisex when searching 55028446 on Google.

      I also asked live chat about it, and she reckons, it just means that the strap is FE, whatever that means…

      At the same time, I could be way off.

      • Fair enough! It's definitely an error one way or the other so I guess we'll see. Fingers crossed for you guys.

      • +1

        the watch comes in 4 different straps, with FE being the Fluoroelastomer strap

        • Ah okay. Thanks for clarifying that.

  • Ordered!

  • +2

    Down to $59.27 with the supergold card.

  • Ordered! I took screenshots of the discounted and original price for evidence if they say it's a strap only.

  • Would the employees ask for my CSC membership?

    • +1

      If you buy in-store, yes. I've yet to have a staff member ask me for proof of membership when doing click & collect.

  • Was buying a Wahl clipper(~50% off with CSCBG Premium) anyways, so bundled it in. Thanks Wakrak

  • Cheers Wakrak, have given it a punt. It would be worthwhile for the tablet alone even if it is a strap, but I suspect they will cancel the order.

  • +1

    $61.85 with N3

    • Damn i shouldve used my n3 instead

    • What is N3?

      • A membership group for businesses to get discounts.
        Similar to CSC group but requires a membership card.
        Gives discounts at a number of places - NL, Placemakers, T7 etc

  • Worth noting that if it is the strap it may be not be eligible for a refund due to wearables being excluded from their online returns policy.

    • But they also offer the free tablet with the purchase

      • How come it doesn't show the free tablet in my cart when I add the item to my cart?

        • Good point, usually free product shown in the cart also right?

          • +1

            @doubledippps: It says hard bundled, so possibly means it's shipped as a single package from the supplier?

        • I don't think the tablet is on the website at the moment. Can't add something that isn't there.

    • +1

      I've added your comment to the description.

    • Would they honour the refund if it is a click and collect? Especially if I don't accept the collection or take it with me.

      • I ordered an Oppo phone a couple of years ago (click and collect at Manukau Supa Centre). I ended up spending 6 months in hospital before I could collect it ….. they eventually cancelled my order and refunded my payment automatically. I was in no position to contact them about the sale, it was just done after the item was not collected. Whether they will do that again is another matter.

  • +3

    Huawei Honour please

    • -1

      I got that reference. Nice.

  • Ordered this but just read the returns comment re wearables. How would I go about pleading my case thinking I bought the watch in case it is just the strap thats bought?

    • Doubt they wouldnt offer refund it will be price error but in saying that there is always a risk you shouldnt take if you cant afford to take it.

    • Just get the strap and the tablet. Still worth it for the price you paid.

  • +4

    Huawei GT2 46mm Matte Black Strap $349 -> $308.81

    GT2 also have strap on it name, so might be just a price error

  • +2

    Fixed :'(

    — Disregard, I was logged out lmao

  • When will this special order be fulfilled? Next year? Or perhaps the tablet gets sent first?

  • +19

    I can confirm this listing is for the WATCH not the strap.

    • +1

      Sweet! You work at NL?

      • +1

        Yup its listed for the acutal watch, the SKU got taken off now xd

    • interesting. what about the tablet bundle?

      • +4

        Unsure about the bundle. The listing itself is definitely for the watch though.

    • Is it a pricing error or is NL clearing them out

  • Lets hope no one has ordered more than one or two. tempting to get 50 of them and use it as a money printer but its gonna lower the chances of it working out for us all. I ordered one, thanks Wakrak!

  • -1

    Ordered, thanks for sharing this OP!

    I also added the 3yr Product Protection (which I always entertain but only ever take on for some electronics) for $30 some dollars. Since they’re selling as a hard bundle with the tablet, it’ll be worth it to cover both items at that that price!

    I had a Huawei P30 Pro when they released which I absolutely loved, but it got broken on a work trip right at the time all that whole Google support thing went down, so I opted for an iPhone instead on my work’s travel insurance. Looking forward to getting my hands on these!

  • Oh missed it. Let me know if you guys get it

    • It's still live for me, do you have CSC membership on your account?

      • I was wrong. It is still active

  • Done the order

  • The watch is listed in wearables and not in accessories.

  • WOoOoooo hooo ordered letssssgoooo

  • Click and Collect, or Shipping $6? 😅

    • I was frivolous and choose shipping.

  • At a guess I would say it is meant to be $68.72 discount.

  • Have Apple Watch. Still tempted to purchase for shits & giggles. Can this do anything a Apple Watch series 5 can’t?

    • No compered to Apple and Samsung completely useless.

    • +1

      No but it has a much longer battery

      • +2

        No NFC which means no Apple Pay no Google pay no wireless payment ,no Wi-Fi which means can't answer or receive calls or texts over your home network. You have to always have the watch in range of your Bluetooth device. No Google assistant which is a big plus for Samsung. I've had them all and Apple is still king. Samsung is King of the smart things with Google assistant but Apple beats Samsung for Wi-Fi conductivity.

        • Thanks, that’s sealed the No Deal for me. edit and they seriously want 699rrp for this thing!

        • Wow.. just looked at the specs and yeah it's shit. Maybe the pricing error was the RRP being $700.
          Perhaps this thing should have only been advertised for $68 in the first place. I mean a Mi Band does all the same stuff for that price.

          • +1

            @spicymeatball: I've had a couple of Huawei GT watches most notably the GT2 pro was simply a superbly made watch, had for two years with not a mark on it. Easily got 10 days between charges but unfortunately as a smart watch not in the same league as Samsung and Apple. On the plus side the watch works with Samsung and Apple phones whereas with Apple and Samsung you are now screwed to their platforms although Samsung Watch5 works with other android smart phones you do miss its key features, blood pressure, ECG and conductivity issues with texts, phone calls and emails over Wi-Fi.

  • Ordered ;)

  • +1

    Ordered. The worst that can happen is it gets refunded.

    • The worst that can happen is they send you a strap for a watch you don't own and refuse to refund it :)

      • I did mine with Student Card, so I did click and collect. If upon collection I get a strap, im not taking it.

      • As long as the tablet is included

  • +1

    In it for the ride!

  • +4

    I used to work for Noel Leeming. There are two ways this could play out… Either the online team will advise they are out of stock with no ETA and offer a refund. Or they will honour the pricing mistake and provide the goods.

    • Last year NL oversold PS5 Digitals and ate the $170 loss(per unit) upgrading to Disc for free. That being said I doubt they will take a $500 loss on a watch for dozens of orders. TWG is really generous with this type of stuff but this was an obvious error from the start.

  • +6

    In for one before chaoscreator orders 100 and ruins it for everyone 😁 (jk.. mostly)

    • for real! i hope no one uses this as a money printer

    • He's probably gonna buy all the remaining stocks now because of this comment.

  • +1

    Best of luck to all who ordered!

  • +1

    I have received flybuys points for my order immediately. Unsure if your account will be in debt if you use it and it gets refunded.

    • From past experience, when Noel Leeming do a a refund then they do claw back the FlyBuys points from you.

      Heres an order from a few months ago that I did online and then online chat cancelled for me

      • Earlier this year I had to buy a bunch of whiteware and got like 50 points. It was for a future delivery 3 months away but I paid for it all upfront.

        About 2 montha after the initial transaction I ended up cancelling the order. I had already spent the points and was wondering whether I'd have a negative balance but it didn't happen.

        I guess it was either so far from when it was issued that they didn't try or because it was all done instore.

        • I ordered the same treadmill from Torpedo7 twice, and both times the order was cancelled within a fortnight of placing it. Got to keep the points earned from both transactions though.

        • OK so definitly some inconsistences in their process - especially considering NL & T7 are both part of The Warehouse Group.

          Guess its a case of YMMV

  • -1

    Odd…the receipt says the product name is: WATCHGT3STRPB, SKU: 215453

    Which is the strap only (searching the product name) with a quick google.

    • Imagine how much a strap actually costs to produce. Crazy mark up, even at this price

    • Even if so, it's part of the bundle so you'd get the tablet which is worth more than $70. Still not bad IMO.

    • That's just googles recommended reply ("Did you mean: WATCH GT3 STRAP") . The actual code brings back nothing.

    • +2

      Considering that without CSC applied, it's $699, I don't think it's just the strap….

    • Oh geez. What a derp. I didn't even catch the 'do you mean' facepalm

  • This is awesome; I had just been looking around for a smartwatch for a gift!
    How on earth do you guys find these deals?

  • It's out of stock online now. Curious what they will say to the people that got it

  • Now 0ut 0f st0ck online

  • The fact it says special order is another red flag it won't be honoured.

  • noooooo

    EdIt: page not found now

    • If something is out of stock, do they normally take down a page like here?

      • not that I've noticed usually just says out of stock iirc
        Clearance ones have been staying past a few days when there was the sellout a few months back, even after there was no stock

        • Which probably says something here then I spose… Glad I took lots of screenshots just in case.

          • -1

            @L3tstaxth1s: Heya. Any chance you can share those screenshots with me? I forgot to grab some. I'll flick you a PM if thats alright?

  • +1


  • +1

    OOS so now lets see how this plays out, let the fun and games begin.

    Last time I got the echo show and had no probs picking up click and collect.

    • -1

      But in this case they would have to eat 600$ per every customer that got it.

      • +1

        Id be very suprised any were honoured but might be a lucky few!

  • +1

    I completely missed this (damn work!) Best of luck for those that made the purchase.

  • +1

    When you click the page now:

    "Oops! We can’t find that page"

    They cottoned on quick.

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