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50% off First Box, 30% off Second, 10% off Last Box @ Hellofresh (Deactivated Accounts)


Received this code in the mail, may or may not work for you. Probably need a deactivated account…..

Apply the promo code in your settings: FC-MBCD5, click "Reactivate" and choose your meal. This code gets you 50% off the first box, 30% off the second, and 10% off the third box.

Referral Links

$128 off Boxes: random (83)

Referrer gets $50 credit. Referee gets $128 off their first box.

$50 off Boxes: random (43)

Referrer gets $50 credit. Referee gets $50 off their first box.

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    I've been using Hellofresh for 1-2 years now and the quality has gotten significantly worse in the last few months. I think this week will be my last.

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      I'd never pay full price, 40% off or more I can just about tolerate. With a 40 / 40 / 20 / 20 off code over four weeks ill only do the first two weeks then cancel again. We have my account and my Mrs and just alternate between the two as and when codes are available.

      • Yeah I do the same with my wife. We have concluded even the discounted price isn't worth it when the produce is old and the meat is half fat/gristle.

        • I'm in about the same place - at 40% off, it might just about make sense (maybe, possibly) compared to the supermarket, and the quality is not great.

          At least at the supermarket, you can see what you are getting before paying for it, and if you target specials (and especially if you have a decent sized freezer), cost is lower than HF even with 40% or 50% off.

          We'll still do it occasionally if we get the larger discounts, but certainly not every week.

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      Agree. Especially if you forget to pick your favourite meals, you end up with some really lame meals. I get that supply has been hurt badly, but instead of matching the price for their less than interesting dishes, they increased the cost and send beef rissoles (when you get beef) with everything.

      Otherwise, it's pork tacos and curries. Anything minced in rice.

    • We had it last week for the first time in months and agree it was terrible compared to how it was! We used to get it regularly but wouldn’t be paying for it again as is

  • Oops, the code you entered isn’t valid, so we gave you the next best thing: $105 over your next 2 deliveries!

    Gave me two x 30% instead -_-

  • Anyone know if these discount codes can be used more than once?

    • Usually, once the code gets grabbed from these discussions, it's a first in, first served.

  • Here's a code I got snail mailed to me for 50/30/10 percent off over 3 weeks, don't know if it's only for our account or if anyone else can use it. Good luck.


    How do you get off their mailing list? I've unsubscribed from emails but they still send me physical mail, is there any way to stop that from happening?

    • It says the entered code is not correct 😥

  • Once we eventually managed to cancel, they harrased us with phone calls for weeks and I had to formally request they cease contact. Plenty of other food box companies to choose from.
    Personally we just use the meallime app now

  • Seems like it has expired now 😣

  • Here's my 50-30-10 code for a deactivated account if anyone wants it:

    • Hey this one doesn’t work by any chance do you have any other ones ? Thanks :)

      • Sorry that’s the only one I had

  • Theres always bargainbox too, limited menu but first time orders are 50% off

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