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Dimplex Sale: 2kw Convector Heater $24.95; 2kW Flame Ceramic Heater $79.99 + Shipping ($0 with MarketClub) @ 1-day, The Market


Seems like a good deal on Dimplex heaters at 1Day/TheMarket. Obviously, it is getting into the offseason for the heaters.

Ships free with MarketClub when you spend $45, else $6.99 shipping.

  • Dimplex 2kw Convector heater $24.99
  • Dimplex Oil Free Column Heater with Thermostat & Turbo $29.99
  • Dimplex 2kW Flame Effect Ceramic Heater $79.99
  • Dimplex 2kw Micathermic heater $89.99
  • Dimplex 2.4kw Micathermic heater $109.99

Some items come with a $40 bulky shipping fee; Dimplex 2.4kw Mica thermic heater for example.

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  • That's a confusing title OP

    • I know, I am just another Engineer with hopeless language skills.
      Please feel free to edit the title.

    • Thanks for the edit!
      Much more readable.

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    Does anyone know if Mitre10 would apply their price match discount to items on The Market?

    • +1

      I believe it is for stores with a physical store so if it's sold by one day then no.

      • Thanks Bill, I did wonder that.

    • +1

      leave a comment if anyone get do a price match with mitre10. i see they have both white version and a black version

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    Thanks - really good deals and a couple of the heaters are 'recommended' by Consumer as well. I got two of the $25 ones.

    • You should have gone for the Single-stage-Turbo one. ;)

      I got couple of Dimplex products, they are certainly very good quality.

      • What's a single stage turbo? I don't see it in the listings

        • Just joke lol. The $29.99 one has Turbo in its name. Probably because it got a fan 😐.

    • Did you have to pay shipping? I'm not getting the usual marketclubwhatever free shipping.

      • I bought the Flame Ceramic Heater one, and got freeshipping. I think some are classified as Bulky so marketclub free shipping not available ??

      • Just bought 4 heaters with free shipping too.

        • Ah OK, it charges $6.99 shipping for just one of the Dimplex 2kw Convector Heater but when I order 2 or more shipping is free

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            @Aerol: Minimum $45 spend if you want free shipping as a MarketClub member

            • +1

              @Wakrak: Ah of course, thanks, forgot about that as everything I've bought on there has been >$45

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    Thanks OP! bought four 2kw Convector Heater using $20 coupon. $20 heater with 2 Year warranty, very happy!

  • That was quick….the popular Dimplex 2kw Convector heater for $24.99 seems to be out of stock now.

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    This is a great deal - thanks!

  • Bugger! Must have just missed out on the last oil free column heater as it was in my cart but by the time I went to checkout it was no longer there.

    • +1

      Actually looks like all heaters are available again now if anyone was looking at one of the ones that had been out of stock last night.

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    Thanks OP, I bought 2x of the Oil Free Column Heater.
    For anyone else looking, they appear to be the 1.5kW model

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    Thanks OP! Just bought 4 heaters - I'm absolutely thrilled!

  • Any thoughts on which heater is best, efficiency wise, for a 12m2 bedroom? Thanks

    • +1

      1.5kW or more should be suitable. Assuming standard height ceilings and that your room is reasonably well insulated

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      There is no difference efficiency wise as they are all resistance heaters. Electrical energy to heat energy, not much loss.

  • Removed expiry. Deal still going.

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      FYI - this seems to have expired now.

  • Has anyone received theirs yet? Mine haven't even shipped and I ordered on the 25th.

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      Ordered the flame effect heater 25/8, shipped 5/9 and it arrived 7/9.

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        I'm trying to decided between the flame effect heater and the oil free heater - it will be used in a bedroom but not sure which one to go for. Are you happy with the flame effect heater?

        • +2

          I haven't even opened the box yet sorry, I won't be home to test it until next week.

          • @Jizah: Have you had the chance to use your heater as yet? Wondering if you're happy with it. Thanks :)

            • +1

              @SilverLining: I have, and it does the trick. It's in my bedroom too so things to note are that it's a fan so a bit noisy, and the beeps from when you push buttons are quite loud too and can't be disabled.

    • +1

      I received it today.

      • Which heater did you buy? And are you happy with it? Thanks :)

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    Received mine today. From an engineering perspective, the design of the Dimplex 2kw Convector heater is a piece of sh*t and here's why:

    1) It doesn't come with an instruction manual (yes, I know heater wheels and feet should be easy to install and intuitive but should always include a manual anyway)
    2) One of the plastic clip for the feet to clip into the chassis of the heater broke after trying to get it off
    3) The slant design makes it harder for consumers to unscrew the screw when the heater is placed upside down
    4) Need an extra tool (screw driver, of course everyone should have one in the house, I tested 3 Philips screwdrivers and they all were kind of stripping until I grabbed the biggest Phillips screwdriver and that finally worked)

    On the other hand, the experience with Dimplex Oil Free Column Heater with Thermostat & Turbo was great. Came with instructions even though it was literally finger screw and play, no screwdriver needed and no plastic clips that can break the feet

    • Thank you! I really appreciate your perspective. Sorry to hear of your experience with this heater.

    • Thank you!!! Really appreciate the update :)

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