This was posted 8 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • out of stock

Alienware 38" Curved Gaming Monitor (AW3821DW) $359.01 @ Dell NZ


Might be an error but get on it while you can

got this from OzBargain but had to go to the New Zealand site.

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    More “price errors” someone linked on the OB thread.

  • Order so fingers & toes crossed }:-D

  • Ordered thanks. Seems dell have honored price errors in the past

  • I ordered too! Fully expecting it to be cancelled haha.

    (SAVINGS - $2,520.00)
    TOTAL $359.01

  • 100% expecting this to be cancelled, but worst case is a refund. Hope this goes through!

  • +5

    Ordered one for $333.58 using Student discount

  • yeah looks like a legit price error

    Still worth a try just in case

  • Wow, just bought a cheap monitor but this one was just too good to pass up

    Add: Order isn't coming up in my account just yet.

  • The new price is almost definitely meant to be the discount.

  • Order placed, waiting to be canceled

  • I ordered one. Doubtful it will ship, interesting to see

    • Just got a order cancelled email

  • Did anyone get any order confirmation or pending charge yet? I am sure it's a pricing error but no emails or pending charge yet.

    • +1

      "Order has Been Received" email showed up 5-7mins later. Usually 12-24hrs to confirm & charge visa card.

      • Got the order confirmation email. Now waiting for the cancelation email lol.

    • +2

      Yeah have order confirmation. No payment taken from the cc though.

  • Sure seems to have been OzB'd /Cheapied:

    Apologies, we are facing a temporary outage while fetching payment information.

    :( Still waiting…

  • +1

    Managed to place my order and received order confirmation. Fingers crossed!

  • Not letting me add to cart. Bugger.
    Excellent find OP!

  • Yeah looks like they're onto it or getting hammered, can't even get to the checkout :(

  • +1

    Damn. Was so close to getting my order in. Dell 27" 4K USB-C monitor, $138 using the student code.

    That'll teach me for getting Subway on the way to work.

    • Still working on the NZ site, from what I can tell.

      • I can't get past 'checkout'.

        • Oh yea, I see the rotating square now. Damn.

    • That damn square

    • Did you manage to get anything in the end?
      I missed out on the first wave but then just after 12pm they let some more orders slip through and I got mine placed then.

      Will be interesting to see how they handle the cleanup of this one

      • +1

        Got the 38" in the Go to Deal link. Yet to be charged though.

        • shows as $2015 now is that correct?

          • @Krnkk19: Deal is over.

            • @ace310: Bugger missed it twice in a day :O

              • @Krnkk19: You snooze you lose. Jokes aside, not keeping any hopes up on this one. But in case it goes through, christmas gifts sorted as this is going straight to TM lol.

  • can't place order

  • I have it in my cart but that's as far as I can get…

  • Thanks for the deal, I also purchased one. Many people purchased so I doubt dell will honor any of them but hoping for the best!

  • not letting me checkout, maybe they caught it?

  • oh boy 5min late

  • +2

    Tried to get NL to do a pricematch. No luck.

    • :(

    • Let me guess, you got the generic answer "we can't price match with our supplier" right?

      • +1

        Something about T&Cs. 'Dell isn't a website we can pricematch with'.

    • What's the Noel Leeming link? Thanks

      • Depends what monitor you're after. Just search noel leeming monitor dell.

    • This is because dell is not a retailer they are more of a supplier so we do not price match with them

      Lol that is very vague wording on their part

  • I am kicking myself now!

  • Got one 10 mins ago. Thanks

  • Good find, too bad I was stuck in a meeting

  • Aussie pricing got fixed so assume ours won't be far behind

    Jumped on this fast but still can't reach the checkout, erroree out when I got my card detail in.

  • Just got the order confirmation email for a single monitor, and appears in account as received. Still expecting to have it cancelled, otherwise this has to be deal of the year!

    • order confirmation email

      As in the second email or the first one?

      • first one, just recieved, editing post, don't want hopes up!

  • Order completed finally! Weird thing was, I tried bumping the quantity up to 3 and … Well, the total price stayed the same at $333.58, and it went through with that total. 🤣 I doubt they'll honour that, but what a weird glitch!

    • +1

      Ah, damn. Even though the order confirmation page said Qty:3, the email has come through with Qty:1. Knew it was too good to be true!

  • price fixed

  • +4

    And it's gone, careful those with it in your basket as it shows the basket at $350 then will charge the sull $2800 at checkout.

    • Someone in oz bargain is complaining of getting confirmation emails saying full price and getting charged for 3k - I imagine this is what happened to them!

  • +1

    If you're having trouble and already have it in your cart, try navigating to the checkout page:

    That worked for me.

    • It doesn't have the discount for the total price anymore even when using that link :(

    • Legend, that worked for me with the S2722QC :D

      • That's up to $750 in the cart now too

    • Cart items fixed now as well.

  • took too long to decide…sigh!

    • +4

      Can't sit around pondering your navel when there's 87% off, be it an Alienware monitor or a xylophone 🤣

      • back again and did not hesitate this time! Scored 1 for $359….now need to talk to the missus or just wait for the CC bill. lol

        • Woohoo! With things like this I figure either Missus CAC will forgive me when she sees what a bargain I got, or she'll roll her eyes and be salty with me for a day, at which point I tell her it's an investment and selling it will make us at least $1000, probably much more (which incidentally covers all the Cheapies sins of the past 12 months).

        • Still showing $1,874.24 for me. So did you just keep refreshing the page?

  • +7

    Now there's no monitor sale lol

    • Price is discounted on the product page but at checkout the discount is missing 🤔 Could still try your luck on a price match

    • Looks like they are back "on sale" now, showing the correct discounted price.

  • Price shows as $2,879.00 once in cart now

  • +3

    Thanks for the adrenaline rush OP. Always good to have a bit of excitement to break up the Friday.

    • Good way to warm myself up for the ultimate frisbee I'm about to partake in 😄 ampped

  • Was trying to get the S2722QC (shows 80% off lol)
    Good try team haha!

  • Managed to order one now, Now just wait for the cancellation email

  • I got right to the payment part. But not sure if i should proceed as i dont actually want it lol

    • Cheapies way, buy now think later!

      • yea was thinking of reselling but all the cheapies will be flooding trademe too

  • It's back up and working!! I just ordered one at the discounted price!

    • Which monitor are you referring to

      • The OP one.

      • 38" alienware from the deal

    • It was reverting to the full price on checkout, but I just tried again then and it worked. Got confirmation email, etc. And yes original monitor

    • 😯 it's true! Site is working again! Should I order more?? 🤔

      • Haha of course that means its even less likely to be honoured if more of us are ordering!!

      • +1

        Wow, someone's annoyed that they missed out 🤣 Sorry to whoever downvoted. I have a name and reputation to live up to.

    • +1

      Dell have fixed this again. Now just down to $2k

      What a ride!

  • It's back up!!
    Just ordered and confirmed for $359.01

    • Same, ordered 🤞

    • ordered as well, got email but no pending payment on CC yet.

  • lmao just ordered one

  • Sure enough. Ordered for $333.

  • Some poor buggers will be copping a buttload of heat over this atm… the amount of hassle and admin things like this must generate would be an absolute ball ache for your Friday afternoon 🙈🤣

    • weekend is cancelled for Dell's IT dept

  • Yes back on! grabbed another!

  • +1

    Seems they've starting fixing the prices, eg… is showing the correct discount now on product page and cart

    • Dang, can't believe I've missed it. Prices are back to normal on product page and car :`(

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