This was posted 1 year 7 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired

$30 off $100 Spend @ Countdown


Received the code from ads popped up during mobile game

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Woolworths (Formerly Countdown)
Woolworths (Formerly Countdown)

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    Just did a test and worked for me on three boxes of Speights.

    Good cart filler: 1/2 price Sistema storage boxes

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      Bought 6 x 60L containers with 1. the $30 off code, 2. Amex card, 3 Kiwiwallet cashback. Have made the most of it. : )

      • Is it countdown delivery or pick up for kiwi wallet rebate?

        • I always use pickup. The store is quite near anyway.

          • @xsolider: Thanks. I didn't realise they still offer rebate on pick up orders as in the T&C, it states the cash back is only available for delivery orders.

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              @Superpower21: That's interesting as I never noticed that. But the pickups appear to be always working regardless of what is stated in the Ts&Cs.

    • They supplied 5 containers instead of 6. Not sure how much I will be charged then. Credit card still showing full amount pending.

  • Thanks OP - just got 50 500ml bottles of sugar free V for $1.40 a bottle…

  • Thank you OP, got a few packs of $20 meat packs and some nappies.

  • Thank you, and you can only use it once. :)

  • Thank you OP, definitely making the most of this to stock up on essentials.

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    Beer x enough sorted for the week. Many thanks.

  • Absolute legend OP, filled my trolley full of nappies, cat food, toilet paper, soy milk, tinned tomatoes etc, and click and collecting on my way home from work. Cheers!

  • Thanks OP

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    If you're super lazy, there's a 30 day free trial of delivery saver (if you cancel before the end of the trial period):

    • Is there a way to use the trial if you have used it before?

  • When does this code expire?

  • Thanks OP. Worked for me and stock up on the beers

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    Brilliant find! Thank you! Tinned tomatoes are on special for $0.60 and Treasures nappy pants are 2 for $24 so it combo'd for some extra good savings

  • got nappies and beer! Thank you

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    I'm stacking with this deal

  • Awesome deal! Does anyone know what may happen to the discount if an item is made out of stock during picking, no substitutions, and the new total is under $100?

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      Nothing. The discount is applied at checkout, they’re not going to make you pay it back if an item is out of stock lol

    • You will be charged when you pickup your order. Total value can be different if there are substitutions or cancelled items.

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      Just received the invoice for my order which come to $90 after some cancellations. I still received the full $30 discount on that which was great!

  • Thanks OP! Bought 5x 20 dollar cat Biscuits. He's sorted for a good while now :)

  • trash tag time

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    Awesome. Picked up rubbish tags.

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      Yep, two accounts and we're set for almost a year. Cheers OP.

  • Great find thanks - was planning on buying more Sistema storage this week so this saved me doing the Mitre 10 price beat lol

  • Mint cheers man. Mean deal thank you

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    Thank you OP. Got just over $100 groceries, less the discount and less the $15 voucher I had. Bought the total down to $56

  • Thank you.

  • Awesome deal, i was about to use the $10 off 150 that they sent me but saw this just in time!

  • Thanks op, it's working

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    Thank you!

    Such a good week for it.. They have 60c tins of tomatoes, $2 cucumbers, 2 x bags of 1kg frozen watties peas for $5 (usually $4.70 each) and a whole heap of other great deals!

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    Brilliant! Thank you so very much. I guess gaming pays off in more ways than one, after all!

    • I know right, I'll have to train myself to not close game ads quite so quickly

  • Awesome, right on shopping day!! Thanks

  • Beautiful, discounted grocery while on undies!

  • Thank you OP!

  • Thanks OP.

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    Code has now expired

    • Really!? I just completed my order 5mins ago…

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        Same, placed my order at 15:12, good thing I did..
        Sorry for everyone that missed out but thanks OP!

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          My order was confirmed at 15:21 lol

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    I was just about to send my order though and it expired :(

    • Same :'(

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    I thought it was meant to expire on the 30th so I took my sweet time and now missed out noooo

  • OP is the GOAT. Thanks!

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    got a lot of online orders to complete now lol

    • Annnnd GO!!

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        wow what a long run. and very odd orders. my favourite was the person who ordered about 70L of water and 2 toothpastes. glad its over and spots are closed lol

        • Do you know how refunds are going to work? I only got 14 of my 50 Vs =[

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            @Vish: no sorry ive only been here a couple months i think its just automatically done

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    I was going to place an order later but now it's sadly expired. Oh well.

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    Anyone got their order cancelled? Weird that my order for pick up tomorrow got cancelled. .. Placed the order at 10am this morning.

    • how many orders have you placed?

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        2: 1 on my account and 1 on my missus.
        Paid using the same card though, so perhaps that's why . .

        • yep, you need to use different cards, you can use same name/phone/onecard tho

  • My order tonight cancelled as well

    • Bugger say it ain't so.. when was your pickup? Steeling expectations for my own order cancellation.

  • I got mine, put through at 1pm and picked up at 4pm

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    So, $1600 to get enough e-stamps to get a "free" 16-piece cutlery set from Countdown, or, take the $30 you saved today from your $100 spend, add $13 to it and buy a 16-piece Wiltshire cutlery set from Spotlight.

    I know which promotion I prefer.

  • Just picked up mine that i ordered around 12pm

  • My order arrived this evening, no issues! Thank you!

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    SAVE1320 was offered on a website to me for $20 off, havnt used it so maybe it still works, maybe it ended when this one did

      • Stink

    • +3

      …did anyone try SAVE13100?

      • +2

        Quite a few, who used it too late and hence saved at least a $100…🤣

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