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Alienware 38" Curved Gaming Monitor (AW3821DW) $359.01 @ Dell NZ


Might be an error but get on it while you can

got this from OzBargain but had to go to the New Zealand site.

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    There's no way they'll be honouring this :D

  • Got one too 🤞

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    Showing $1874.24 on final review order page. Guys be careful before submitting order

    • I was very close to clicking submit order when I noticed that it had changed. Looks like it's fixed again?

    • Yeah :(

  • Just triple check the price in the final page before you hit submit button. I'm sure it will catch a few people out. Imagine celebrating your heavily discounted monitor when it arrives in a months time, only to discover a massive $1800 bill from Dell in your CC statement another month later lol

  • I was able to get the sale before price change. https://ibb.co/Lrj5kmF
    Thanks for the sweet deal OP

  • Nah the deal doesnt appear to be working anymore.

  • Ahhh was just on a flight and missed out on the up again deal haha

  • Just be aware that if they do cancel it may be some time before the refund comes through.

  • Bugger I was too slow for this one

  • hows the student voucher thing work ? is there a verification for being an actual student ?

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      No. Just enter the email and receive the coupon. I think you can only get coupon once per email.

  • price error on sales page that changes to normal price in cart but is fixed now

  • Made the order but have not been charged

    • normal for dell. you get a summary within a few minutes Your Dell Order Has Been Received

      Then within 24 hours you should get a proper order confirmation and charge (for custom spec laptops etc it can take up a few weeks for that charge)

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    Geez I’m late to the party!

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      dont stress too much, this will hardly be honored
      probably thousands of orders from au+nz

      • True, given how many up votes it had on the OzBargain site, if they honoured it they'd probably be down $millions.

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    Am I missing something. 1080p 32 inch screen doesnt seem fantastic.

    • 1600p, and 38". It's a top of the line monitor (at least in the Dell lineup)

      • +nano ips, ultrawide

  • Haha I’m way too invested in that OzB thread, it’s jokes.

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      Old mate who made it look like his/her order had been confirmed 😄

  • is it only me who sees the OP monitor for $5,589.00 now?

    • I see that 😂😂😂

    • Yeah true, from one extreme to another!

      • +1

        theyre already trying to make up for their financial loss

    • Now it's removed from the site entirely. Must have sold them all at that low low price!

  • Just got the email that the order has been cancelled due to pricing error

    • Same lol

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      Just got it too. It's a weird email in terms of looking very unprofessional - just plain text, name template crappy, marked 'internal use - confidential'. You think they could have put in more effort.

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        looks like a marketing email that got passed around and they forgot to remove the footer before sending it out externally.

        That product is gonna get review-bombed the moment it goes back online.

        I understand why the orders weren't honored but Dell could have done a better job handling this mistake they made

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          i agree that they couldve handled this better but from all the price errors i have experienced, most of the time it ends exactly like this. Poorly written email and thats all

          cant wait to leave a review on the product when it comes back up though

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          The email was so crappy it almost looks like spam.

          Interesting that they have completely removed the monitor from their website now. You reckon that's to avoid review bombing? Seems like a crappy approach in of itself.

          While it was expected they would cancel, it feels like they have handled it all pretty poorly really. I would have at least sent a more apologetic and professional email much quicker, with a small voucher and/or a reasonable offer/discount on the monitor. That is, turn a crap situation into something at least slightly positive. Anyway, it is what it is.

        • Haha. The only thing dell is good at is pissing people off. Check out reviews on any website but theirs.

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        Yep very careless its a shame we dont have better consumer laws in nz and aus.

  • Ahh bugger, oh well. Ozbargain thread was a good laugh at least

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      Muzeeb didn't sort it out for them all over there then.

  • now i need to wait for the next good monitor deal

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    We are sorry to inform you that your order of “Dell Alienware 38 Monitor - AW3821DW”, Order # has been cancelled due to a pricing error. Your payment method will not be charged for this order, or a credit will be issued promptly.

    We at Dell appreciate your business and are working hard to prevent similar issues in the future. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.


    • Same email here.

      Got a good chuckle out of the last line

      Internal Use - Confidential

      • +1

        Yes this is confidential between Web admin and us. Don't tell Dell bosses of the stuff up lol.

  • got cancelation letter also

  • Did anyone actually ordered 27" 4k qc one? Is that also cancelled?

    That cancelation email looks so dodgy in terms of wording and no branding what so ever. Looks like marketing team will also have a field day today lol.

    • damn, should have ordered the 27" one. Had my eye on it for sometime now. But maybe it would have cancelled too, I guess.

    • Yep received a cancellation email for that one also

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    working hard to prevent similar issues in the future.

    Noooo! Please don't!


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    Google is taunting me now

    • It's a shame that pricespy isn't useful for these price errors. But then again I didn't know I "needed" a 38" top of the range monitor I couldn't afford.

    • +1

      And you didn't post the countdown deal? 🤣

  • OzBargainers have been flooding the Dell AU productreview page with 1 star reviews because they didn't get the monitor that most of us knew had little chance of being delivered in the first place.


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      Wow that’s a heck of a read. Seems a very toxic post.

      Aus & NZ have very strong consumer protection laws.
      But at 90% off it was an obvious error.
      Not to mention there were easily thousands of orders. A couple of dozen might have slipped unnoticed but not orders of magnitude more.

      Sad to see people getting so upset and untitled about it.

      Dell could have handled it better, but no one deserves that. I feel sorry for the front line staff playing cleanup for weeks and getting abuse for it

      • Nz doesnt have strong consumer laws compared to the UK

    • it's weird that the order is still visible on the Orders page when you sign in to a Dell account. I know there was a very little chance this gets honoured but I have to admit I'm still holding onto a little bit of hope lmao.

      I don't think all the hate they're getting right now is warranted, but I can understand why the hate exists, they just handled the whole thing as horribly as they could have. Dell earned USD101B this FY, I can't feel too sorry for them as a company. Sucks to be the workers though

      • Yeah, I think thats what bothers me. When people go and be assholes to the frontline staff, it just ruins the day of the barely-above-minimum-wage worker.

        Take your frustration out in a more meaningful way.

        Speaking of companies making huge profits, did you see that Kathmandu are down something like 40% profit despite being UP in sales. Wonder if the recent gift card deal that was here was just the tip of the iceberg for things

  • Some of the Aussies managed to get the monitor delivered.

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