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Samsung 980 M.2 500GB $49, Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR4-3200 Ram $129, AMD Ryzen 5 5600 $199 + More @ Computer Lounge (Instore)


Computer Lounge grand opening deals. Instore only (Auckland)

Some notable deals
Samsung 980 NVMe M.2 SSD 500GB $49
PNY CS1031 1TB Gen3 M.2 NVMe SSD $79
Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4-3200 Memory $129
AMD Ryzen 5 5600 Processor $199
ASUS GeForce RTX 3070 Ti ROG Strix OC 8GB Graphics Card $899
Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 49" VA Gaming Monitor $2099
Acer Nitro 5 144Hz R7-5800H 512GB RTX3080 Gaming Laptop $2650
+ more


Come visits us at Unit A, 68 Carbine Road
Mt Wellington, Auckland
We are excited to share our brand new CL showroom.
It's bigger and better with more brands and products for you to try and experience.
We would like to thank all our customers that have supported us to help us make this possible. To celebrate this milestone we will be running a grand opening in-store sale over the next few days, so please pop in for a look around while also grabbing a great deal.
PS: We will also be running an online grand opening promotion soon, so stay tuned.

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  • Can you link to those deals/pricing?

    I searched and checked the components sale page to find the PNY 1TB NVME or the Cosair 32GB kit but can't see any at those noted prices.

    • The sale is in-store only

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      It's only on the page that OP has already linked to.

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      It’s instore only pricing at this stage so limited to those who reside in Auckland.
      Supposedly there will be an online grand opening sale so will keep an eye on that

  • The pricing in general seems odd - the Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones are displayed on the "grand opening" page at $499 but when you go into the Audio page link off that, they're listed at $599 "grand opening price".

  • Lumi LDT49-C024 Desk Mounted Dual Monitor Arm for $99 seems pretty decent, might just grab one

    • Nice. How did you land this for $99?
      Or did they just bump the price back up on their website - it's showing as $145.

      • All website pricing is for online purchases
        The advertised sale pricing is only valid when instore

      • yeah as per tmurder91's comment, gotta go instore to be able to get it for $99

  • Does anyone know if the products on the grand opening page are the ONLY ones which are on sale? Or if they will have good pricing on other items in store too?

  • Grand opening? did they launch another store?

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      They have no new address listed anywhere. I think they may have extended their current showroom on Carbine Road by leasing next door.

      • +7

        Oh yeah, Should Be Grand Re-opening or Grand Side-Opening lol

  • Sigh and I was trying to save my money…

  • +2

    …where is the new store?

    Clicked the link but there doesn't seem to be any address anywhere. Is it in Auckland? Where in Auckland? North Shore by any chance?

  • Does anyone know where the new store is? Can not find it on their on-sale page.

    • +1

      Carbine Road, next to the old one, see above

      • Thanks.

    • Have updated post with email content. But the new address listed is Unit A, 68 Carbine Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland

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    Terrible customer service these days. I'm done with them.

    • +1

      what happened?

      • Sold a faulty part, charged me $90 to test it, and didn't actually test it. They completely misdiagnosed the problem; blamed a different part - thus sending me on a week-long run-around due to their incompetence. Manager was a rude idiot that frankly shouldn't be working with computers because they don't even understand the basics. Showroom and 'technicians' do not communicate with each other. Smarmy counter staff too - the types that throw an RMA form and pen down in front of you while they play on their phones.

        • Sad, they were so good when they had their forum going

          • @Foodie: Very sad indeed. Considering how long I've done business with them…. since back when they were on New North Rd and we used to have cones out the back, around 2006.

    • What happened to their customer service may I ask?

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    Just to update here, a group of my colleagues went to the store, all items on the initial page were there as advertised and at said prices. Definitely worth a visit, a number of Akko mechanical keyboards at $59 as well which was good value.

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    Just came from there and picked up a few things. Just FYI for anyone planning on going… They've moved to the last/corner store of where they used to be (not next door). The place next door is some random computer store that sells second hand computers by the looks of it.

    • lmao yeah i walked into the store right next door thinking "this place doesnt look like i imagined it to"

    • Was there any other items of note in-store that were not listed online?

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      I too, went into that shop, lol.

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    Good to see price drops for the 30x GPUs, about bloody time.

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    Actually some really good deals, 980 FOR $49!!! 5600 for $199!! wtf xD

    • +1

      This is perfect for me lol, just sold my r5 3600 for 199 on marketplace haha

      • +1

        3600 is 229 brand new rn oml u ripped that guy off xd

    • You mean a GTX 980 GPU? Like clearing really old stock

      What else did you find instore?

      • +1

        980 evo ;)

      • It is a Samsung 980 M.2 500GB SSD, not the last one but has a pretty fast W/R speed though.

  • Got the PNY 1tb and 5600 yesterday. Some really good deals there and their new showroom is cool haha. The old place they told me they were going to use as a service center.

  • Deals are online too now but they’ve bumped up the prices lol

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