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Lotus Biscoff - 300 Individually Wrapped Biscuits $5 (Short Dated 24/10/2022) @ PAK'n SAVE, Westgate (Instore Only)


Short dated biscoff biscuits.
300 pack!! these will be good for months.

Awesome with coffee and on top of banoffee pies.

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  • OP I'm not seeing it on the website and your link just goes to paknsave.co.nz. Do you have a photo of the deal? Guessing it's in-store only?

  • I have tried these and it is yuuummmmmm

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    Biscoff seems to be everywhere all of a sudden

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    I went there 3mins before close and bought 3 boxes (and will end up giving away some)…

    I can confirm there were about 1/3 of a full pallet left of stock and should be still there tomorrow

  • I bought this 300pk before at different PAK'n SAVE, same short dated at $5.
    Great companion with coffee.
    I guess these packages were originally for the cafes

    • Which PAK'nSAVE was that?

      • Glenfield.
        About 1-2 months ago.

  • Oh my god - Biscoff is sooo good! We discovered them in the States a few years ago - they are in every hotel room with the tea and coffee and on every internal flight within the States! Has anyone seen this deal in the Wellington region?

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    I really want to try the spread but I'm too cheap to buy it, as it's like ~$8 😅

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      I have tried it. There is nothing else in the market close to it, although in my view it is a wee bit too sweet. I would place two slices of bread into one cavity, so that the outer sides are toasted and crunchy and the inner sides soft. Spread biscoff on the soft side. Yumm

      • I liked it on crumpets but wasn't a fan on toast.

  • Recently discovered these amazing biscuits - and vegan friendly!

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