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NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 4K (2019) NZ$295 Approx. Delivered @ Amazon AU

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I am not a Prime subscriber, so it may be cheaper with that (it has been cheaper with Prime previously). If someone is a Prime subscriber, can you please update if it is cheaper please? Thanks heaps.
EDIT: Actually, I just seen that it was posted on OzBargain for AU$249 with Prime which works out to about NZ$283 if you're a subscriber..

If you're looking for a fantastic media/streaming device, look no further! (IMO anyway)

  • Comes with the new Shield remote
  • The ultimate cinematic TV experience
  • Enjoy the most 4K HDR entertainment
  • The most advanced Android TV streaming media player

Also, there was some good info posted in the comments about it the last time it was posted here. You can check that out here if you want some more information.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +3

    I paid over $400 for mine in nz and it was a great decision. Syncler+ with real debrid FTW!!!

    • +1

      So good eh. No need for streaming service trials or VPN location hacks. Real Debrid is tops.

      • Yeah more deetz on this please

        • +2

          It's DDL. Real Debrid gives you access to sharing services like Rapidgator. I just use it on its own and download stuff at line speed with it. I find it much better than torrenting

      • My noel leeming membership doesnt show discounted prices any more, tried both premium and standard, is it same for u?

        • I noticed that too. Main wasn't working this morning, but Premium & Farmlands were. Now all three are working but now the sort by function is a bit wonky. If you sort by price low to high, the prices are in order of non-membership pricing (not CSCBG pricing).

          • @Wakrak: Thanks, i will have a look again

            • @offroad: Now none of them are working. + no discount on Eneloop pro batteries.

              • @Wakrak: It’s not working on n3 either so might just be a glitch

                • @bigcheese: Looks like its back to normal now, all discounts are showing up again 😊

                  • @offroad: Still nothing on n3 that I can find - including eneloops which were discounted previously.
                    No hurry right now.
                    Currently sitting poolside in far North Queensland at 8.20pm and 26 deg 🍹
                    Eneloops can wait!

                    • @bigcheese: Cheers, enjoy the holiday mate

                      • @offroad: Thanks - I will.

                        Now working with n3 again.
                        Must have just been a glitch, like the other membership groups.

      • +1

        I just use a plex server with radarr+sonarr+jackett running on a small server downloading torrents, all automated. Can't fault it and can't see a reason to pay for debrid services. I used to use debrid and it was a PITA.

        • I have similar setup with radarr+sonarr+jackett+transmission running on a linux virtualbox. Been running that since atleast 7-8 years now without much issues.

          Recently came across overseerr - Beautiful Media DiscoverySimple Request Management and it's amazing in case you want to search for movies and add to the library.

          • +1

            @ace310: Prowlarr is a newer alternative to jackett.
            I can confirm overseerr is amazing.
            Readarr is good if you’re into ebooks.
            Tautulli is good god pulling stats. And for making a weekly newsletter showing what’s been added

            • @Tmurder91: I will have a look at prowlarr, but so far jackett is up to it. Haven't missed a bit. Good to have an alternative just in case thanks.

              • @ace310: It’s biggest selling point is that it’s based on a fork of -arr software so same UI as radarr and sonarr plus has the ability to automatically update / sync indexers to them all (very helpful one you add lidarr and readarr)

    • Are you able to elaborate on your setup? I'm currently using Infuse on an Apple TV (streaming from a Google drive) and am curious if there are any advantages to switching?

      • +2

        My current setup is: CoreELEC (Slimmed down version of Kodi) > Seren (or Syncler+ as mentioned above) > Real Debrid. Running it on (a now old and a bit outdated) Minix Neo u9-h android box.

        Kodi is the app, Seren is the add-on, Real-Debrid is the streamer/downloader.

        Real Debrid gives me access to most streaming service shows, whether it be Netflix, Paramount+ or others. Some people prefer Premiumize over Real Debrid. I pay €16 for 180 days. Happy to test some movies/shows for you.

        • +1

          I can’t think of a steaming service show that I can’t find. The only slight downside is if you are a ‘time and date watcher’ as you will have to wait for someone to rip the newest Disney episode and chuck on the internet before real debrid will be able to find it. Normally only 20 mins max anyhow.

          Ooh another tip is all the Hulu shows via real debrid come in 4k where as the legit method through Disney+ are all in 1080p

      • +2

        I’m on the shield pro with syncler+ and real debrid. You gotta pay a little $$$ for syncler+ (the standard syncler app is available on Android store) but it’s totally worth it and the only way to get real debrid to work with it. I paid $26 for 12 months and 5 devices.

        There are other free programs that work with real debrid… stremio/weyd/kodi etc and I tried them and came back to syncler.

        With the normal fibre plan being bumped to 300mbps you get that same speed connection to Sydney’s real debrid server and that enables enough bandwidth to steam full 4k remux. So if you have a full home cinema setup this makes it complete. Lossless audio is the best

        • I had this set-up 2 years ago, now have lifetime subscription to Weyd, lighter than syncler, cleaner UI, regular updates, loads faster (Even without Nvidia shield). Checkout stream hub discord. They give out free trial.

  • +3

    Have Prime, same price (AUD249)

    AUD 260.31 at check out (inc NZ GST)

  • Iv done a little reading so not sure.
    But is anyone using this as a Plex Server.
    Currently have the server running on a QNSP NAS with all the data, unfortunatly it doesnt have the power to transcode 4k and HDR content.
    Tossing up building a MPC or buying something like this (assiming it can do what I intend).

    • Heaps of people use this for the sole purpose of streaming 4K hdr off Plex. Huge following for this thing over on the hometheatre subreddit

      • Oh sweet Will have a look.
        So thats activing at the server too?

    • I run as a Plex server with movies, tv shows, music on a 4tb USB drive. I stream to mobile (music in the car) and movies to my beach house in the coromandel flawlessly. Hevc and 4k no drama. It's a good unit. Remote is so simple and works so well.

      • Only 4tb? Life time pass?

        • 4tb is enough right now but will go bigger when I need. No lifetime pass

  • I use Stremio + real debrid on my phone and cast to my chromecast. I'm pretty happy with it and it works well enough, is there any upgrade to getting one of these and using from there instead?

    I keep seeing everyone rave about them and I'm tempted to get one but I don't know if it's worth it for me….

  • +2

    What’s the deal with ads? Looks pretty much unusable after an update https://www.consumerreports.org/streaming-media-devices/what…

    • +1

      The ads are just on the home page. I spend less than 5 seconds there, and immediately start the app I want (Kodi/Plex/YouTube/Prime Video, etc).
      99% of the time the ads I get are for TVNZ or Disney+

      • How come i never get ads?

        • Plex pass perhaps?

          • @L3tstaxth1s: Oh I thought he was referring to ads on the device homepage. Yea I have Plex pass as well.

      • Thank you!

    • You can sideload alternative homescreens and avoid the issue entirely, or just turn off the auto update.

  • BeeTV + chromecast anyone?

  • +1

    $260.31 aud delivered incl GST with prime

    • I got the same without prime.

      • Actually i thought I had prime au trial, but it looks like I haven't started the trial.

        I noticed that if you start the trial you can throw in an echo dot for an extra 10 bucks (not sure if offer locked to au address or not didn't check)

  • Has anyone here tried Ezra with RD?

    • +1

      Yes, I have this as a backup to Weyd, Ezra is the fastest addon.

  • Not a tech guy and don't understand what are y'all buying this for? Do I need it if I already have a smart TV?

    • Depends on what you want to watch and how. If you're happy with Netflix, YouTube etc and are able to use those apps on your TV, there's no need for this.

    • It's much more powerful than any smart TV and will be supported for a lot longer.

      • i have the sony a90j OLED and tried the nvidia shield but found the native processor and apps on the TV to be far better. Was i doing something wrong lol?

        • +2

          No nothing wrong. Sony has built their apps on the top end tvs really well and you get special Netflix calibrated modes when using the native app vs using an external device to stream it.

          The only advantage you’ll get is if you’re running Plex and have huge Blu ray rips you’re trying to stream.

          My c1 and a95k stream Plex from my office computer just fine, however, I get a few hiccups when the file is over 40gb or some lag in the interface as I have a bigger library.

          • @Vish: gotcha thanks! yeah i only use netflix/skysportnow/tvnz apps. I used to use vpns/torrent/stream on my old shitty tv/laptop but just cbf now…might need to have a deep dive into them though cos i want the spark sport content but no way am i paying $80 a month for 2 sporting apps lol

            • @dirtymike: Not sure how the shield would solve this sports issue though?

              • @L3tstaxth1s: Yeah i have no clue and it probably won't. I was thinking of just paying for Kayo in AU/using Optus login details from a mate and running a VPN (Kayo is so fkn cheap and covers everything i wanna watch apart from premier league but optus has that). Unless you know of other ways to get sports for cheap?

                • @dirtymike: You'll need a DNS service to use Kayo. Something like dns4me. Worked well for me when I had Kayo earlier in the year for NRL. You'll have limited to no success with a VPN.

                  If you don't mind 5 minutes of effort every week, could get a Wise card and take advantage of Sky Sports 7-day free trial (as long as you remember to cancel).

                  • @Wakrak: Whenever I take out a trial I just cancel straight away.
                    Pretty much every trial I can think of allows you to still complete the free trial period before it stops, even cancelling straight away.
                    This includes Sky Sport Now, Spotify etc

          • @Vish: What's it like streaming remotely? Major lag?

            • +1

              @L3tstaxth1s: Sorry never tried this - if I'm going to watch a movie it's going to be while I'm comfortable in my bed with my home theatre system.
              I don't see why people would stream remotely unless they're trying to share their library with friends and family which is more hassle than it's worth. Was easier to teach my dad how to torrent than to teach him how to plex lol

  • +3

    If anyone's looking for a good USB remote to go with TV boxes like the shield I highly recommend this one: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000570116432.html

    It ticked every box for me:

    • Backlit buttons. I like that it has big buttons, and not too many so you only have what you need
    • Most of the buttons on the top of the remote are IR programmable, so you can point your old TV remote, click a button and it learns from your old remote.
    • Air mouse while the remote is face up (you control the mouse by waving the remote around)
    • The mic works for voice commands (the old USB mouse I had this didn't work)
    • Flip it over and you have a large keyboard + trackpad mouse (the air mouse automatically stops when you flip it over).
    • The USB dongle has a button on it you can press if you lose the remote and the remote makes a beeping sound so you can find it.
    • USB rechargeable
    • A few other neat things I've forgotten about but were a step above my old USB remote.
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