Farmer Brown Size 6 Colony Eggs 18 Pack $7.50 @ The Warehouse (in-Store Only)


Farmer Brown Size 6 Colony Eggs 18 Pack LIMIT OF 2 PER CUSTOMER. In store only.
I just grabbed it today. Didn't know when price will change.

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The Warehouse
The Warehouse


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    great price - but doesn't look like its in stock in many areas though? None in Alexandra when I checked this morning and all Otago shows out of stock

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    Newmarket always has milk and eggs in stock. F.y.i.

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    Also, at The Warehouse, look out for the same eggs for $5.00 for a dozen (so that equates to the same price per egg.)

  • Been buying them at that price for over a month now. Stoked as.

    • What time do you go? They're always out of stock at every store when I go

      • Thyere usually in stock in botany/ manukau

        Can you call the store in advance? They can check their stock on their computer more accurately than on their website

      • Tuesday mornings. Seem to be lucky and they have plenty.

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