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$5 off $50 Spend, Market Kitchen 1.5kg Flour $1, Babywise Baby Wipes 80pk $1 @ The Warehouse (MarketClub)


Not too bad this week. Their flour is well priced at $1.50 so for $1.00 I'll be buying a few - limit 6.

How to get these offers:

  • Download The Warehouse app and login/register.
  • You should now see a MarketClub banner on your home screen, follow the prompts to join.
  • Make sure you have latest version of the app.
  • Offers can be used in any The Warehouse store, in the app and online.

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  • Saving $0.20 on the flour. Previous flour deals (for feedback).

    If you have a MarketClub account already, you don't need to buy through the app. Will also work on browser.

    As such, it's good practice to link to the products you mention in the title.

    • +1

      Ah sorry was doing it off my phone then had to run.

    • Hi Wakrak,

      I hadn't considered that really.

      However, if I login to my '' account, and search for flour, I see it at $1.20 per 1.5kg bag.

      Should I see $1.00, or am I missing the point (again)?



      • It’s MarketClub accessed through The Warehouse app/website not The Market.

        • Of course, my mind must have …

          • @Alan6984: The Warehouse Group marketing team absolutely naming with the name MarketClub.
            Definitely stops confusion.
            Clear as mud!

            • @bigcheese: Yes - brilliant move I agree!

              If I login to my account, and go here:


              I see a QR code which it says is my MarketClub membership code, so I am pretty sure I have that setup.

              However, I still see the flour at $1.20 on TWL's site?

              Help me oh beeg cheese, you're my only hope!

              • @Alan6984: You're just about there!

                Add the flour to your cart (when logged in) and go to the checkout.
                You should see the discount applied at that point.

                My previous comment was meant to say they nailed it by naming it Market Club - not sure what happened to that sentence.

                • @bigcheese: Doh doh doh.

                  Thank you :-)

                • @bigcheese: I was no more confused by your confusing sentence, than their confusing naming of all things generically!

                  I am picking up stuff from the warehouse, that I bought at the market, using my club membership.

                  They must really hate that they bought Noel Leeming, and haven't yet renamed it as, 'Any Electrical Goods Retailer', and whoever came up with Torpedo7 probably got put up against the wall and shot by the marketing department (getting in there first, before the revolution).

                  • @Alan6984: But if you buy it from The Market and spend over $45, then you can get it delivered free with MarketClub+ membership.
                    Although you need to pay $1.20 for each packet of flour as your MarketClub discount is not applicable there.

                    That should clear up all confusion.

                    • @bigcheese: I'm going past tomorrow - I'll pick it up, along with my free $25 of stuff from SCA :-[)

  • +6

    Bigger you beat me to it.

    Was going to include that the baby wipes discount stacks like last time making it even cheaper.

    For example the
    12x for $16.50 stacks to bring the price to $10.86
    24x for $31.50 stacks to bring the price to $20.75
    48x for $63 stacks to bring the price to $41.40
    96x for $126 stacks to bring the price to $82.80 and gives you the $5 discount making it $77.80 for 96 of them

    Best value is if you buy 59x and use the $5 off $50 discount so total it costs is $45.65 bringing it to $0.77 each

    • +1

      Thanks Tmurder91,
      Perfect timing as I needed to restock on wipes.
      Purchased 59 packets in-store and it came to $44.29 with all the discounts, so 75 cents per packet. This will last me a while!

      • Save me the maths, is that cheaper than refilling the huggies tub with the big refill packs?

        • How much is the refill pack and what size packet?

          Given that its only $0.77 for a pack of 80 I would assume that getting this, cutting the pack open, and filling the huggies tub is a lot cheaper

    • The reviews are a bit of a laugh. People bemoaning the $0.50 price increase that happened a few months back.

      • Good thing a cheapie exists to offset any price increase + more lol

    • Hi, could you clarify what you mean, or has it been fixed.

      • Are you talking to Tmurder91? If so, log in to your MarketClub account, add the amount he/she specified above, and you'll the price that is mentioned, at checkout. Just did it now with 96 packets. Comes down to $77.80 at checkout.

        • Ohh, my bad. I thought the deal was the multi buy.

  • Keep an eye on the best before dates with the flour.
    I’ve purchased this in bulk before only to find it only had a couple of weeks on the date.

    • +1

      Flour will be fine well past the best before date, as long as it is stored in a sealed container, in a cool dry place. Its not a 'use-by' date.

      If you are worried about weevils - that why people sieve flour :-)

      • Yes, I had gotten the free 20kg bag of flour for 'businesses' (I have NZBN) on cheapies during lockdown I think. My grandma just finished using that 20kg bag lol was past the best before date but still good to use.

    • +1

      Keep flour in a cool dark place(or airtight container) and it should last 12-18 months past the BB and be fine. Self raising flour will decrease in quality a bit over time.

      If flour changes colour or has a sour smell or clumps up then it's gone off

  • Added the Back Country deal. I must've swiped past it this morning.

  • Has anyone tried their Market Kitchen Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

    I like their Oleo Martos Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but looks like they might be phasing it out.

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