This was posted 3 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Auntie Dai Dumplings 500/600g 50% off $5.80 Each @ Countdown


Auntie Dai Dumplings 500/600g 50% off $5.80 Each at Countdown.

These are pretty tasty and at $5.80 a pack is a good time to stock up.

Flavours available are:
Pork and Coriander 600g.
Prawn, Pork & Garlic 500g.
Pork & Garlic Chives 600g.
Vegetarian 600g.

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  • How did you find out about the deal?

    • The Oral B Pro 800 3d toothbrush for half price at $49 is great value

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    Mint they are tasty as.

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      yeah actually good non-asian supermarket dumplings!

      • I think they are Asian dumplings?

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          Yes but sold in a non-Asian supermarket.

          • @Wakrak: Oh true, I miss read that comment, my bad

            • @Juju123: Oh yeah my bad a bit of a confusing comment 😂

  • I actually thought they were really bad dumplings 😂

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      Each to their own but these dumplings are like special blend cheap instant coffee compared with espresso latte. Anyone that has access to an Asian supermarket can find better taste and better value. I've hand made thousands of dumplings myself then tried these and they're almost inedible, but hey people still drink special blend coffee so go hard

      • Good explanation.

        Granted, I would only ever buy these at 50% off because yeah Asian supermarket dumplings trump these 100000%

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      I am Chinese and used to make dumplings myself. I think Antie dai is very good, better than some of those in the Asian shop. I recommended to my friends and they all like it as well.

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        Yes my Chinese friend recommended this brand to me and told me they are really tasty and how cheap they are compared to Asian shop dumplings. I got some and I like it too, the filling could be more but I like that the skin is not too thick and the filling is flavoursome

      • I like these too, reckon they’re pretty decent. Even better at 50% off! Have tried most, if not all, of the NZ made dumplings that are available at various Asian supermarkets, some of which I’d rate worse than these.

        PnS Wairau also have a certain brand of dumplings on a tray that are pretty good as well (haven’t seen them elsewhere). Wouldn’t recommend the Leanne’s kitchen ones tho, they’re definitely not the best.

  • Love them. Thanks.

  • Any recommendations where I could get some decent Russian pork dumplings (or pierogi)?

    • If you are in Auckland, I think Russian store in North Shore makes them - Gastronomy, Albany.

  • next week deal. Now it's $11.80 each, used to be $11 each.

    • +3

      $11.60… but close. Since the last time they were half price (over a year ago) they are now only $0.30 per pack more expensive (at the half price rate).

      • Is the pack size still the same? Either way I've missed this deal - it was one I always jumped on when it came around. These are so much better than the other dumpling options in supermarkets.

      • can't post screenshot of $11 here. I buy auntie dai's dumplings a lot since there're promotions often at countdown. Well they're $11.60 today on countdown website. Hmm they increased prices lately.

  • the only supermarket brand dumplings my son eats!

  • Anyone know if these are on 50% off instore? or is it online only deal?

    • +1

      This is in the weekly mailer. It'll be in-store and online.

      • thanks will check today!

  • Well, I'm fairly stocked up now.
    I also purchased sweet chilli sauce and soy sauce which I've found is delicious to mix together as a dipping sauce.
    Maybe some of our Chinese users could suggest some good dipping sauce?

    • Not a Chinese user, but a good chilli oil (chiu style etc) is one of my favourites

    • I’ve always had black vinegar with mine but it really depends if you’re a fan of vinegar or not I reckon

  • When I got some of these today they were cleared out except for the vegetarian ones. However, even as a non-vegetarian those are the best ones from this brand anyways!

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    Damn, all sold out when I went to check - even the veg ones which were what I was after.

  • Westgate and Nor-west Stores just stocked up this morning at 9am. They are in hot demand, there were 4 shoppers including me getting them out of the freezer at the same time

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      Changing times mean we have to add "selling like hot dumplings" to the vocab now

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    Steam in a lidded frypan with half a cup of water and a splash of oil, once the water evaporates add a touch more oil and fry them to a deep golden brown. Dish them up and dress them with soy sauce and an ungodly amount of Chiu Chow Oil (I prefer Lee Kum Kee)……. Happy days!!!!

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      Thank you, I will follow the recipe and get myself some Chiu Chow Oil!

  • If anyone around Riccarton is looking for these then all the Asian supermarkets in church corner have these dumplings for 2 bags for $11.

  • Last day to grab these at half price.

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