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20% off @ Ironclad Co


I've been eyeing up these quality NZ made cast iron pans for a while. Reviews of their pans are good.

Still deciding whether I'll put in an order myself.

Not sure when the coupon code expires as the email just says over the next few days.

Currently there's free shipping, gift wrapping and pre seasoning (select in cart).

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    I had a look at these a year or two ago and ended up just buying a Lodge pan. Just didn't see the extra price justified in any meaningful way.
    As far as I can tell cast iron is cast iron, what matters is how you look after it. That said I know people get wierd about cast iron pans and I guess some of those people are willing to pay the extra $$$.

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      I have an Ironclad and it's great, but ultimately you're right a cast iron is cast iron.

      If it wasn't for the fact that I was bored during lockdown and the Ironclad just happened to be available on the Airpoints Store I would've just bought a Lodge pan too.

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      I'm no expert when it comes to cast iron. But you say cast iron is cast iron. Why not just get the $18 Kmart fry pan instead of Lodge?


      • Weird how it says "ideal for open fire" and also "never use the pan on high heat".

      • Not sure if it's a quality issue, or user error, but I had one of these kmart pans crack due to thermal shock after about 4 uses

        • That should not happen, you should be taking it back to the seller for a CGA remedy

      • Because my wife was the one wanting the pan and I was happy enough to negotiate down to a Lodge, not sure a Kmart would have flown lol
        I imagine there is a level of quality difference at the very low end, but that said Kmart does occasionally put out some bangers so it might be fine.

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    Cast Iron is awesome to cook with… But in my view no one needs to pay the awful iron clad prices.. heaps of alternatives

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    Hello. Joe here, one of the co-founders at Ironclad.

    There is a big difference in quality between cheap cast iron cookware and the stuff that we're making. Ultimately, if the pan costs less than how much iron costs, then it won't be cast iron. The true cost of cheap cast iron cookware is that you're not cooking with iron. And from our lab tests on other brands, the lead content is not worth the risk.

    We're not here to make cheap things. We're here to make quality things, locally - which benefits the local labour market and economy. With a 100-year replacement guarantee, we're pretty confident in the quality - nobody has a legally-binding consumer guarantee like this. And by making things to order in our own backyard, we avoid the waste that comes from mass production and the environmental footprint of importing/exporting. The more you use an Ironclad, the better it gets.

    A note on the discount code - this was shared in confidence with a handful of people as a thank you for potentially sharing some feedback with us. After discovering it on this website, it has since been discontinued.

    Thank you!

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      Hi Joe and welcome to Cheapies. In the future, if there's ever an Ironclad deal posted on Cheapies that you don't agree with / like, you can request a takedown here:

  • I have a code that gives you 25% off these pans if you think it's worth me posting it. From/for a different store.

    Ironclad Legacy Pan $216.75 delivered
    Ironclad Lil' Legacy Pan $149.25 delivered

    I've had the codes for years, just forgot that they sold Ironclad pans as well.

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