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American Express: $40 off $200 Spend @ Countdown & New World


Go to the saved offers tab in the Amex app, add it to your card.

Can use it twice before the expiry date. In store or online

Terms from the app:

  • Countdown: Offer valid in-app, online at www.countdown.co.nz or in-store at Countdown. Payment can be made with a combination of your American Express card and Onecard, however only the amount charged to your American Express Card will be valid for the offer.
  • New World: Offer valid in-app, online at www.newworld.co.nz or in-store at New World. Payment can be made with a combination of your American Express card and Clubcard points/New World Dollars, however only the amount charged to your American Express Card will be valid for the offer.
  • Offer is limited to $80 credit per Card to which the offer is saved and only spend on this Card counts towards the Offer.
  • Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly with your Card to which the offer is saved via above noted payment methods. Offer valid at New Zealand apps, websites and locations only.
    Excludes transactions made through a third party establishment or payment processor.
  • Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
  • Credit should appear on your billing statement within 15 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from the offer end date.
  • Credit will not be applied to your Card Account if your Card has been suspended or cancelled.
  • Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.

Referral Links

Airpoints: random (42)

Referrer gets 15 Airpoints Dollars. Referees should select the Airpoints card if not taken to the correct Amex card.

Airpoints Platinum: random (52)

Referrer gets 40 Airpoints Dollars. Referees should select the Airpoints Platinum card if not taken to the correct Amex card.

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  • +2

    Looks to be targeted.

    • +1

      Based on the previous Amex offers people have had success calling Amex and seeing if it can be applied. Also it might just take a little while to show up in the app

      • +2

        Based on your comment, I messaged them. They said they definitely cannot add offers.

      • +1

        I also messaged them in the past and they gave me a strong no as well

        • I messaged as well - the 1st time they said NO - but we got cut off - when I resumed talking to someone else they gave me a phone # and told me to ring it - when I rang it they were able to add it to my card - took them a while to find the right one - they seemed to be searching through a huge list of very similar ones, each with slight differences - did take quite a while to show in app though

  • Do I have to spend $200 in one single receipt or it can be multiple transactions? Not stated in the T&Cs

    • +2

      My guess would be in one transaction.

      • +1

        Oh well - is not that hard to spend $200 in a single visit anyway these days :(

        • Wonder if gift-cards / phone credit counts.

          • @Wakrak: Any luck with buying a $200 gift card?

            • @bench: You'll have to ask someone else. I don't have a credit card.

            • +1

              @bench: Yes, I have done it before. Best to buy the gift card from countdown as you will also get onecard points. No Flybuys or airpoints when buying gift cards from new world.

    • +2

      Just talked to the online agent. 'You can make multiple transactions upto $200 or more'.

      • Sweet thanks!

    • Is filling Fuel at New world considered a "spend" in New World ?

  • Not in mine, targeted :/

  • +1

    They also have a spend $100 get $15 back on fuel too which isn't too bad (BP, Waitomo, Gull).

    • Did not get this offer

  • +1

    I'm loving these offers. Got the Amex card recently based on the free Airpoints with the plan to cancel but they may just keep me on board at this rate. Well played Amex

    • +1

      amex airpoints rate is about 1.3% airpoints$ back - makes me happy (personal card)
      comes with phn sceeen insurance can be handy

      you may be interested in their

      their GOLD card which is my other favourtie 1% cashback (via points once you redeem them), wifes card

      On the gold sign up it was $300 credit
      $200 card fee per year
      all gold card comes with 2x$100 restaurant 'rebates mostly upper class like $100/pp minimum!, but a few middle class (Odette's Ponsonby, AKL. Meal rebates restricted to 1x6months based on calendar year

  • Bummer, don’t have it on my app.

  • The Fuel Offer one took a few days to appear on my app last time, so fingers crossed this one eventually shows up

  • +1

    I’ve received an earnings boost of 1 Airpoints Dollar per $59 spent instead of the usual $100 spent on the basic Amex Airpoints card for September + October, but this offer isn’t showing for me unfortunately.

    • Same here

    • Same, and I keep forgetting to use the Amex for the groceries.

  • Didn't see it in the app definitely targeted. Don't bother ask the customer service cause they said no last time. Maybe I should try cancel my card see if they would add me to the "special list".🐒🐒🐒😂😂

  • Found it on the AMEX Express Airpoints Card but it's not offered my Airpoints Platimum.

    Make sure you check both if you have more than 1 card as the offer could be different.

  • Do you happen to have the direct link to the offer on amex website? I’ve had good mileage with being able to add some “targeted” offers that way when they’re not actually restricted but just not discoverable

  • Called Amex, no luck adding it to my card

  • For those that did not see the offer before could probably try again. Just managed to registered the Grocery offer in the app.

    Make sure you scroll down further and look between your transactions.

  • Will this kind of offer available to no annual fee AMEX airpoint card?

  • Merged from [Targeted] American Express: Spend $200 or More, Get $40 Back (Two Uses) @ Countdown or New World
    Go to Deal

    Saw this in my Amex app this morning, not sure if it’s targeted 🤔

    Can be used twice

    You need save the offer to your account first.
    Applies to the first 10000 cards to save the offer.

    • +3

      Can confirm it’s targeted.

      Neither of our cards received it :)
      Most Amex offers are targeted.

    • +1

      Targeted. This offer has been around for a while now

    • +1

      I didnt get that, but have had it before. However I did get the following offer yesterday - Unlock 7.99% p.a. interest on your new purchases for 6 months.

    • +2

      WTF I never get the offers for supermarkets??

      Haven’t had an offer for a while either…

    • This has been running for some time now , already got $40 cash back.

    • I wonder if I spend too much on it, I have like never ever had any targeted offers on this (Except right at the start)

      • I have been with Amex for about eight months and to begin with the offers were coming in thick and fast. Haven't had a new one in a while now. Hopefully they don't just offer them to you when you start out

        • They have promotional periods. Throughout the year. It will come, don't worry ;)

    • Didn't get it :(

    • Not for me either

    • been running for awhile now

    • Called and manged to add on deal to my card a month ago. Worth a call!

  • What expiry date do people have for this offer if you got it added? I’m sure we had an expiry of March 2023 but it disappeared from the app before we could spend the second $200

    • 20 March

      • Yeah that rings a bell and is consistent with my memory of March. Can anyone confirm if the offer disappears after you use it fully? The problem is that the first time we qualified with $200 spend we got an email confirming that. And the $40 was credited the next day. But this time (2 days ago) no email confirmation and no credit (and the offer has disappeared so I’m worried about proof if anything goes awry).

        • Same thing happened to me - it just disappeared and I know it was a March expiry. Did you sort it out at all?

          • @Log2: They just told me it can take up to 90 days which is crapola because it didn’t send me the email to confirm that I made the qualifying spend (I did). Does anyone have a screenshot of the offer? @Log2 did you redeem the offer once or nonce?

            • @ahmad: Same as you. I qualified once, got the email and the funds appeared pretty quickly. But no email this time and the offer is gone. I found a screenshot that I took when the offer came out. https://ibb.co/xF8J50x

              • @Log2: Great job! Let me know if you have any progress as I’ve pretty much been told I can’t do anything for 90 days. Interested to hear from anyone that has redeemed it twice and if so whether it disappeared from their saved offers after that.

                • @ahmad: I have received my $40 rebate from the first $200 spend, working on the second lot now. Same situation as others above, can't see this promo on my app anymore. Will use the contract support function on the app and seek clarity. Will keep everyone posted once I know more, very strange how it just disappear before it even expires.

                  • @ycw123: I didn’t have a screenshot to submit but all I was told via live chat was that it could take up to 90 days so not to worry. I’m worrying.

                    I assume everyone got an email for the first $40 but no email after the next $200 spend?

                    • @ahmad: it's just strange that it has been removed from my active list of offers, still need a bit more spend to reach my second lot of $200 spend.

                    • @ahmad: Don't worry. I used lots of AMX promotions in the past, I didn't always get emails but always got the rebate. You should be fine.

                      • @Superpower21: Wow and just like that I have the second $40! Good luck to everyone else especially those who haven’t spent but have had the offer disappear

                        • @ahmad: Yay! This is why I love AMX, always give me more value than other cards.

                        • @ahmad: just an updated, I have actually received both of the $40 rebates already, I just forgot about it… hence the promo has been completed and removed from my list.

  • Hi can someone please confirm that buying Countdown gift cards will be eligible for the $40 rebates?

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