$0.12 off Per Litre, Free Hot Beverage + Free Premium Car Wash @ Mobil (New App Registered User Only)


12c off Per Litre, Free Coffee + Free Premium Car Wash @ Mobil (New App Registered User Only)

Not the first time this deal has popped up, but last time it was posted it was .10¢ off. I know there are a number of cheapies with new Sims, so may as well make the most of them.

Download smiles app for freebies.

12 cents off per litre up to 100 litres.

Free coffee or any hot drink.

Free car wash. Any grade, but choose premium.

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    • They like the free publicity on cheapies. Minor tweak here and there.

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      The one benefit is exposure. YouTube Premium x India on OzBargain is a classic example. Had it not been for reposts, many members would not have known about it (myself included). Obviously this deal isn't to that level, but it's probably why the rules have a few key exceptions when it comes to duplicate posts:

      The original deal is active but older than 6 months.

      The duplicate gains an excessive amount of positive votes (10+) and the original deal was posted more than 24 hours ago.

      The item is not in the title of the original deal and the duplicate deal is active or will be active on the day it is posted.

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        I agree… Imagine if we didn't find out about the latest update to a Briscoes sale. It would be gutting

        • 😄

      • speaking of yt premium, I'm on it via Argentina and paying 179 ARS = ~2.10nzd/month for the family plan
        Just curious, how much are you paying via India?

        • I pay via Argentina as well. $2.19 for the family plan.

          • @Wakrak: ah nvm then, if you wanna save a couple cents pay with ur wise card haha

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      Not every post on this site is for YOU. Having a toxic whinge about deals will discourage people from posting new deals in fear of these comments. First time i've seen this post so it's definitely worth the effort

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        Never saw and thankful for repost

  • I'm not here to argue sorry if I upset YOU

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    Thanks for posting this deal. I had not seen any of the previous posts so didn't know about this offer. Will sign up now (mostly for the free car wash and coffee, Disney+ has me covered for fuel for the next fill).

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    Whenever I need a carwash I get $1 SIM cheaper than paying for the carwash

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