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ToolPRO Impact Wrench Kit 20V 1/2" Drive $159.99 (Was $249.99) @ Supercheap Auto (Club Membership Required)


$160 for club members, otherwise $180. $5 shipping or free click and collect.

Decent bit of kit. Comes with 20v battery and charger. This is the only 20v tool in the ToolPro range unfortunately. But it’s worth it if you only need a basic DIY setup.

Multiple torque settings, supposedly up to 400Nm. So don’t use it for sump plugs…

I impulse purchased for the same price last year. A few tyre rotations and splash tray removals and still haven’t needed to charge. Has plenty of torque too.

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  • Hows this brand compared to Ryobi and Ozito?

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      This is solid. I don’t think their lower voltage product range is anything amazing though. But SuperCheap is good with warranties if you have any issues.

      If you know MartyT on YouTube, he uses this exact tool to work on the abandoned bulldozers and tractors that he has restored.

      For the usually price I would say stick with a brand that will use the same batteries for other tools. But the bigger brands will cost more than this sale price for the bare tool without a battery.

      • That is good to know because I'm still in the market for a good drill kit, I'm starting to build my tool kit and haven't yet made the plunge to power tools yet. Previously I had discarded SCA's power tool range altogether but maybe I'll keep that brand as an option and if a drill driver brushless etc come on sale..

    • Never used it but would personally stick with a brand that won't discontinue the range and it's batteries anytime soon. Which happens pretty frequently with the random brand stuff. Ryobi have big business built off their platforms so don't see it going anywhere.

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    $5 bonus credit for Club Members buying this.

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    For information, '20V' is just marketing. It's the same as any 18V lithium battery. They get away with it since Li-Ion has nominal 3.6V per cell. but is roughly 4.0V when fully charged. So for a 5 cell pack, 5 x 3.6V = 18V and 5 x 4.0 V = 20V (maximum). So it'll be 20V for a brief moment after it's fully charged, then drop down to 18V as soon as you start using it.

  • what else can you use this for at home?

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      Chuck on the whiskPRO attachment for baking. Or the bowlPRO attachment for cleaning the toilet. Pretty handy.

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        Just don't mix the attachments up afterwards!

  • As it has a 3 year warranty it could be good if you have a lot of fencing or decking to screw in, but wonder how much power and torque it has in real world usage. . Just finished a fence with my current impact drill and did about 5000 screws, but mine is a trade quality one. But you really need 2 batteries unless you are just doing a few jobs with it.

    • This is a wrench not a driver im not sure it can be used as suggested. Its primarily designed for undoing bolts etc.

      • Whoops my mistake. They look really similar to an impact driver, but you are right. Guessing it is one of those occasional use tools for most people.

      • You can get an attachment and turn it into a driver I have a dewalt attachment for my impact wrench about $15.It works but a bit slower for 120mm but works better with 250mm screws

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