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$0.10c off Per Litre, Free Hot Beverage + Free Premium Car Wash @ Mobil (New App Registered User Only)


This deal has been around a while with the level of fuel discount changing from time to time.
Previously posted by @wowbigdeal here back in October last year here when the fuel discount was at 12c.
Currently the offer is all of the below:

  • 10c off Per Litre of Fuel excl LPG (up to 100L)
  • Free Coffee or any Hot Beverage
  • Free Car Wash of any grade - so may as well choose the Premium Wash. Note: Excludes Mobil Ormiston Road

To use:

  • Download Mobil Smiles App for iOS and Android
  • Register your account: New accounts only and requires phone number
  • Offers visible under the 'Rewards' tab on the app and are valid for 30 days from activation of account

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  • +1

    Any fake number websites to recieve the activation code?

    • +1

      $1 Warehouse Simcard is an option, but that isn't the cheapies way.. 😂

      • Anyone else experienced issues trying to use Warehouse numbers in iPhone 6s? (not an issue with only one phone as I have tried different warehouse numbers in different 6s phones but none working)

        • +1

          No issues with Warehouse Mobile numbers, but I haven't tried it on a phone that old!
          I've only used an iPhone 11 or Samsung A10.

        • +1

          I Always put warehouse sim on my 6s, no issues

        • +1

          Did you try sim on a different non Apple phone? I mentioned in a post somewhere that TWH simcards have an expiry date, even tho they are not printed on the packs

  • Does the 10cent off stack with their 10cent off on Tuesday?

    • +1

      No, you can't use it in conjunction with any other offer.
      It's 10c off the pump price (so would only work if the pump price is discounted already).

      I personally don't worry about the fuel discount and just take advantage of a free hot drink and carwash.

      • thanks

  • Anyone had any issues with receiving the 'verification code' using a Kogan mobile sim? I've tried multiple Kogan numbers with zero luck.

    • Haven't tried Kogan for a while so honestly not sure if they have issues with the verification.
      Definitely no problems with Warehouse mobile or Spark.

  • Have u tryed it in another phone as they blocked mine

  • How much is the Premium Car wash worth?

    • Think it is about $18

    • $22 in tauranga for a works wash

      • That sounds expensive!
        I don't take too much notice of the price (since it's free) but I didn't think it was that much.
        Maybe it is the same here - I'll have to check.

        • just moved here and instantly noticed the difference since i frequently use this deal. If i remember correctly, it was 18 in auckland.

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